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  1. ConstantWorrying

    Does this look like skin cancer?!

    According to renowned dermatopathologist Harald Kittler, I am.
  2. ConstantWorrying

    Does this look like skin cancer?!

    Actually, it wouldn't. Even dermatopathologists can't reliably distinguish between melanoma in situ and a nevus when it's this early. That's where the term, "dysplastic," comes from. It just means the dermatopathologist isn't sure whether it's a nevus or melanoma; not that the lesion is a "pre-cancer" (no such thing).
  3. ConstantWorrying

    Does this look like skin cancer?!

    No. If it is, it's so early that it can't be diagnosed anyway.
  4. Yeesh. Still had it this morning, but after forcing myself to keep eating, it seems to have dissipated some.
  5. Just had it while eating dinner, with the food seeming to get stuck going down the throat.
  6. ConstantWorrying

    Eye Floaters

    I've had floaters since I was a kid, but I too have been worried about them as of late.
  7. ConstantWorrying

    Clicking in Adam's apple when swallowing

    I've had this for a few months now, ever since I woke up from a dream in which I melted down and started screaming at a vending machine (lol...I'm serious). I don't know if acting out the dream in my sleep caused it or if it's a sign of cancer. Coupled with all the weird GERD-type stuff, I have to think it's cancer.
  8. I'm not sure how to describe the sensation, exactly. It's not like I'm being violently choked...but more like only very mild pressure on my windpipe, such as from a shirt or a jacket, is causing a sensation like it's pressing on it way more than it actually is. This, in combination with all my GERD symptoms, has me wondering WTF is going on. Is this esophageal cancer? Would those symptoms come and go depending on if you have recently slept? Because sleep seems to relieve all of these symptoms I have been experiencing recently (which is somewhat ironic, because the first sign of trouble was waking up with stomach acid in my mouth a couple weeks ago...which was the 2nd time in 3 or 4 months that had happened). I wake up and everything is normalized...and then I get up and start doing stuff, and something triggers a return of the feeling of something pressing on my windpipe and/or feelings of reflux. Sometimes it's after some kind of movement, sometimes it's after I go out in the cold, sometimes it's after eating.
  9. I also triggered a really extreme case of it while bending over at the supermarket. Could this be related to my GERD (which is probably from a hiatal hernia), or could it be a sign of heart disease? I don't think it's a blood pressure issue, as I checked my blood pressure like 2 years ago and it was almost a perfect 120/80.
  10. ConstantWorrying

    2nd time in a few months waking up choking on acid

    You had unrelenting acid just below where you could taste it? I also just noticed that my throat is extremely sensitive to pressure. Differential diagnosis is terminal cancer vs. hiatal hernia that needs surgical repair. I won't do surgery, so that's it for me.
  11. ConstantWorrying

    2nd time in a few months waking up choking on acid

    I've had some subtle feeling of needing to burp for nearly 24 hours now (comes and goes every several seconds), ever since the feeling suddenly came on while lying in bed last night. I can't quite taste acid, but I get this subtle sense that it would be an acidic taste if it were slightly higher. I was able to sleep and felt OK when I woke up, but it returned. Looks like my time is about up. My whole adult life so far has basically been worrying about cancer. With the asymmetric abdomen and the two previous instances of waking up with acid in my mouth, I don't think there's much question that this is going to be the end.
  12. I can kind of see the dietary link here, plus eating later than usual...but the stuff online says going to bed 3-4 hours after eating should be fine, and I went to bed 4-5 hours after eating. Aside from how painful/uncomfortable it is, I'm worried about causing long-term damage if this keeps on happening.
  13. Anybody else have this? I can't even find anything on Google.
  14. Here are the symptoms for every single disease there is: Fatigue, weight loss, night sweats, change in bowel habits, frequent infection, fever, rash, headache, difficulty breathing, coughing.
  15. I mean, if I went in, they probably wouldn't even know what I'm talking about anyway, as it's not obviously visible from most angles. It's mostly that I can put my hand over my belly button and my belly slants to the left (sticks out more on the right). Also, it's pretty obvious the only realistic cause of this would be cancer, so would there even be a point of going in? There are only a handful of cancers you have a realistic chance of surviving, and that ain't one of 'em.