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    Have you visited ER for anxiety?

    Well, it finally happened. Went to the ER this past Sunday because of sinus congestion that made me have horrible anxiety for a week straight and I was having trouble breathing. I did my typical anxiety thing by thinking something was up with my heart or having a blood clot or something. ER doctor did chest X-ray and ekg and my worst nightmare came true, my ekg was abnormal. I thought to myself well this is it, I was right all along. He said because of my symptoms I described he wanted to do blood tests with a troponin (check heart enzymes) and also a D-Dimer (blood clots) when he said this you could literally see my heart rate rise and I saw him notice it. I was freaking out. He came back in after about 45 min which seemed like forever and said good news your labs were normal you can go home! Just follow up with PCP about abnormal EKG, it could have been a misplaced lead or this could be your normal heart rhythm. I was relieved and went home and finally got some rest after a week of no sleep and straight panic. The next day the anxiety came back. I’m struggling to make myself understand just the doctors wouldn’t have just let me leave the hospital if they thought something was severely wrong, but as a person who is always struggling with anxiety I find it extremely difficult and then the panic takes ahold of my life. I worry myself into thinking maybe I do have a blood clot in my lung because there is a sting when I breath in, but then when my anxiety goes away so does the sting. I hate this. I want my life back. I finallly have a doctors appointment next Thursday with new doctor since moving to new state and I can’t wait. I’m def going to go back on medication. I just hate feeling like my anxiety might actually be something wrong with me, ya know?