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  1. EastCoastAgoraphobe

    Physical Sickness as the Main Side Effect

    I was also considered a sick child, I really wish someone had spotted earlier that it was anxiety. Thanks for the reply, it seems like it's kind of rare to find someone who has is similar to me when it comes to this.
  2. EastCoastAgoraphobe

    Having Trouble Dealing with Moving House

    I have to move house soon. Right now I live with my mum, and it's my only safe place. But my sister had a baby and she's moving to be closer to the dad and my mum will move too to stay close to them, so either I move with my mum or my mum, dad, sister, niece and her dad and me will all move in together or I move out on my own and try to find roomates. No matter what I have to move and it's really freaking me out. I don't know what to do or how to deal with it.
  3. EastCoastAgoraphobe

    Physical Sickness as the Main Side Effect

    I hadn't heard that caveman analogy before, but it makes sense. I guess because all the stories I've read about others having agoraphobia have focused more on panic attacks that make them feel like they're dying or having a heart attack, where I just feel nauseas and that's my main problem.
  4. It's tricky when agoraphobia is such a vague term, and everyone experiences it a different way, but for me the worst part is the physical sickness. I've read a lot of other people's experiences but haven't come across many that I really relate to when it comes to nausea. When I try to go out and the panic starts, it feels like I'm going to vomit. I don't really get the fast heart rate or feeling like I'm dying, for me its all very literal, like I'm going to throw up and be stuck in either the discomfort or embarressment. Sometimes it feels like the nausea will last forever. And I don't know if this is true or my illness but I feel like if I could get the nausea under control then the anxiety wouldn't be so bad? I'm probably talking to a void here but is anyone else experiencing this or feel the same as me?