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  1. Last week I got out of my chair, and felt a sharp pain above the pelvic bladder area, it was painful I felt like I couldn't get up, going down my leg and lower back, my anxiety was going bad, like I was having a panic attack and body shaking. I been having lower left side discomfort since October last year, I eventually saw a doctor last February, the symptoms went mild, I had a blood test and urine test, doctor said it could be something muscuar. Since then my pain and discomfort had reduced, sometimes it flares up, especially during weekends, I been drinking peppermint tea lately in hope it helps. Occasionally i get brain fog or feel light headed, where the volume in my ears go down and feels like my head is squeezing and I'm going to fall even when sitting on a chair. Pressure in my nose, ears and behind my eyes since April, this week a sore throat and constant need to clear it. I get waves of feeling fatigue, tired and down, even just going for a walk, sometimes I'm nauseated. Does depression and anxiety do this? Since these feelings keep coming back or come out of the blue, I procrastinate, fearing the feelings might come back.I had horrid pins and needles, light headed and almost fainted a couple of years back. Ignoring my symptoms doesn't work. Yoga, meditation, CBT does little, sometimes I feel like I can't think. I try not to Google my symptoms, I don't do it as often now, I focus on other things, but I been having tired arms, finding it hard to grab things properly sometimes, andtying a knot of thread hurts my back.... like my back is stiff, my arms and legs feel numb. I saw a doctor about it last year, who did a physical exam, and told me they're fine. Some days are worse than others, follwed by anxiety in the chest. Googling sends me to websites on MS which have ecactly similar symptoms, like numbness and tingling in the arms and legs, twitching in my upper lip and numb lips and twitching soft palate, and apparently it takes months to years before it is diagnosed. I feel anxious and frustrated about it sometimes, I'm tired of feeling like this already and feel I am wasting my life not certain what's going on. I am always anxious booking an appointment with the doctor, I don't like to be a hassle, I get mind blank when I talk to them, so when the feelings reduce I forget. In the mornings I feel fine, sometimes my ears hurt or feel full, or my nose blocks up, but I feel fine, which makes me wonder if its best to wait, but then I don't follow my dreams because I wait. There's no point faking it when the feeling has reduced or dissapeard a while but then comes back.