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  1. ScardieCat

    Trigger Warning ** Brain Stuff

    My mom has a cyst on her brain that was found as well. I’m not sure if she has any symptoms that are bc of it. I know she is having some weird pain thing in her back and legs.
  2. ScardieCat

    Reassurance needed - panic has set in - colon cancer

    I just went for a CT scan yesterday for this reason. I’m having horrible gas/colon pain, I’ve had constipation for 4 months and then diarrhea for the last month. Also felt a lump that would come and go. Turned out to be stool. I also had the stomach rumbling sounds as well. My CT scan was clear. Dr thinks it’s my anxiety. So it’s definitely a possibility of it just being stress and anxiety.
  3. ScardieCat

    On my way to Dr

    Everything came back normal besides a benign ovarian cyst and a benign liver cyst. She said to try a probiotic for now to see if that helps. Very thankful right now!!
  4. ScardieCat

    On my way to Dr

    Just got an abdominal CT scan. Should have the results in an hour
  5. ScardieCat

    On my way to Dr

    I called the gastro and told them I was having anxiety and I needed to be seen ASAP and they are squeezing me in now. I am petrified. I’m pretty sure I have a tumor somewhere in my intestines that is causing my constipation, gas pains and diarrhea. I also have this lump in my intestinal area that goes away after I have diarrhea
  6. ScardieCat

    Gas pains

    I’m still waiting for my appt, what did your Dr say?
  7. ScardieCat

    Pelvic prolapse

    I do have a drs appt, it just keeps gettting pushes back
  8. ScardieCat

    Pelvic prolapse

    I tried taking gas x and it didn’t work. I’m still waking up with the gas pains. I stuck my finger in my rectum to try and help get stool out and when I did this I felt something I could push up and when I did that gas and stool came out. So clearly something is blocking it
  9. ScardieCat

    Pelvic prolapse

    Has anyone dealt with anything like this? Can you tell me about it?
  10. ScardieCat

    Splenic flexure

    Great, now my Drs appt is reschedules for next Wednesday! Another week dealing with this horrible pain and nervousness
  11. ScardieCat

    Colon cancer worries

    Could it be IBS?
  12. ScardieCat

    Colon cancer worries

    Omg, I’m having the same exact thing. Is your pain constant or in and off?
  13. ScardieCat

    Really struggling right now

    I’ve posted on here a lot lately about an issue I’m having. I wake up every morning with gas pain, which relieves after I have a bowel movement and all the gas is released. I’m fine during the day unles I lay down or take a nap and then feel it again. I’ve also been constipated mostly with some bouts of diarrhea. I just got up from a nap and went to use the bathroom. I used my finger to see if anything was sitting in my rectum and felt this pretty big lump that I could move up, once I moved it gas came out. Now I am terrified I have some sort of tumor sitting in my rectum or in my intestines that is pushing down. I have my drs appt on Thursday but I don’t know how I will make it to then with all this anxiety. I’m petrified I have cancer.
  14. ScardieCat

    Splenic flexure

    Do you take any medications? Have they helped?
  15. ScardieCat

    Splenic flexure

    I’m trying to stay hopeful and positive, but it’s hard. I know I’ve had severe stress/anxiety for over a year now, and it could be causing my gastro symptoms, but it’s hard not to go to cancer. I’m scaring myself so much that I’m even petrified to go to the Dr