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  1. anxiouslisa

    Tingling left temple and cheekbone

    I get it also. I have terrible health anxiety. I get it in corner of lip and lower lip. Always right side🙁 It's anxiety
  2. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    Hi Alan- I'm sorry I've never taken klonopin
  3. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    How is everyone doing? I know holidays can be hard, they were for me. Lots of anxiety, but have been able to keep under control for the most part. Happy, healthy, anxious free new year to all.
  4. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    Thanks all. You make me feel better. I just wish I could enjoy the holidays and not pay for it by feeling anxious later🙁
  5. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    I've been on lexapro 4mo today. Had a very anxious night. I've been doing so well and haven't taken ativan in months. Last night after having a lot of company I cleaned up and went to lay down and could just feel my heart pounding away and felt very nervous. I probably had too much coffee and not enough water, but am concerned my anxiety is back🙁 Today feel anxious on and off. I do not want to take ativan and am trying to work through it. I feel defeated again. What if it's my heart and not anxiety???
  6. anxiouslisa


    Hi there! My anxiety presents the same way. In addition to lightheaded and dizzy, my heart rate skyrockets and I can't breathe. When I first started lexapro I felt worse for the first few weeks and took ativan .5 daily until my body got used to lexapro. For me, my anxiety was worst in the morning so I took ativan right before leaving for work. I've been on 10mg now for about four months and I can assure you, as others did for me on here a few months back, it will get better. Hope this helps and keep us posted on how you are feeling.
  7. anxiouslisa


    Yes, I had diarrhea at the beginning as well for the first few weeks. It occurred in the morning after taking the med, I had very bad morning anxiety at that time as well. I am glad I stuck with it. It's been 3 mo now and feeling a lot better and you will too!
  8. anxiouslisa


    Hi @Leah1976 I'm doing much better on the lexapro. It's been about 3mo for me. I'm glad it's starting to help you as well. It took me a good 6-8 weeks to feel better, so you are ahead of the game? I still have anxiety but feel it's more appropriate anxiety and I can move on from things, where before it "kicked in" I focused on a particular health concern for days. I'm not 100% but much better. I'm glad I stuck with it!
  9. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    @Ethansmomsorry I haven't responded before now. I've been sooo tired and haven't been logging on after work. When my anxiety was at it's worse in July, I too had reflux. It wasn't burning, but a lot of pressure in my upper chest and throat. i took Prilosec OTC for a week, before I started lexapro and it did help. Since my anxiety has been better, so has the reflux. I hope it's the same for you. I have positional vertigo, and have for years. It's usually seasonal, when the weather changes. I've had it for about a week, when I lay down and esp when I turn on left side, the room begins to spin. I'm trying not to focus on that and keep telling myself I've had it for years and if it was something really bad, it would be getting worse and not come and go as it does. health anxiety is so tough, but I feel like i am doing better since on the lexapro. how are you doing with your dose increase?
  10. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    Today I felt a little more anxious. I have positional vertigo esp with weather changes, so have dealt with that the last few days. My head feels spacey and ears feel full which makes me anxious. I've still not checked vitals which I guess is a positive step. I went out shopping alone and they helped a friend put a desk together and set up a computer. My upper lip started twitching in the middle of lip. Now I'm focusing on that? I'm used to eyelid twitching now and then but never my lip! Of course I googled and it could be stress, caffeine, Tumor on a nerve or ALS!! I'm going to hydrate and take some magnesium and hope it goes away. I hate being like this.
  11. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    @Ethansmomsounds like you had a good day. The fact that you run on a treadmill should confirm to you, you don't have a heart problem. Thinking like that has helped me with my constant monitoring. I was constantly taking my pulse and blood pressure. My pulse was always high and blood pressure low, especially in the early weeks of taking lexapro. With the help of my therapist, I realized no matter what the reading was, nothing bad happened and I was able to exercise, move furniture, do yard work etc and if I had a true problem, I'd have worsening symptoms. I still do worry about every little ache and pain, but I haven't been checking my vitals. I hate that I focus on how I always feel, but I'm trying really hard to focus on other things. It's a start that i've moved beyond taking my vitals. Another thing I worry about is I seem to blame every weird symptom I have on anxiety and I am afraid I'm going to miss something bad if I attribute it to anxiety. So again, i'm worrying about worrying Let me know what your MD and therapist suggest.
  12. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    Hi Ethansmom - I'm sorry you are feeling like this. Hopefully once your body gets used to the new dose again, you will feel better. You have a lot of other stresses like the remodel and immune system being down w/pink eye and that all contributes to anxiety. I am feeling better on a more consistent basis, but at times feel anxious. Thankfully not full blown anxiety attacks though. Last week I got my hair colored and felt extremely anxious, but got through it. I've always had a hard time at salons. My hairstylist is so understanding, but I feel bad because I just don't enjoy things "normal" women do. I felt the tingle on my scalp from the dye and felt the all to familiar rush go through me, but I told myself "this is not going to happen here". i let my stylist know and she let me stand outside a bit and it began to pass, but I beat myself up about it all weekend. I know it's hard to take deep breaths because when you are anxious, you literally cannot. I find if i make myself yawn to get a good breath in, it makes me feel better. It's hard to ignore the heart rate, I wish I had a trick to that because that is the scariest feeling. It makes you wonder just how much your heart can take, but it does because your body knows it's healthy, and just our old friend anxiety. It's just so miserable and disappointing to feel like this, but I am so glad to know i'm not alone when I read other stories on this site. I hope you feel better soon and be proud of yourself for hanging in there with the meds. You will feel good again. I'm being to see the light at the end of the tunnel and you will also. We are stronger than we think. Please keep me posted ?
  13. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    yeah, I checked with pharmacist here at work and Prilosec not really recommended with Lexapro and celexa. I'm ok with rolaids t be safe
  14. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    @EthansmomI swear we are going through the same things at the same point after starting our new meds. I too am having reflux! Unfortunately, prilosec or nexium are not compatible with lexapro (and some other antidepressants) so I've been using rolaids. It's not the typical burning sensation, but more a feeling of fullness in my throat area/upper stomach. I then start worrying about esophageal cancer also, but as Penny said, these short term symptoms usually aren't problematic. Hang in there! I'm relieved to feel less anxious, but still worry about every little thing
  15. anxiouslisa

    Kinda worried

    @joe17sounds like it's from increasing activity and from your physical job. Do you drink seltzer water? I've noticed increasing pains like you describe when I drink it, I attribute to the carbonation.