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  1. Hi NikNak, i have had h/a for many years and the list of illnesses would be staggering this is my list from early December 2018. brain/t i had and have tinnitus breast cancer men can get this i have a lump but o/k stiff person syndrome [yes it does exist] esophageal i worry a lot about this. lung had a cough got x ray all clear back to esophageal something with bones or muscles i have a bad back and legs feel achy.Probably not enough exercise or anxiety related? All of this in about 6 weeks it drives me crazy and i have blood tests at the end of the month for my annual check up.It is so tiring does anyone else get one thing straight after another without a let up,this has gone on for at least 25 years? My best to all geezer
  2. geezer

    PROSTATE reassurance

    Hi Drewdude, yes Bob is right about psa not being the perfect test,however i had the test because my dre was not right.I was peeing quite a bit but i still am i am not your doctor but the odd [dribble]here and there is not something i would worry about. My psa came back at38.8 quite.At some point in the future i would ask your doctor his thoughts on psa testing and take it from there is my advice,but you are probably right about anxiety it takes us to places we do not want to go.I hope you and your wife are soon buying baby clothes geezer.
  3. geezer

    PROSTATE reassurance

    Hi Drewdude. I have gone through prostate and i am hopefully cured,if your dre was good that is a good sign,but go for the psa blood test just to put your mind at rest.I know how you feel i am a full throttle hypochondriac myself and worry is my middle name,but i am sure you will be fine i was a lot older than you,you are only 41 and my dre was not good. Good luck my friend geezer.
  4. Hi all had a sore throat and cough,still have the cough,had an x ray for lung c,now i am petrified again that i have esophageal it never ends.My wife says you are eating o/k it is just your h/a again messing with your head,is she right/I get this slight tickle in my chest before i cough[i do not smoke]need some real help here please,thankyou geezer.
  5. geezer


    Thank you so,so much for your replies everyone it was so good of you all geezer.
  6. Hi all, 3 weeks ago i started with a sore throat it turned to a cough and i still have it,bringing up small amounts of clear phlegm.Went to see nurse practitioner today she checked my lungs said they were clear,she said her husband is like me with h/a,and said i can see you are unsure i will book you an x ray for Monday.I am scared stiff,any help here much appreciated.geezer.
  7. geezer

    My Latest God Awful Episode of HA

    Hi Bob, i am with you on this one,i kept feeling thirsty diabetes came straight in my head,worried for weeks but touch wood i was ok. Next i turned over in bed felt a lump in my left breast PANIC big time went to a/e nurse told me to see my doctor for a referral to hospital PANIC.Even men get breast cancer, saw the doctor,got me a referral for 2 weeks time.Completely out of my mind for the whole time,saw the consultant who said not to worry it has been caused by your injections for prostate cancer,yes i have had that as well,hope i am cured. Anyway such relief for about 1 hour,started with a sore throat and a nasty cough PANIC are my lungs o/k?The life of a hypochondriac in 4 short weeks,my poor brain is fried. I am with you Bob this is awful,i do not know how my wife puts up with me,it is like being on a roller coaster that never stops geezer.
  8. Hi Fred, many thanks for your reply,yes indeed anxiety does strange things to your mind and body.I have suffered the hell of this for 25 years,apparently stress hormones released by anxiety race around your body causing havoc and leading to more anxiety and fear. You are quite right beating the fear aspect is the key to beating anxiety,i have tried for years to beat the fear but with each new [symptom] it always returns it is so frustrating.If you wish to mail me direct you can do this on here and i would be happy if you wished to do so. It would give my poor wife a break lol. Thanks again geezer.
  9. geezer

    Morning Numbness in Pinky and Ring Finger

    Hi Bella, on reading it looks like ulnar nerve entrapment,i am not a doctor but i get the same thing it comes and goes.
  10. geezer

    Brain Fog & "dizziness"

    It is anxiety Leah pure and simple,i feel EXACTLY the same this morning plus a bit of nausea thrown in. I also have a chesty cough and like you lots of nasal congestion i feel much like you at the moment pretty fed up,i hope we can both feel better for the new year. Best to you and yours geezer.
  11. geezer

    Morning Numbness in Pinky and Ring Finger

    I get this quite often,i believe it is something like carpal tunnel syndrome i do not bother about it but if it bothers you see your doctor.
  12. HI all, lately my back and legs feel achy,i have read that flooding our bodies with cortisol, stress hormones etc causes this,and i have had h/a for 25 years of non stop worry.One thing i did read was does the aching cause the anxiety or does the anxiety cause the aching.Does anyone else have this problem with anxiety?
  13. Hi Fred, i watched your video and i have to say it is good but you do not make it clear if you have h/a or gad.I know that both are awful but we on here lean toward hypochondria,that i see as a form of gad plus uncontrollable health issues,do you have this? I shall indeed watch your future videos with interest Fred and i really hope that you have something of interest for us on here to help us because boy do we need it. Your statement about group therapy really interests me,because i live in England and as yet have no such groups to go to.I raised this question on Youre such a hypochondria site and a lady in London is starting one next month too far for me to travel but i wish it every success.I tried to start one but got no response to my utter surprise. I myself feel that h/a is a lonely illness that is ruled by devastating fear,a fear that you encountered on patrol in the army but of disease not bullets. I would love to meet someone just like me who really understands h/a because i believe you have groups in the USA and that they are a success. All my best to you Fred and i hope to hear more from you soon.
  14. geezer

    Strange head and eyes sensations

    Hi Mannybilly, i am no doctor but it really sounds like anxiety to me.Anxiety does really weird things to us the longer you go the weirder it gets.I get the nausea often,stress heads feeling dizzy muscle aches and shaky when i stand after sitting. I have had prostate cancer hopefully cured, this week i found a lump in my left breast worried so much i have got tinnitus, went to specialist today said i am o/k it was caused by the medication for prostate cancer i also feel worn out all the time even just doing small tasks.Fuzzy eyes are also a sign of anxiety but get your eyes tested and new glasses. All my best to you geezer.
  15. geezer

    TMI, But I’m Afraid

    I am not a doctor,but i have had what you are describing,yes it is mucus from your bowel,sometimes you get it when you force a poop.It used to worry me but now it is just about the only thing i do not worry about.Mine can look like jelly or bits of toilet paper in the bowl.Hope this helps you Bella.geezer