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  1. Just very interested to know how many of you guys and gals on here THOUGHT they had a B/T and WHY.Plus how may times have you thought it? I have had health anxiety for 25 years and i have visited this one many times,even as i write i am worried about it again.So how many of you are there is it common?
  2. geezer

    hypochondria rituals

    Hi Hypomania and Jennie048, checking becomes a complete obsession,yes i have checked my urine and bowel movements many times. 2 weeks ago i thought i had diabetes and a friends gave me a spare finger prick test monitor drove myself nuts with it until i convinced myself i was o/k,got more holes in my finger than a colander. It just goes on and on tiring me out. Good luck to you both geezer.
  3. geezer

    hypochondria rituals

    Wow Leah my wife cannot believe it someone like me is out there. Yes i had the dilate the pupil thing slit lamp etc.For sure i am dizzy that is why the doctor had me stood on one leg to see if i would fall over.Nausea oh yes as well i eat but it gives me nausea when i see food i hate this.I am now getting a twinge in my left ear as well as tinnitus it is driving me nuts. I dare not ask my wife to do the finger thing she is watching eastenders.Scared here too,one week ago i had diabetes told i had not got it felt great for 2 whole hours until this jumped on me for about the tenth time i am at my wits end,please keep in touch.geezer.
  4. geezer

    hypochondria rituals

    Hi Leah1976, Oh yes Leah i had my doctor doing all the tests,now i am doing them all the time like you it is crazy but i cannot stop it. A nurse at a/e first showed me what to some years ago,then a doctor at a/e, then a doctor at our surgery.It also drives my wife nuts watching me stand on one leg,walk heel to toe,flip my hands,listen to a clock tick with each ear,touch my nose with eyes shut,stand still with eyes shut and let my wife move her finger while i watch it,i am sure you know them all. Plus i visit my optician too last time 2 months ago as another back up,do you do this?it sure is exhausting. Best wishes to you Leah .
  5. geezer

    hypochondria rituals

    Thank you so much for your replies,my psychologist tries very hard to stop me but i find it so difficult to stop. Thank you lofwyr for the information about my ear,everything really worries me.The old B/T thing always comes along to scare us silly. Thanks again geezer.
  6. geezer

    hypochondria rituals

    Do any of you carry out what i call rituals to try and prove you are o/k/ Things like walking heel to toe or walking on tiptoe making sure you can hear alright,hand flipping,standing on one leg etc.I am always doing something and it sends me nuts but i have to do it.Asking my wife to move her finger across my eyes to see if they follow it,is it only me or do others do it? Been getting whooshing in one ear on and off for 15 months,sounds like the sea. Best to all geezer.
  7. Hi emma, you are most welcome to my reply,for i truly know the suffering hypochondria puts us through.I have to thank my long suffering wife for putting up with me our partners are often forgotten in all this,because H/A can be a selfish complaint.I believe mine to be genetic, .my dad and 2 of his sisters were the same. I really hope you can win your battle with H/A,but if you need reassurance on here please ask away,i am sure you will get good advice. Good luck geezer.
  8. Oh yes Emma anxiety can certainly cause all of those things and more besides.Jaw pain from gritting your teeth,headaches caused by stress,hair loss stress,tight muscles fight or flight response,nausea very common effect,you will find a reason for everything.I am good at explaining things except to myself lol i am the worst worrier ever. I cannot tell you not to worry because i do it myself and i am not a doctor but over thinking tends to make matters worse. All my best to you geezer.
  9. geezer

    Scared of Brain tumor (again)

    Hi all, i am new here, but not to the horrors of health anxiety,i have suffered with this condition for 25 long years.You would think i would be wise by now but no i still fall in the traps laid by my brain. Last Monday i had[diabetes]for sure,then i was told i had not got it deep joy for all of 2 hours,then up pops a B/T,i have been scared rigid ever since.May i add this is not the first time i have had a B/T i have had countless each one as bad as the last.I have had cbt,still having psychotherapy,hypnotherapy,reflexology and acupuncture all to no avail.I have [had] so many illnesses i could easily fill this page,the one cancer i never thought about i got? prostate cancer,hopefully i am now o/k but the shock of it only made my health anxiety worse. Now every day i am repeating rituals to prove i do not have a B/T,i know it is ridiculous because reassurance does not work.So i live like the rest of you with just the same [symptoms] worrying until i get a stress head as well making things worse.However sites like this help because it shows us that we are not alone in this,because we are all the same full of [what ifs] All i know is we have to accept uncertainty and until that day we are as we are. My very best wishes to all on here geezer.