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  1. Also I was told to go to the doctor for anxiety but I dont have insurance or a doctor for another month and cant get an appointment with a therapist or anything until then too, so im really not sure what to do until that happens, its really worrying
  2. Thank you jlmwz316, this is all really helpful and ive read some things similar to this online. Im just still having a lot of trouble actually accepting it and trying to just let it happen so its still very rough for me. Im trying day by day but its really hard and when I have another panic attack or wierd symptom i still really freak out, i hope that soon ill be able to get through them better
  3. Ive recently dealt with extreme panic and anxiety symptoms for the first time over this last week, went to er 2 times in 4 days and had all kinds of tests, all of mine came back normal but when i left i had constant heart palpitations and breathing issues that i thought may be a blood clot in my lung also, went back to the er and they had to do the ekg 3 times because the first was abnormal, second was a bad reading and finally the third was good, but all the symptoms stayed for days after, and im still having some of them and new ones that really makes it hard to believe that something isnt seriously medically wrong with me. I really feel what youre going through as i still havent been able to believe that its just anxiety doing this to me. I agree with Ethansmom though that sometimes the leads are placed wrong and movement can cause the ekg to be wrong. I believe thats what happened with mine and could possibly be the cause of your abnormal one also. Im very new to all of this but this is just my story and observations, whether it helps or not. ☺
  4. Thank you for your response, this does help me think that its just panic attacks and anxiety and I will try to do some of these things. Its just hard to accept that this is just anxiety causing all of this, and that its happening for absolutely no reason, with no triggers or stressors. Thats what seems wierd to me and this is all just happening for the first time this last week. Im 20 and have had minor social anxiety before but not so much anymore and now this is happening and ive never experienced anything like it before and no one I know ever has either, so its extremely new and nerve racking to me.
  5. Hi everyone im silas, and im currently really scared and dont know where to turn. Monday I had what seemed like a panic attack, just out of nowhere while watching a movie i got really scared i was gonna die, couldnt breathe, my heart was beating fast and hard, i had heat flashes, and felt dizzy and dissociated and confused. I went to the hospital and they did ekg and chest xrays and said everything was okay. Then on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday ive had almost nonstop heart palpitations and the feeling that i couldnt breathe and its really been worrying me, i even went back to the er on wednesday and they did all tests again even thyroid tests and everything came back okay. Now today the palpitations happened in the morning until about 2 o clock then went away completely. Now just 15 minutes ago theyre still gone but i had a sudden feeling of fear and i started feeling confused and like i couldnt remember anything and like i was gonna pass out. Ive kinda calmed down now but i still feel kinda wierd in my head and not fully like myself and i have a bad headache. Im just so scared and worrying that this is something really serious like a brain tumor or something and i dont know what to do. Please can someone tell me what they think, if it is something serious or just different anxiety/panic symptoms and if its happened to them. Im really afraid......