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  1. anxiouslisa

    Kinda worried

    @joe17sounds like it's from increasing activity and from your physical job. Do you drink seltzer water? I've noticed increasing pains like you describe when I drink it, I attribute to the carbonation.
  2. anxiouslisa

    Sore muscles/body all the time

    As an anxious person, I always have sore muscles and when I wonder why, I take a good look at that moment and find I'm tensing every muscle in my body. No wonder why they hurt, my body is always on guard. As far as the floaters, mine have been driving me nuts! I've had them my whole life, but my recent issues w anxiety and starting a new med (lexapro) has made me focus on them a lot more. I saw eye doc Friday who pretty much said exactly what molly fin did. I am awake now at 1am wrong this because I woke up anxious and thought my lips were numb🙁They are not...but I'm feeling all kinds of stuff now that I'm up alone in a quiet house.
  3. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    @MsLLLthank you for thinking about us! I'm doing better for the most part. Tuesday will be 8 weeks on lexapro (6weeks at 10mg). I still feel nervous sometimes but find myself doing more again and not having panic attacks. I always feel a bit lightheaded and my head and ears feel full, so I tend to focus on that. I'm trying to increase my water intake. I've had ringing in my ears for as long as I can remember but it seems louder since on lexapro. I'll take that over panic attacks tho. I wonder if you've experienced or heard of others feeling lightheaded?
  4. anxiouslisa

    Increased heart rate

    @Ethansmom I've been wondering how you were doing. I no longer have cycles, but when I did, the week before I was always an anxious mess with high heart rate even at rest. My hormones have never been kind to me🙁 That being said, I sometimes still have high resting heart rate in the upper 90's. I cannot wear a fit bit because I'm obsessed with heart rate and would be focused on it always!
  5. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    Good for you for exercising! Up until my anxiety resurfaced, I was walking 40min every single evening. Even though I'm feeling a little better, I haven't resumed exercise. I know it would make me feel better. I had a good day yesterday, and woke up anxious this morning also. But I got through it and hope I begin to have more good days than bad. I wonder if your long cycle has something to do with your anxiety? When I still was getting a period, my anxiety was worse around that time. Hormones are not nice
  6. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    I think a little better. This is my fourth week on 10mg Lexapro (6 weeks total) and for the most part feel some improvement. I've not taken Ativan for 4 days, as I want to see if I can handle how I feel without it. It's been uncomfortable and I do feel nervous, but not full on anxious/panic. My head feels spacy and legs wobbly today because it's my first day coming to work w/o the Ativan so I'm worried I may feel more anxious and need to take it at work and then will feel defeated once again. It may be allergies too making me feel spacy. It's bee so hot and humid in Chicago. Trying to not think about every little feeling so much, but it's hard. I, like you, feel like I want to fall apart at any little hint of anxiety or unusual symptom. Do you feel any better?
  7. anxiouslisa


    Staying in the here and now is definitely a challenge for us worriers, but I am trying. I have tried listening to relaxation type things on the way to work and it helps. Also, i find that I tell myself I've been through this before and felt this way before and nothing bad happened and I survived and I will again. Feeling nervous is not fun and it's uncomfortable but I have to work through this and push myself. I cannot make my world smaller because of my anxiety, as easy and comfortable as that may be. Thank you for your insight and encouragement. it is truly appreciated.
  8. anxiouslisa


    @MsLLL thank you. So I haven't had a panic attack in about two weeks, so I know lexapro is doing something. Tuesday will be 4 weeks on 10mg. My psych didn't exactly say to take ativan at same time as lexapro, it just turned out that I take lexapro at 530a when I wake up for work and took .5mg also because I knew I'd need it to drive to work at 645a. I have not taken more than that .5mg in the AM for about two weeks, so only once per day. The most I ever took was .5mg twice per day. My ordered dose is 1mg BID PRN, so I've never even taken that much. I have not taken an ativan since Friday, since I'm off for three days, I thought I'd see how I do without it since i don't have to work. I"m not having panic attacks, but feel anxious probably 4-5/10 on scale. I've managed to go to stores and restaurants, and although I feel a little uncomfortable, I'm able to get beyond it. Not truly feeling happy again, but much better than a few weeks ago. I see a therapist weekly, and as awful as my psych has been, she is awesome. I am on a wait list for a new psych, and until then I have confidence in my PCP to give me direction. I wish there was a magic point that I'd know I've reached the therapeutic level of Lexapro. Every time i make it to another week I wait for something magical to happen, and maybe it is but I'm too focused on somatic things to appreciate it. Thank for your input and I hope the wellbutrin starts working soon for your friend, that seems like a high dose??
  9. anxiouslisa


    @MsLLL I hope you can offer some advise both personally and professionally. I've been taking .5 ativan every morning w my 10mg lexapro for the last 3 weeks as I was advised to do to help with the anxiety during the initial stages of lexapro. At what point do I begin to wean the ativan? How will I know if the lexapro works if I continue the ativan. My psych refuses to answer that question and many others, so I'm in the process of changing. In the meantime my PCP will manage my lexapro dose. I'm seeing her on 9/6, but am just looking for an opinion. Thanks in advance!
  10. anxiouslisa

    High Anxiety and Can't calm down. Help needed friends

    I'm sorry this happened this morning. Anxiety takes the joy out of these simple things I don't know how I am, I want to say a little better but then I start to feel down and anxious again. Once our meds kick in we are going to be new women! We are getting there one dose at a time. Hang in there and thanks for checking on me.
  11. anxiouslisa


    Thank you. Glad to hear it's a common worry. I'm beginning to question everything. The one thing I know is my only wish in life is to see my children, who I love with all my heart, grow and see their dreams fulfilled. I would never do anything to myself or them to jeopardize that. The what ifs are just things to give myself something to worry about.
  12. anxiouslisa


    I'm sleeping well for the most part. Just frustrated. Had a very anxious weekend. Today is week 5, but only 3rd week on 10mg. Trying to hang in there. Do you ever worry about meds changing who you are. I worry every time I hear of someone killing their family or other murder s****de, I think OMG I wonder if they were on lexapro? I just want to give myself something to worry about. The what ifs?
  13. anxiouslisa

    have you ever felt that you are going crazy????

    Don't beat yourself up. You love your kids and want them to be happy and healthy, that's why we worry about them so much. Mine are now 26 and 20 and I think back to all the crazy things I worried about. The sad thing is bad things do happen and I think those of us with HA want to be so proactive that we derail our own happiness. It's so easy for me to say all this, but I live in constant worry. Wish I could take my own advice!
  14. anxiouslisa

    It never ends!!

    I have twitches also but for some reason like Leah, I can let that go pretty easily. I worry about everything. Right now I'm focused on heart rate and eye floaters🙁
  15. anxiouslisa

    have you ever felt that you are going crazy????

    @Leah1976 I'm sorry you are going through this. I've done the same with my kids when they were small. Always looking for something. Like you, I've bounced from one disease to another with myself and the kids. Please know your daughter is fine and you will get through this tough time. I feel health anxiety has ruined enjoyment in my life and feel like I was so worried all these years that I didn't enjoy the little things. It's a miserable situation but you are not alone.