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  1. Do you think that health anxiety stems, in a way, from death anxiety (thanatophobia)? Do the people who constantly are afraid that they might have an illness fear the symptoms and the treatment of said illness or do they actually fear the possibility that said illness would turn out to be incurable and, therefore, result in their early demise?
  2. I've come across this YouTube channel of a girl who makes videos about treating OCD and she says that people can treat themselves, without seeing a therapist and without taking medication, if they just ignore the thoughts and don't perform the compulsions, regardless of how bad the urge to perform them is. Apparently, the more often you ignore the thoughts and the compulsions, the faster the brain gets restructured. Do you think this works? I'm inclined to give it a try, but I find it very difficult because I also struggle with generalized anxiety disorder, hypochondria, thanatophobia, PTSD and a bunch pf physical health problems.