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    Why is OCD so misunderstood?

    Bummer, that site gives me a stinking 404 error... I would have liked to read it... Although, by hand-washing side of it, you mean this, right? I mean, the media could indeed point ALL cases to that one, but it is still a very valid case... I don't have it, but my uncle... He lives with us, and it becomes unbearable at times, he needs everything to be ultra tidy, or he freaks... but then again, he does not wash his hands that much, it's all about the order and cleanness of the place... when you say hand-washing, you mean people who will not stop washing their hands, right? Like in that movie, with the actor from The Shining... Well, I am overextending here, I saw you got no replies and didn't like it, sorry! God bless you.