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  1. Greenbean427

    Pregnant & Tooth Pain

    I am pregnant and after lunch yesterday developed some tooth pain that I can’t shake. I am terrified of the dentist and have not been in years. I am scared of what medicine or treatment will do to the baby. Have any of you had procedures done during pregnancy? Was the baby okay?
  2. Greenbean427

    Health Anxiety at its worst

    If you have a chiropractor they might be able to help with some of the pain— I had to have a few adjustments when I was nursing and holding or carrying a baby all day. I feel like you are using muscles you never really used before and it can be difficult to maintain a healthy posture. Or go get a massage! I also did that post baby and that 30 minutes was the best $$ I spent. Maybe they can work out the kinks, make the pain go away & relax you a little 🙂
  3. Greenbean427

    Flu shot

    I cried like a baby the year I had to get it while pregnant but I was just fine & so was baby. It was my first year to get the flu shot. I got one last year too & I had no reaction to it & just felt a little calmer in the midst of flu hysteria because I was less worried about having a severe reaction if I got the flu. Just think about how many fewer panics you will have when you feel like you have a little extra protection! If you do have a reaction at all, it will probably be barely noticeble and will be gone in no time at all. I think they recommend you get your flu shot starting in October every year so don’t worry about it being especially bad or anything just yet. Treat yourself to a cookie after— that’s what I do after every “successful” doc’s appt. (You would think i was the kid here). 🙂
  4. Greenbean427

    Feels like food is stuck in throat again

    Oh that is the worst! I am sorry you are going through that. When I had my first really bad bout with health anxiety, I didn’t eat much for 3 or 4 weeks because it felt like I couldn’t swallow & like my throat was closing up. I went to the doctor, had a scope done & all came back normal. It took a few weeks and some relaxation exercises to get back to normal. There are so many different sensations when you swallow something & I think our hypersensitivity and being so in sync with our bodies works against us in these situations. Try gargling some salt water or drinking some warm tea while you relax. That might make it loosen up a little & feel better. Hope you feel better soon!
  5. Greenbean427

    Health Anxiety at its worst

    Oh those first weeks with a newborn are hard when it comes to anxiety. I was wound up so tight! I found that using the nurse hotline whenever I was worried about something appeased me & squelched my anxiety before it ran wild. Being dizzy is par for the course for me whenever I feel anxious but I know HFM has a huge range of symptoms & I have had a couple of friends who said they were dizzy when they had it. Most of my friends ended up having a worse case than their kids for some reason. I also echo what an earlier poster said— your hormones are doing some crazy stuff right now & when you are super in tune with your body a little difference can feel bigger & scarier than it is. Keep in touch with your doc & obgyn and let them know how you are feeling. They can probably tell you that it is normal and give you some non-medicinal alternatives to reduce anxiety. Hope you feel better soon!
  6. Greenbean427

    Stomach problems

    I get a lot of those symptoms with acid reflux— which is kind of a self fulfilling prophecy for me. I will notice a little symptom, get anxious, the symptoms get worse/more noticeable, I get more anxious, then the GI symptoms start. I also have terrible allergies this time of year & postnasal drip can cause many of those symptoms & is pretty harmless. Give it a few more days! I bet symptoms will fade away.
  7. Greenbean427

    Congestion for weeks

    Last year around this time I swear my son was sickish more than he was well! I work in the schools and this time of year is when the first round of colds makes its way around. If she has a mild cold with allergies, it can last for longer than a month. Feeling icky is the worst— hope she feels better soon!
  8. Greenbean427

    Tonsil Cancer Fear

    I am so worried that I have ignored symptoms of tonsil cancer and when I go to the doctor it will be too late. I have swollen lymph nodes on one side and a tonsil that is larger on one side. I do poke at it quite a bit, which may be causing me some problems, but when I have acid reflux or anything like that, that side of my throat hurts. It doesn’t help that I am pregnant again which triggers my HA badly. I can’t bear to think I would die when my babies are little. I have been to a few ENTs who sent me packing with some allergy meds and an eye roll. One put me on ativan for panic attacks. I guess I just am looking for reassurance— has anyone had symptoms like this and NOT had cancer? Maybe just related to allergies? Anxiety? TMJ? I am so tired of worrying.
  9. Hope you are feeling better! I had almost the same thing last week— my body hurt so badly I could barely walk! It was weird but I chalked it up to anxiety— I think being so tense for so many days can cause muscle pain once you finally start to relax. I have a lot of the same symptoms you described when my anxiety is full-force. Try to do some relaxation exercises like yoga or even just stretching. Sometimes I do guided relaxation on youtube where it takes you through relaxing all of your body parts from your toes to your head. That makes me realize places I was holding tension without thinking about it.
  10. Greenbean427

    Going down Hill...

    Are you going to talk therapy? The two things that can push me forward a little when I am at my wits end are talk therapy and going for a jog or exercising in some capacity. For some reason exercising reminds me that I can control many physical symptoms. Easier said than done. I know it is hard but you can get past this. Anxiety is definitely a marathon— not a sprint. Take it a day at a time & take care of yourself.
  11. Greenbean427

    Twitching ugh.

    I think twitching is one of those things that happens to everyone but because we are so in tune with our bodies we notice every single twitch. It can be exhausting! I have a twitchy eye that drives me nuts but when I asked my husband (who does not struggle w/anxiety) if he was ever twitch-y he said he was all the time but he just never worries about it. What a luxury! 🙂
  12. Greenbean427

    Anxiety and the stomach..

    One thing that I have started to do is think about if the symptom was noticeable all day or just when I am perseverating. If you focus I feel like you can see a pulse anywhere! The likelihood of it being anything but anxiety is pretty slim— my heart rate is so much more noticeable when I am anxious. My digestive tract is a complete mess when I am struggling and for a few weeks after.
  13. Greenbean427

    Stopping Meds

    I think that it can be okay if you have someone walking you through the weaning process. When I came off of zoloft they lowered my mgs slowly then when on the lowest mgs started stretching out hours because I was really nervous. I did okay though! I started taking Natures calm gummies during the process too and they may have helped some! You will be just fine!
  14. Greenbean427


    When I have bad allergies, my body goes nuts! This also sounds like how my body reacts to stress— I can get very anxious & it causes many of those symptoms— ear popping, head fullness, etc. Make sure you are not clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth! TMJ can cause all of those symptoms too. Feel better!
  15. Greenbean427

    Metastatic Cancer Fear

    I have calcified lymph nodes on that side and frequent ear pain/fullness. It is never a trigger for me, but comes about more when I am spiraling which makes me think it may be related to TMJ since I grind & clinch my teeth when I am struggling. This has been cycling for at least five years, maybe more. I feel your pain though & hope you feel better soon! I have the going to the doctor fear too but finally made an appointntment for in a couple of weeks. Having a baby and thinking about dying sends me into an absolute tizzy. Anxiety is hard!