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  1. Hi AshDone! I worried about stomach cancer last summer. First I thought I had it because I could t burp, then I thought I had it because I was burping too much. Found out burping and anxiety go hand in hand. I agree with everyone, it sounds completely like a “nervous stomach”. I just had a brain MRI and could not eat, and had other stomach issues before and then after waiting on the results. But I knew it was from anxiety. You’ll be okay! As mentioned earlier, there is definitely a connection between your brain and stomach!
  2. You’ve been helping me, as well! So I wanted to chime in! AshDone is right! From anything I have read it’s always clinical and with slurred speech or trouble swallowing, typically. Anxiety can also cause all these things with the mouth as well. Sometimes I get so anxious I talk fast and stumble over my words. But I also notice my friends and family do it too! I hope this helps!
  3. I really hope all your tests come back okay! I have had the ALS fear before. It’s the worst, I think! Honestly back in Sept when this whole brain tumor obsession happened... I kept going back and forth between brain tumor—ALS— brain tumor— ALS. I had twitches all the time as well as muscle jerks... and was just terrified. My doctor put me on anti anxiety medication and I saw a therapist. I did feel better for awhile, but it was like it just lingered... no matter what. And I often question my sanity. Like if I’m making things up or if they are real.
  4. Thank you so much! I’m still very scared. I have myself convinced the doctor didn’t want to tell me I had a tumor or had his nurse do it, and she misread the MRI. I got a copy of the MRI and MRV (they scanned my brain and my eyes, plus the veins). Well, I only have the report for the eyes not the brain and I’m so so so so so so freaked out. I misread it at first and thought it meant for my brain and eyes but I was wrong and now am worried she read it wrong too. I’m trying to tell myself if it was serious the doctor would have called himself. But I’m totally panicked again. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I’m scared of being blind sided going into the neurologist. And I’m paranoid. I hate this!
  5. Hi! Thank you so much for replying! So I actually got a call from my Ophthalmologist’s office (the nurse called me, not the doctor he wasn’t there, so sadly some I my questions were left unanswered).. they said the MRI was fine. No brain tumors, or anything. But they did find abnormalities in my MRV. She told me what the MRV said exactly but it was something to the effect of “flow abnormalities vs. occluded sinus thrombus” (I wrote it down but currently don’t have the paper in front of me. She did not know what any of that meant... which I get. She said it could something was causing the obstructing the blood flow. They made me an appt with a neurologist this week. And at first I was super relieved it wasn’t a tumor. But now I’m worried again. I’m afraid of getting blind sided again. The only person that thought it had anything to do with my retina was my optometrist. The ophthalmologist didn’t see any problems with my retina! I did a little googling, which is bad, but obviously something is going on. And something for PTC came up! Which if that’s what it is, I can handle it! But I’m worried about blood clots, or something. Do you know if you had any problems with the veins in your brain due to the PTC? Thank you for your help! It’s so awful being left in the unknown!!!
  6. Hello all! I’ve posted on here before, but under a different name. I forgot all my information ? I’m going to start from the very beginning. About 5 months ago I developed a ringing in both ears. I immediately was worried I had a brain tumor, and rushed to my PCP. She did a mini neurolo exam, which was fine. Told me I did not have a brain tumor, and sent me on my way. Well the ringing never really stopped but did change. Now it’s not so much a ringing but like a static noise or white noise. I learned to cope with it. But about three weeks ago I started seeing flashes of light in the corner of my eye that looked like sparkles or like a ring catching the light. It would only last a few seconds. Or sometimes I would see like a little flicker of light in the same eye...in my peripheral vision. Almost like when your eye twitches. It didn’t disrupt my vision, or anything. But it still freaked me out. About two weeks in, i saw my eye doctor. I haven’t had an appt there in years, and she dialated my eyes and said she saw something in my retina but she couldn’t tell if it was a tear or traction in the jelly. She referred me to a retinal specialist. I saw him and he said he did not see a problem with my retina but I did have optic nerve swelling in that eye and a little my other eye. He said he thinks it could be something called pseudo tumor cerebri, or idiopathic intracranial hypertension which isn’t a real tumor but causes tumor like symptoms. He immediately ordered me a MRI which I had on saturday. But of course I won’t get the results of that until my appt on the 15th. I AM FREAKING OUT. The fake tumor does not scare me. But I know optic nerve swelling usually is caused by intracranial pressure, which is often caused my brain tumors. And that is scaring me so much!!! Idk what to do. When my eye doctor told me it could be a retinal tear I was scared but I was not thinking brain tumor. She never mentioned anything about my optic nerve being swollen. Has anyone else had optic nerve swelling caused by anything other that a brain tumor or a pseudo tumor? I can’t find anything online about it. My blood pressure was also high the day I went to the specialist. Could that be the reason? I’m constantly crying. And feel like I’m going crazy. Idk how to get through this week The retinal specialist told me he fully expected that my MRI results would come back clear. And does not believe it’s a brain tumor, but I keep thinking he must have some suspicion to order something like an MRI I have had no nausea, some slight headaches, no cognitive problems. I do have headaches behind my eyes, but I also have sinus issues, and had a really bad sinus infection before all these sparkles happened. Everyone keeps telling me it’s not a brain tumor. But I’m so scared my MRI will find one. I feel like I’m living in a terrible dream. I never thought this would happen. I should also mention the sparkles have since gone away, but the side eye flickers still happen. I hope I’m making sense. I’m so scared. He told me he would call me if it was something serious. And I’m just a mess! I just graduated college and started a new job, recently and I feel like I just got slapped in the face. I’m only 26. I’ve been married almost 2 years. And I feel like my life is over just when it just got started. I feel helpless/hopeless.