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    New Tennis Court

    Hello all!! I'm in a relationship with a guy who is in my college. He is so handsome and I love him so much. All the girls are behind him and I used to watch him every time. Even though I didn't much interest in sports I started practising tennis as he loves it the most. Also, he used to train me while practising. For the last match, we couldn't perform as well as there were some problems with the court. The most common tennis court problems affect the traction of the players' shoes to the tennis surface. It has affected our performance. So we are planning for a new tennis court construction. Can someone share your knowledge on different types of tennis courts? Any advice is highly appreciated.
  2. Pauletteflora78

    Medical marijuana for my sister

    Hello everyone!! I remember my sister's first panic attack very well. She was going through a difficult breakup and had just landed in Toronto. She was walking along through a crowded subway station, and suddenly the lights seemed very bright and it seemed like there were an awful lot of people. I remember her first mild depression symptoms. She explained her experience via text message it was like this. I notice the physical signs first. My heart is beating too heavily, its rhythm somehow irregular but much too fast. The muscles in my arms and legs tense painfully, my hands begin to shake, suddenly I forget how to breathe. Each breath is a struggle, each inhales or exhale more difficult than the last. I called my friend and he calmed me down a little and said to rest a bit. The psychiatrist she went to see later that day was very supportive and explained to her what was happening. She was suffering from mild depression at that time and she prescribed certain medications. It just gave her a temporary relief. Recently I heard about medical marijuana treatment and its advantages. It is a good medicine for people who are troubled with anxiety, depression, arthritis, migraine, sleep disorders, epilepsy etc. Will doctors suggest a high rate of prescription? Will this treatment have many side effects? What if she is not happy with her prescription?