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  1. MatheusA08

    twitches all over my body

    I'm freaking out, a couple days ago a read about a guy who is diagnosis with ALS at 21, young like me, and his first symtomps are twitches... I'm so scared.. please help me...
  2. MatheusA08

    twitches all over my body

    I'm trying to keep my mind away of this deep fear, but every time i get a long time without any twitches and one muscle jumps a feel like i'm sinking more and more.This week i will see a neurologist and a psychologist for my own welfare.Thank you so much for your quotes!!!
  3. MatheusA08

    twitches all over my body

    thank you so much for the help man, i will try harder to not google anything related with my twitches and forgot these things.
  4. MatheusA08

    twitches all over my body

    Hello, my name is Matheus, i'm 18 years old and since the last days of march i started to feel some strange contractions in my muscles, in the first days i started to feel this twitches in my left calf with a strange sensation, like a tingling with some type of perceived weakness.Worried about those things i googled my simptoms and almost every search result shows ALS like a probable diagnosis, despite others causes like, anxiety, vitamins deficiency and exercises, the fear of maybe have this illness took control of my life.Now, these twitches happen all over my body, especially in my legs, my back and arms, but they are sporadics, only one time a twitch stayed happening for more then five minutes.I was consulted by a clinical doctor and he ask me some blood exams (CPK, B12, MAGNESIUM, POTASSIUM...and many others), the result show a little deficiency in levels of B12 and a elevated CPK (843), he told me that was elevated because my exercise routine, work out every day and walk with my dog almost 5 five kilometers every day! However, even with that diagnosis i'm still afraid of maybe have this illness, i'm tired of make strenght tests every time i feel something strange.Now, i'm eating arginina supplements for my muscular reconstruction, i'm still working out every day, less saturday and sunday, because at gym i don't feel any twitches or weakness. I'm sorry about the gramatical errors, and i'd like to talk more about what i'm feeling but my vocabulary still limited. Observation: that isn't my first health anxiety crisis, and i'm looking for help everywhere, i'm really scared!!!