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  1. jeffg

    I'm having a bad day. Child and fevers

    My wife and I have a temporal, head and an ear thermometer. They rarely will give the same temp. And they even vary amongst themselves. When we scan her head it will say 98.9 and go right back over and it will say 98.5.
  2. jeffg

    I know you all can help me...

    Since my first post on Monday I have prevented myself from going back the other forum. The last time i was there I copied all of the "this is why you don't have it" and sort of use that to help. I don't have another CBT appt until next Wednesday so I'm trying to find anything until then. I don't have any weakness--that's the trademark. I can still do everything. I can stand on my heels/toes. Can balance on each foot. Last doctor exam 3 weeks ago, my reflexes were fine, strength tests are fine. Last night i actually had a really good night and felt i was doing better. But I woke up in panic this morning like i have done almost everyday the last 6 weeks. So i immediately tested myself--strength tests, balance tests, my reflexes and babinksi best i can. But what really set me off this morning big time was when I was getting ready. I was buttoning my shirt and my left hand slipped...I FREAKED OUT AND STILL AM. Now I was able to immediately go right back and button it with no struggle, unscrewed toothpaste cap, grabbed keys, opened medicidne bottle, pulled door shut, opened car door, picked up child and backpack. Able to open up contigo coffee cup that has the button to allow drinking. I went here and did these things with no issue. It's just a fluke right??? If it was real I wouldn't be able to go right back and finish... right? Hands can slip all the time right??? If this was it showing itself i would have had trouble with the other things i was able to do with no issue. And just now i tried at work and was able to unbutton and button the shirt back only using my left hand.
  3. jeffg

    I'm having a bad day. Child and fevers

    My little girl did the same thing a few months ago. It was right after a vaccine she had. Doctor said temps can fluctuate after a vaccine. I asked if could ever happen randomly. He said depending on what your child is doing the temp can go up and down a little bit. Since your daughter's temp is all within a degree I wouldn't be alarmed.
  4. jeffg

    I know you all can help me...

    Went to my pt today and mentioned the toe twitch to her. And told her it's mainly at rest or when I'm sitting at work. She said "well it can be a number of things, disc issues, pinched nerve around your foot, maybe that toe muscle or tendon is strained, dehydration, low electrolytes or vitamins. That's your l5 and you are having low back issues anyway. And when people work at a desk they can stay hunched over that can mess with the disc and why you don't feel it when you are walking. When you stand up it sucks that disc back into place. Are you having any trouble walking?" I told her "no and that I don't have any weakness in the toe. I can stand on my toes and heels and balance on each foot. But because my health anxiety I googled" "WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?!? Now you are thinking like muscular dystrophy, spinal problems, neuropathy, spinal cord issues right?" I said "and neurological..." "Why! Why! Would that even be remotely this?" She then discussed these and why that's not me. She made me feel better. My toe is still twitching so it's still an issue but I know twitching is secondary and in this case since there is no weakness, I need not worry about this. I've got a lot of work ahead of me to tame this anxiety but at least I have a pt expert opinion on this. I thought before I needed to go to a neurologist but for now I'm ok. I will go back to my PCP if the toe twitch continues just to get this figured out. I'm doing better today.... And that's what's important.
  5. jeffg

    I know you all can help me...

    Thanks Jimmy and Holls! I agree my mind is being a jerk. It's all just so scary. I keep apologizing to my wife because I feel like my ruminating is bothering her. She said it's not and she's very supportive and reassuring. I know weakness would come before twitching but the fact that I seem to feel it more in my right toe is what is getting to me. When i saw the psychiatrist at and immediate health care clinic yesterday she asked if i was ever this aware of any physical symptoms with my foot prior to this scare. I said not that I can remember. She then said well then isn't it possible because of your hightened sense you are constantly aware of any "abnormal feeling" in your body, specifically your foot. I'm sure she's correct. She gave me 2 medications. Propanolol she said to help as needed in the short-term and prozac for the long-term. She did mention the medication is designed to bring me back to the middle so then I can battle this with any CBT skills I learn. I know it's a long process. I put it off for way too long.
  6. jeffg

    I know you all can help me...

