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  1. emma2

    I need calming

    Sounds like a panic attack. You’ll be okay. Just remember that a panic attack can’t kill you and that’s it’s just anxiety. It’ll go away once you calm down. Just breathe slowly and focus on something else.
  2. emma2

    Experience with Chantix?

    I don’t have any personal experience but I’m a pharm tech and have talked to patients about it and overheard convos between patients and our pharmacist. Most people just complain of some nausea, but overall most say it’s worked and doesn’t cause any crazy side effects.
  3. emma2

    Afraid to exercise—anyone else?

    I know exactly how you feel. Back in May, my doc did an EKG for chest pain and told me I have prolonged qt syndrome (you know the thing that causes perfectly healthy atheletes to drop dead). It scared the absolute shit of me. Since then I’ve been told by 2 other doctors that I don’t have PQTS but I still can’t believe it. Why would she say that I do if I don’t? It drives me crazy thinking about it
  4. Yeah I definitely notice that when I’m distracted I don’t notice my symptoms, but the second I’m free and can let my mind wander it goes to bad places. I’ve gotten into this bad habit of wanting to run to the doctor every time something small comes up and I’m trying my best to wait things out. Usually it works and if they go away within a couple of days I’m okay. But if they last longer it’s all I think about it.
  5. emma2

    Mild/moderate anxiety + Updates

    Bin I’m so glad you’re doing so great managing your anxiety. Although you may not think so yourself, you are where a lot of us wish we could get to as well! Seeing others who have made progress with their HA is so inspiring. Thank you for helpful advice. You’ve helped me through a lot of scary times.
  6. Ugh I know what you mean Holls! I can’t watch any medical shows anymore. This episode of Greys Anatomy where Bailey is having a heart attack and the docs don’t see anything on the ekg had me doubting everything my cardiologist told me lol. 😩
  7. Do you guys ever read or hear about something then suddenly start getting weird symptoms associated to that disease? 😩 happens to me every damn time. My cousin had a thyroid nodule removed last week and since hearing about it my neck feels all weird.. especially around my thyroid. Like it feels tight and when I move or swallow I feel a dull ache. I know it’s probably nothing but of course my anxiety is tricking me into thinking it’s something more.
  8. Hi Kat, Dizziness is normal with anxiety and your nose is probably just dry like you said. That happens to me a lot during the winter time. And whenever I’m anxious my face feels really hot and I get dizzy and start having a headache.
  9. emma2

    Joint pains

    That’s definitely true. I’m always on my phone lol. 😭
  10. emma2

    Joint pains

    @PennyPanic thank you so much! You were definitely helpful and I’m so glad your RA is being managed and you’re feeling better. I did get tested for RA and my doctor said I don’t have it, so you’re right. My symptoms are definitely not as severe as yours. Just a lot of random aching in my joints sometimes but they usually go away within a day or two. Maybe it all really is just anxiety. I’ve noticed that it’s definitely worse when I do have anxiety but I can never tell if I got it Bc I’m anxious or I’m anxious Bc of the pain 🤦🏻‍♀️
  11. emma2

    Joint pains

    Penny, if you don’t mind me asking, what are some of your symptoms? How often does your RA come and go? Like do you have flare ups and feel good? Or is it consistent and a dull pain. Also is the pain like a radiating type pain? And lastly (don’t hate me) what type of treatment are you on?
  12. emma2

    Joint pains

    We’re having all the same problems. I’ve been expressing a lot of joint point in my fingers (mostly ring finger and pinky) my wrists, foot, and some occasional twitching. They get so much worse when I’m anxious and I know it’s from anxiety but I can’t jelp but think the worst case scenario. Rn I’m worrying about bone or muscle cancers 😭 bc I saw an article about a boy who had it.
  13. emma2

    Gas pains

    Ugh I’ve had this for two days. I wake up at night with abdominal pain like I have to go to the bathroom and I have some diarrhea but barely comes out. Starting to scare me
  14. emma2

    cough from lung to esophageal in a panic

    When I caught a cold back in August it took two months for my coughing to go away. I had annoying, dry cough that got worse when I ate food (especially greasy food). I also had a chest X-ray done and it came back perfectly normal. My doctor said that it’s from acid reflux and that I should take omeprazole. I never had acid reflux problems prior to that so I didn’t take the pills and just waited. The second doc I saw asked if I was sick recently and I told him I was like a month ago and he said it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to two months for a cough from a cold to go completely away and many times this is caused my post cold bronchitis. About a month after that my coughing went away and I’ve been perfectly fine since.