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  1. LilyLabVA

    Hoarse voice- meds or sinister?

    What ended up being the cause?
  2. LilyLabVA

    Hoarse voice- meds or sinister?

    Thank you so much for looking into this stats for me! I truly appreciate it. I'm a facts girl, so it's super helpful!
  3. LilyLabVA

    Hoarse voice- meds or sinister?

    I prefer not to rush to doctor. If I did that for every little thing, I would be there all day with all of the testing in the world. In fact an ENT endoscopy makes me horribly nervous! Yes, allergies are creeping up and my daughter complained last night of "gunk" in her throat. It's a listed side effect of Klonpain which I have had to increase lately so I'm trying to accept that it's nothing sinister. It's not hoarse all day just off and on.
  4. I’ve noticed I have an on / off hoarse voice these last few weeks. I’ve icreased my klonapin slightly and it’s listed as a possible side effect but how do I know I don’t have larangeal cancer? What are the stats for that at 36 female never drink or smoke?
  5. LilyLabVA

    Cherry Angioma or Petechaie

    I wish I could tell you “don’t worry about them” but I know all too well how I felt when I noticed them years ago, wondering if it was Pete is. If you are super anxious you can always ask your dr. My under arms are literally covered in them and I have very fair skin. Now that I know they are nothing sinister, I ignore them.
  6. LilyLabVA

    Cherry Angioma or Petechaie

    Oh and all my blood work has been normal.
  7. LilyLabVA

    Cherry Angioma or Petechaie

    I have these pin prick things all over my arms. They don’t look big enough to be cherry angimos which I also have a few of. I freaked out that it was petecia. Doctor was unsure what it was and had full blood panel. That was at least 5 years ago if not more. Still have them all over my arms. I’ll try to include a pic
  8. LilyLabVA

    Thigh sensation

    I am not googling so coming here for some help. Since early Jan in my right putter thigh I have an off sensation of buzzing, coldness, dampness. One day it maybe be unnoticeable but other days I can feel a strong buzz moving under the skin or wetness. I am trying to ignore this and chalk it up to anxiety but as it persists I can’t help but wonder if there are some other non- scary causes of this. I do have a strained feeling/ pulled muscle in my groin right now but not sure how that would be related.
  9. LilyLabVA

    Calling all my lumpy friends... :D

    My husband is! He has at least 2 on one arm and one on another. They are either lipomas or cysts. Small perfectly round and cause no pain. He does not go to the doctor but like 1x every few years so we don’t know exactly what they are but they have not changed in years. Several ppl have looked at them and agreed they are pretty harmless looking (people we trust) but he won’t get them looked at. Oh well what can I do? I see my doctor frequently and he never does- yet the root fear is the same.
  10. LilyLabVA

    Facial sensations

    Facial sensations I’m slowing getting over the numb chin freak out. Some days I don’t have it at all and some days I do. Yesterday I was at an event it didn’t happen all day. Today I’m wondering if it will come back. What I’m feeling today is quiet odd and I’m hoping to hear this is not serious. I keep feeling things on my face, mostly nose down. Both side. It feels like a have a sweater fuzz, loose hair, feather or something like a cob web but nothing is there.
  11. LilyLabVA

    I’m a wreck- Numb lip chin- Updated

    So here is my update hit rock bottom last week. Could not function. Wanted to cry and sleep. No make up and barley took care of myself. Met with therapist for CBT which was helpful but my symptoms were also slightly decreased ; Spoken with psychiatrist who said up klonapin for panic. Mentioned possible intensive outpatient until I can get this under control. Have people / family praying for me. Friday my symptoms lessons but didn’t want to get my hopes up. Saturday gone. GONE. I laughed and enjoyed an family and friend putting and felt PEACE rush over me. I felt God answered my prayers. This morning I wake up and the buzzing sensation is back. The rug was pulled out from under me . Tears of frustration sadness and WHY!!! Things I wonder- does the fact that it went away for 24 -36 hours boad well that it’s not Numb Chin Syndrom ? Dows anyone else feel like cobweb sensation in same spot? If you are the praying type please say a prayer because I feel in total darkness when panic creeps up like this.
  12. LilyLabVA

    5 year old has yellow hands

    This is common in kids- diet related. Happened to my son as well. My Mom has baby sat him and told me she thought he looked a little yellow. Took him to pedi and without even a second thought he said diet and not to worry- very common. Jaundice will make the whites of ones eyes very yellow. Clear eyes and you are good, and don’t over analyze. Yellow will be yellow. The soles of my feet are naturally an orange-ish tone.
  13. LilyLabVA

    Treatment Centers?

    My family keeps telling me that "I need to be hospitalized" Yes my anxiety is very very bad at the moment. Im just curious if anyone has had help through a day treatment program or even inpatient? I'm at my weakest moment. You can read my recent posts.
  14. LilyLabVA

    I’m a wreck- Numb lip chin- Updated

    Update- still tingly and buzzing usually when I talk/ eat. No better. Going to therapy tomorrow. Have daily panic attacks and can barley function. NOT googling but desperately wanting to seek evidence for NOT having Numb Chin Syndrom. Contacted doctor who said does not seem worrisome at the time. Possibly irritated nerve.