    Thanks Mandy! I appreciate the response. Right after my post I felt overwhelmed. I found an immediate mental health care facility in my city and just got out of there. I got prescribe some medication to help anxiety. I just really struggled today. I don't know how to quit obsessing about ALS and other fatal conditions. I know I'm not alone but when I feel like this I feel alone.
  7. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeff. I'm 31, very happily married with a little girl. Now, here is what i'm dealing with.... it's long but worth it for me to get it all out. I believe I have had anxiety issues most of my life but that recently came to a head about 6 months ago. Most of my anxiety has always dealt with fear of the unknown and the unpredictable future. I've never had any serious health issues. But about a year ago, one of my best friends was hit with brain cancer and i believe it started to make me hyper-sensitive towards my health. He's clear now but seeing what he and his family went through really tormented me. I was there for him and hid my fears but then they started manifesting themselves about 6 months ago when I felt pressure for a job promotion--pressure I put on myself. From that I was having headaches, dizziness, jaw pain, neck stiffness fatigue etc. I thought TMJ, neck cancer, brain cancer, meningitis, MS, etc. I did research--bad idea--which made me think the worst. Around that time i had a routine dental exam and he said, "you're grinding your teeth. you are in a lot of stress right now correct?" Of course he was right, I was given a bite guard, got new pillows for neck support and i was doing a lot better. And I got the job promotion. Now onto my latest struggle. About 3 months ago i hit my tailbone hard on a surface at work. Then traveling for a 5 hour card ride a month or so later, the outside part of my left ankle got tingly. I knew it was from a long car ride but decided to google my symptoms--again bad idea. This lead me to neuropathy, thyroid issues, MS, ALS. Right after i returned, i had a panick attack and my wife who deals with children mental health issues said you need to go talk someone, you're fine physically but you need to get your anxiety under control. I started to twitch everywhere, had perceived weakness, couldn't focus on anything but ALS no matter how hard i tried. I had a routine physical that same week and brought up the concerns to my doctor. Reflexes fine, strength testing fine, balance tests fine. He did say from the tingling, it's probably a pinched nerve and perscribed PT and also told me to seek therapy to help my anxiety. Started PT 3 weeks ago, my doctor said it's a pinched nerve in my hip that hits when i sit down for long periods of time. Makes sense because it's gotten better with therapy. But since then, my twitching has somewhat subsided, still there and widespread but now i feel an isolated twitch in my right foot, specifically the 4th toe. It doesn't twitch constantly, just a rest randomly. And stops when I move it. Somtimes it will twitch so bad i feel it somewhat vibrating the sole of my foot. There is no weakness, no foot drop, i can walk fine, stand my toes/heels. And the other site says twitching is secondary, and i would have noticed issues already if it was real. And I know it doesn't jump from spot to spot. Everything points away from ALS. Right??? I got into a therapist back in early september, had 2 quick appointments but only 1 since then. I asked to be seen more often because i want to get control of this and not let it control me. Which is why i turned to here. My most recent therapy was 9/26 but not another one until 10/17 even though i asked for every week until i understand how to handle this. I had another panic attack last Thrusday and still feel on edge from that. I feel almost certain I don't have ALS but not sure how to move on and get over this paralysing fear that is consuming me. I'm guess I'm looking for some sort of reassurance that it's just my anxiety...which is bad for sufferers of health anxiety or so I've been told. I'm reading a book to help as well and it does help while I'm reading it but the catastrophic thoughts come back. And I haven't been given the tools yet to combat them. Should I see a psychiatrist? Also, I have a PT appointment tomorrow. Should I bring up the right foot toe twitch or should I be convinced it's just my anxiety and psychosomatic symptoms manifesting? I'm hoping you all can help me, or at least provide me some direction.