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  1. Yeah I'm on ads fat lot of good these are doing... And I'm seeing a counselor and In the progress of having CBT soon
  2. Because when you feel shocking for 10+ yrs it's hard not to freak out when you hear stuff online you actually feel... And when you are a hypochondriact it's very hard to convince your self your well?
  3. The thing is I'm always in the doctors explaining my symptoms and ailments... It's like they shrug it off and say here's some tablets now off with ya will ya. See you in two weeks I've had blood tests all normal Ecgs all normal Blood pressure normal Temperature normal But no I feel like death's door every day without failure... It's like a daily routine waking up to ailments... If I didn't have any ails id be shocked ? thank you for your kind info. Rob
  4. Hello there. I go all day feeling my symptoms Chest pain, hot n cold flashes, dizziness, wobbly Ness, headaches, feels like I'm walking on a tight rope or water, gets to the point I'm going to feel like im Going to fall over, twitches... Eye floaters, temperature problems, nausea, veins popping out, heart palpitations, burning, shortness of breath, bowel problems. And more. I call them ailments... These come on a daily basis just like breathing. As I feel these symptoms I can't get them out of my head I feel them all day. I literally don't get a moment's peace. I start googling I no I shouldn't but what's the other alternative This is what I think I think I've got ms Im Going to have a stroke / heart attack I have dementia I have Alzheimer's I have cancer and more... Anything other then anxiety or depression. Thanks for reading Rob.