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  1. Oh and I forgot to mention sweating. 😅
  2. So I should be okay guys? It has already been more than 24 hrs that I felt I got "fluoride poisoning " from the toothpaste. Unfortunately, my symptoms this morning got worse... it hurts when I breathe in chest wise, I ache everywhere, major stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, liquid watery dirreaha pretty much all day, fatigue, head aches, itching, dehydration (due to the fact things are coming out both ends.) Joint aches, lightheadedness/dizzy, more saliva, getting difficult to swallow, and on top of all of that, mom took my temperature. 100.2 so I am running a fever. *sigh* I don't know what this is anymore... Fluoride poisoning, Food poisoning, or the simple case of the stomach flu
  3. I was brushing, gagged, some of it went down the wrong pipe meant to spit it out but my reflexes weren't good enough so I wound up swallowing some of it anyways... I then continued brushing... rinsed as much as possible then I accidentally swallowed a little bit more. Ughhhhh I HATE toothpaste! This is why I am terrified to ever even use it!!! 😭😭😭
  4. Okay... am I gonna die? I swallowed accidentally more than a pea sized amount of toothpaste... Colgate to be exact... I brushed my teeth around 8:00 last night I am freaking out... I don't want to die! My mom thinks I'll be okay... she told me as a kid she once ate half a tube of toothpaste and was okay. *sigh* I mainly experienced stomach upset since then. Nausea and have vommited up spit but dang... I can't tell if some of it is horrific side effects of the Lexapro... I want to go back to sleep but it is 3:00 in the morning and I am convinced I'll go back to sleep and never wake up. Can't wake anyone up. Door is locked pretty good and my mom's boyfriend will smash my phone to bits if I even so much as wake my mom up... PLEASE HELP! I need support and I need to be calmed down...
  5. Gosh I can't stand the side effects... bad gas... arm pain, etc... I hope this is anxiety and not a heart attack I have had symptoms for hours... I'm only 20... I hope the palipations are caused my Lexapro
  6. Hello guys! Has anyone else here had horrible side effects with Lexapro? I've been on it for 6 days and the side effects are awful! I had bad side effects starting on day 4 and 5. Cold sweats, Gas, chest pain and pressure, dizziness, nausea, dry heaves, chest pressure, etc. I feel like I was having a heart attack... 😢 but I have also been more panicky. I don't know how I am gonna be able to finish up this 30 days of it...
  7. Did they give you your blood test results? I am kinda going through a blood clot scare myself so I kinda understand the feeling. I think with blood clotting the platelet counts are never in a normal range. I am concerned about a heart attack tonight but I sure hope I am not having one.
  8. This is kinda health anxiety related, but not about anxiety itself if that makes any sense. I don't know if this was the right place to share this, but I wanted to share it with everyone. The thing that broke me out of being a hypochondriac (health anxious.) Is actually being sick. I have been sick for 4 weeks now, and I am no longer scared about health related things now that I am actually sick. I was officially diagnosed with C DIFF which I am currently trying to treat with antibiotics. (Sadly I can only afford one type of antibiotics so I hope that this takes care of it.) Well on top of the C Diff, I also was diagnosed with a liver hema-something (I can't remember exactly what it is called off of the top of my head, but basically it is a benign tumor.) I may have to have it surgically removed, since it is large enough to be causing me symptoms. So it has been hectic. The rectal bleeding was caused by an anal fissure. (Have to get that fixed.) and I also have a hiatal hernia. I regret being so anxious about things because now that I am actually sick I feel like I wasted my life. I'm hoping I can feel better soon, and I am working on getting better so I don't have to suffer with health anxiety anymore. I will say that being actually sick has really opened my eyes. I don't even want to be anxious anymore. I want to help other people who are going through what I was going through.
  9. Great... I knew something was wrong there was blood coming from my rectrum... 😢
  10. I forgot how to multi quote, 😕 Dang. Well that is a relief! I figured. I hate anxiety so much lol
  11. Well that is a relief! I figured that. lol
  12. I know I do. Sadly I can't do anything until after I get to Michigan. 😢 I am tired of struggling, trust me. I hate anxiety.
