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  1. Hi so bob can this happen all day long I’m so confused it happens all day at random times like sitting at my desk at work and just playing on Facebook and book heart starts fluttering and skipping beats for no reason at all I’ll be relaxed and it just happens
  2. Ok so long story short. I have had generalized anxiety for years and years I’m 29 and I have had it since and teenager. But lately it’s been so bad I’m running to the er everyday about to lose my job over this .. so a few years ago I fully believed I had heart disease or something was wrong with my heart I had every test done ekg heart echo a stress test even a 30 day heart monitor and they found nothing wrong said it was anxiety so that was about three four years ago well now for the last six months my heart does crazy shit. Like im telling you I fully believe this isn’t anxiety but every time I run to the er they say my heart is fine. So let me tell you what happens.. so I’ll be just chillin not stressing anything but then my heart will flutter skip beats go out of rhythm and then I swear it’s just gonna stop beating immediately it’s so scary when this happens and it just happens out of no where like literally out of no where I’ll just be sitting down watching tv and boom my heart starts going off rhythm it will flutter skip beats and then I freak out but I don’t freak out untill it happens but now I’m obsessed with my heart I’m constantly checking my pulse I’m constantly worrying about my heart like I can’t even walk up stairs without being out of breath and dying even walking makes me out of breath and I’m constantly freaking out 24/7 about my heart again and I’m gonna lose my job my insurance won’t start untill the end of November.. I’m at work right now actually sitting here freaking out trying to convince myself I’m not gonna drop dead right now in cardiac arrest but I’m telling this can’t be anxiety like sometimes when I’m standing I’ll just be talking and laughing with a co worker or something and boom it happens out of no where my heart will skip a beat and start beating off rythm and then I’ll start being anxious but I’m telling you my heart is about to go into cardia arrest I need answers please help someone anyone please