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    Thank you! I know it's irrational, but you know how's hypochondria when it acts up lmao
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    Hey guys. I just recently registred in this forum (although I've been going through it for a while now ^^) and I have hypochondria too. Yesterday was spent on the Big C, and today it's rabies. Basically what triggered me is a walk with my mom. We were walking home, and we passed by a rat that was clearly killed by a car, bc it was flat on the road, and the corpse was dry (as well as what little blood was around it). The weather's 19C I think, according to Google (bc I read the virus goes noninfectuous after a while in the sunlight, and the corpse was exposed to the sun at this temperature so I guess it's okay? But I don't know how long it's been there). I also know that rats, most of the time, do not carry it, but still. We passed it by, mom being between me and the corpse, without stopping. We didn't touch it, we didn't stop to look, we didn't step on it (mom almost did with her left foot but I dragged her away). Is there still a risk for both of us to get rabies through inhaling the air? I washed my hands multiple times after coming back (which took us like, 45 minutes bc we were retrieving some legal papers) but I'm still terrified and panicked. I asked a friend who's studying to be a vet nurse and she said it's okay and there is no risk of mom and I getting the virus but I'm still a bit paranoid about it :/