  13. My lymph nodes are so swollen and I am drained. I am going to take my mom's advice next time... never read labels on meds I am supposed to take. I should know to listen to her next time. She used to be a hypochondriac like me but the exact opposite as me. She hated going to doctors. I seem to enjoy going,
  14. I can't deal with this health related anxiety anymore! I just can't!!! They put me on mupriocin ontiment for follicluitis that they want me to treat. It says it can cause fatal colitis and now I am stuck on internal bleeding. Ugh! I thought there was blood in my soft stool this morning and today I am all gassy and I have been wanting to throw up! I'm all cold more so on one side of my body than the other. 😢 I thought I saw the site of the internal bleeding but I see nothing in regards to the colon... They want me to finish up taking it but I got dirreaha the other night. Mild of course. And my brain has been stuck on internally bleeding like my aunt did. It has already been 2 days and I feel like time is running out. I feel like I want to puke but Influenza A isn't supposed to cause puking... 😕 I don't know what to do. Both of my shoulders ache and my body is out of whack, I feel like I am swollen... I am home alone which makes things worse. I am so freaking tired of all of this I really am...I can't wait until I get better from this flu bug so I can go and get help at my grandparents house. I'm kinda venting here so I apologize. I really hope this was just acne and or that has been there but I have just never noticed it. I want to find things that will help me. I don't want to think about this... 😢
  15. I feel like the side of my face has been kicked in. I hope I didn't get internal bleeding from the IV bruise
  16. Hey? I feel bad... for all of this running around. I am scared I put myself in real danger. I never have bruises from an IV. So I don't know if I am gonna be okay. It's still there 2 days later... and I am concerned about internal bleeding to my brain... they checked it out and said it was fine. People get bruises sometimes. A lot of them are even worse than mine was. They pricked me a few days ago near my other bruise because they needed to. So I am just a little nervous. I can't seem to find anything about bleeding internally from an IV needle. Thank you I really hope so I hate living like this... I am so scared... I feel like I put myself in an even deeper hole. *sigh* I hope just being sick with the flu (something a medical professional officially diagnosed me with. Can cause the head to ache in the back or the top of it.) I hope that I didn't give myself internal bleeding. I would of have made a separate topic but I felt it would be best to keep it in here. I hope I will be okay. 😢
  17. Well that is good! I used to do meditation but I stopped that sadly. I just need to get back into believing in God. I also need to think about happy things like my crush. ❤️
  18. Like everyone else has mentioned before Tetnus usually happens by stepping on something like a nail. Usually a rusty one. I understand how it feels being nervous about Tetnus. I went through a scare myself just last year for even touching one and getting a tiny puncture wound. I was having a scare myself a few minutes ago because I walked outside in wet mud with slippers and socks on and I had a closed wound. And skin tags. And we live near a sewerage treatment plant lol. I wouldn't worry about it too much. You should be fine. Like users have said before me, Tetnus shots are good for 10 years. I got my last one when I was 12 or 13 so I should be good until I am 22 or 23 haha.
  19. It's okay. My temperature went back down. 98.6 I think if I had the other thing it wouldn't of have done that. I just need to focus on getting some more rest. And I apologize for being a jerk, I had a mental breakdown today. I hate anxiety so much it has made my life worse and I feel like I wasted my entire life. I could die at 20. I could die at 40, 60, 80. I don't know when I will be taken from this earth. What I need to do is start believing in an afterlife. Like heaven or something.
  20. I still have to make sure I am not running a dangerously high fever. Mine is stubborn as heck to get a rid of. I hope I feel better. I feel fire all over my body ouch! The site is hot and red to the touch and I feel dizzy and loopy and out of it. I need to get some more rest but my head hurts. 😢
  21. Can it come and go like that? Just curious. I felt fine for like a day and then HERES JHONNY It came back. 😢 And Sepsis can happen at any time I still have follicluitis on my leg and now I have some on my arm. I missed a day of the antibiotic treatment so I have to pick back up on it. I am sorry for being upset this morning I understand people have their opinions I just feel offended. I'll be speaking to someone later today.
  22. Wow to assume that is a crappy thing to say to someone. I don't have an attention issue. You want proof I have the flu I have the paperwork to prove it. In fact I'll upload a picture of it later today. I'm sorry I am just kinda offended you would say such a thing. And my temperature last night was 98.9. Anything over 98.6 can be considered a fever. This morning I was running a fever and I feel like someone set my body on fire. It's the weirdest thing. The follicluitis on my leg and arm are sources of infection so that is still a concern. It is not a good thing to get Sepsis on top of Influenza. My chances of survival are lower. Gravely lower.
  23. Hopefully sepsis from Influenza is rare. I do know that my follicluitis got worse. 😕 More red and inflamed and the pus is there. Yuck!