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  1. I am so sorry! The truth is, there is an enemy of our emotions and our health and will stop at nothing to keep you in fear. You have the right to have a full life. You are worth complete healing. I can tell you to just go and I know that it is easier said than done. Looking at this as a battlefield and the fact that I have the power to overcome with the right weapons, (everything you have listed) has helped me tremendously. God has a plan for your life, and you need full healing to be as impactful as you are called to be. Once you have overcome, you can be a voice for others to overcome! How exciting is that?! I know it is hard, but when we look at this as an opportunity rather than something to dread, maybe that will help. I don't want to assume. I just hope to encourage. I pray that you find the strength that you have within you and that it rises up higher than your fears. I pray for you to see full healing even faster than you can imagine. May your days become filled with peace, hope, and new vision. Best wishes!
  2. Silas, I am so sorry, this is such a scary experience! I think it is so important that you see a regular physician and share your concerns. Emergency rooms only screen for a life or death emergency of the moment. You are needing follow-up care. You can ask your physician all the questions that are concerning you. You can find treatment options for anxiety if it is anxiety related. There are so many medical conditions that mimic each other, you just want confirmation and treatment that will bring a better quality to your life. In the meantime, lower your anxiety levels with consistent home health. Every day and at night, spend time breathing in deep slow breaths, hold for ten seconds, and breath out slowly. Do this for a total of ten times each. With your slow breathing, think of something peaceful and calming, or in my instance, I pray. I listen to calming worship music. I watch my caffeine intake as well as processed foods and sugar and take supplements that help my anxiety because of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Research natural ways to ease your anxiety and see a professional. I pray that you find relief and answers soon. Best wishes!
  3. If you are able to see a counselor and discuss this, perhaps you would find it beneficial. They can give you tips and strategies for anxiety and have a better understanding of your needs and what you are going through. We all have things that we wish we could forget. When you have a constant replaying of it over and over in your head and a fear about it, it may be time to get help if you are unable to move past it. You said this has been five years ago and sounds like it is still heavy on your mind. I pray you find some peace and encouragement. Please know you are not alone, we all have things we wish we could erase. But thankfully, we learn from them! Best wishes
  4. I think it is very important for you both to talk to his doctor. He may be feeling what you feel or there could be a medical condition going on. My son did not talk to me until he had a full-blown anxiety disorder. Getting help early can hopefully avoid that. If it is anxiety there are coping skills a good therapist could teach, or evaluation if medication can be beneficial. I pray for peace for the both of you moving forward. Best wishes!
  5. I am so sorry! I understand that frustration as it sounds like you are doing all you can to remain calm and the body just rebels. One aspect for my anxiety is sensory processing. The lights, sounds, movement increase my dizziness and that increases my anxiety. Perhaps a behavioral therapist could identify where the anxiety is derived from. Sometimes our bodies can be so wacky! I pray that you have answers and a successful rest of your trip. Oh... boredom in the car... podcasts are what my husband enjoys. He likes the talking and teachings. Best wishes!
  6. I am sorry you are struggling with panic attacks and feeling anxious. Perhaps it will help to remind yourself how good your trip went last time. I know you have researched and are seeing a therapist. That is great that you are taking a proactive approach to your health! When I am alone, I choose to do something 'special' to help me through it. Maybe select a movie that you have been wanting to watch for some time, or a favorite dinner or snack to look forward to the end of the long day. What would make the hotel stay seem like a positive for you? Keeping a journal is great for me as well. Trying to put my feelings down, and then looking for the positive in the situations. I find with anxiety and panic, it is the everyday steps that help tremendously. Deep slow breaths, positive thoughts, prayer, worship music, focusing on my creative pursuits and watching my diet help so much! Sugars, caffeine (as you have said) and processed foods, especially high carb processed foods, amp my anxiety. I pray that you have an amazingly successful work trip and that your girlfriend's knee surgery heals as quickly as hoped for! Best wishes