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  1. Ryanhutch

    HELP need advice

    So my last post about schizophrenia i went to the doctor he said am not showing enough symptoms and says thefe just thoughts in my head which i think am thinking about too much an panicking, basically i get thoughts somethings behind me when am at sink or its in my hallway or beside me in bed its never acc there when i look he said he doesnt think ill start seeing them or hearing things can people give me some advice to get over them any is appreciated! Thanks for all the help to everyone on my recent posts
  2. I am very scared that i will start seeing things or hearing things i have been told i have ocd with instructive thoughts, i keep getting an image that some thing is in my hallway not there when i check but am scared it kills me or something please help!
  3. Basically doctor told me i have ocd and health anxiety, i had really bad killing thoughts to anyone now im sort of over them but now am scared incase i start seeing things or hearing voices like ghosts and stuff and i get unwanted images where i see like a ghost at my front door when am in my bed room please tell me it isnt real an i wont get possesed or anything, i think it is because i did an ouaji board that never worked i dont even know if i drew it out properly
  4. Basically before bed my brainnl tells me i have to drink water, i do it untill i mind tells me its enough am not dehydrated either its like im scared of dying in my sleep too
  5. Will i get it or do i have it, i had a dream a week ago that i needed my testicles checked, but last night i had a dream i had cancer it didnt say what type or anything though
  6. Ryanhutch

    Help lump lower left stomach

    Sorry for the late reply, i got examined today and they think its a swollen lymph node, not serious, but getting bloods and scan done so i can put my mind at ease
  7. Ryanhutch

    Help lump lower left stomach

    I am goinf to talk ring the doctor in the morning thank you for the reply
  8. Ryanhutch

    Help me, werid feeling on face

    Yeah its like one of them feels where u touch it it gos away am, gos a bit to the top of my left cheek too thank you for the reply
  9. Ryanhutch

    Help lump lower left stomach

    The lump is like hard an werid it disspears sometimes and come back, its like beside the left hip and lower left stomach any ideas on what it is am 17
  10. Ryanhutch

    Help me, werid feeling on face

    Its not numb twitching or tingling its hard to explain, but it feels like you know when your sitting normally you wouldnt think about feelings around your face but i can constantly feel like theres something above my left lip thats there an it makes me bite it and then it burns
  11. Ryanhutch

    Help me, werid feeling on face

    So last night i got this werid feeling on my lip the left side so not really on my lip its left side just beside the lip its kind of werid, i push is it with my tounge an like bite it when it happens but then that turns it into a burning sensation, but basically its like this werid sensation
  12. Ryanhutch

    Leukaemia help health anxiety

    Thank you for the reply hope your doing good an keeping well, it sometimes in my arms to the ramdom pains like fore arm but idk thank you anyway
  13. Ryanhutch

    Leukaemia help health anxiety

    Thank you for the reply i do trust my doctor its just getting it out of my head, the pains are in both legs mostly when i sit down too long, sore of on above my knee in my thigh but can go down my whole leg its hard to explain she said i could of done the test to ease my mind
  14. Ryanhutch

    Leukaemia help health anxiety

    Hey everyone i went to the doctor today because i had ramdom leg and arm pains sort of tight sort of not for a week the pain changes and isnt that sore, i looked up stuff on google and it was like things like bone cancer leukaemia an more bone stuff, i got more worried and the doctor said she doesnt think it is anythinf to worry about, she said i could of had a blood test to check but she said it was up to me i said no because she said she doesnt think so i went by her word but am still worried, she tolf me to come back on halloween if the pains are still there please help, she said i have bad health anxiety, its a sometimes pain in my elebow or my calve comes an go's