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  1. Thank You, I will post when I find out more..
  2. Thank you. I called my doctor and he told me to go to Emergency In Albany medical center. Immediately. That was also mentioned.. The ride there is going to be a very nerve wrecking one.. Anxiety but I need to find out because all types of things run through your mind.. thanks again, I’ll stay in touch.. Maybe a prayer..
  3. Yesterday, after leaving a store I began to see some crazy type lights. The only way I can describe them is like: One of those little lazer pens that you use to play with animals.The images were on all sides of me, It felt like someone was pointing a lazer on me and it was in all directions. I thought maybe Christmas decorations were activating. That wasn’t it, I kept asking my husband if he could see them, he didn’t. When I got home it continued, I thought maybe my Necklace could be hitting light or my wedding ring, and cheap bracelets. Took them all off, Had no earrings on either.. It continued and I became extremely anxious, depressed+worried.Tried to sleep. When I woke up the same thing began.I have had Tramatic ,Brain injury and ptsd along with spleen removal and spinal fusions, I have panic attacks and Regional sympathetic Dystrophy from injuries of the accident in 2010, when I was hit by a drunk. Suddenly 2 months ago I developed dizziness and take medicine for vertigo. I sometimes feel quick surge like pains to my head. 2 days ago I became extremely sick after eating at diner and assumed it was food poisoning, I take nausea meds , so I had them on hand.I had extreme headaches for 2 days and took firocet. Additionally I take pain meds , which I am very careful not to abuse and never had problems with. All care is regulated by physicians.I used to take Xanax for anxiety and panic , doctor changed to another anxiety med, but I don’t take.. as long as I have them and know that, I don’t need to use.The strobe light feeling is awful.. Can Eye floaters be that extreme? I have a call into a eye specialist that treated me after accident because of damage to perifieal vision .. This is causing stress and panic.. I have visited doctors in the past weekly and I was happy to finally be able to not have to go do often. I also see a neurologist for follow up and have my regular appt 4 days. Sorry this is long. Anyone have any ideas? My anxiety is telling me brain tumors.. I’m not crazy .. just afraid..