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  1. I have a 10 year old son. He came to my room last night and said "Mom, I keep on getting hiccups! I had them yesterday morning, last night, this mornng and NOW!" I did hear him have them yesterday as well as last night when he told me. I thought zero about it jokingly said "BOO" to scare the hiccups out of him (old wives tale in case your not familiar) While trying to sleep it occured to me that this could be due to all the swimming he has been doing lately so I google "hiccups and swimming" not much came up but when I continued into frequent hiccups I scared myself to death! Lets just say different medical sites said hiccups are normal unless they occur for 48 hours or for over a month in which case it would be this, that, this, that and of course the scariest thing of all, a BT. UGH Coundnt seleep last night! No hiccups all day today, but I'm like waiting in fear for them to start. 48 hours does this mean continuous or off and on like he has had? This is really freaking me out and I have NOT allowed him to know. Everyone I mention it to says just either that's so dumb/crazy or keep an eye on it. Keeping an eye on it makes me obsessive. Like I said, no hiccups since 9pm last night and its now 3:30pm in afternoon. Any advice to calm me down? UGH!
  2. Thank you ALL. Quick update scan showed a clear normal ovary! Yay! No fibroids or polyps were shown but my lining was a bit “thick” for just getting off my period .9mm so they could not totally rule out a polyp hiding in there. Offered stronger BCP and of bleeding continues after 3 more months then saline hysteroscopy to rule out polyp. Feeling relieved!
  3. So my CBT techniques and therapy held me through the first 3 days but now panic is creeping in. I don’t usually get any heart burn, ingestion, etc. so this is all new to me. Is there reason to run to doctors or worry about a life threatening illness here? Sunday- swallowed 3-5 pills together (daily meds and vitamins) with a swig of coffee per usual. Though my liquid intake was not enough bc I felt like the meds were sitting in a lump at the bottom of my throat. Sunday- lump, tight throat feeling persisted despite water and regular meals Monday- took one bite of garlic bread and it would barley go down without pain. Continued to eat slowly a spaghetti dinner with little pain. Tuesday- vague feeling of tightness at bottom of neck where throat meets esophagus Wednesday- same vague feeling plus fear that I won’t be able to swallow and it’s something deadly. 36 female. No gerd, reflux, don’t drink or smoke. Very scared I’m gonna need a scope get bad news and ruin my family beach trip in 2 weeks. Please help me sort through this.
  4. Thanks you- part of me wants to cancel my appointment as many close friends and family members have told me that I'm investigating too soon and that just serves to continue the cycle of anxiety and I should give it more time. I feel like 3 months is enough watch and wait but I'm scared. I go from okay to panic all day long. Up and down. Ready to get it over with. The reality with health anxiety is that as soon as this is over I will feel okay for a bit until I'm on to the next thing!
  5. I am on BCP. In April I had a regular check up with normal pap and exam. 2 weeks later I started to spot mid-cycle. I figured it had to do with my Pap so I watched and waited. May and June same thing.So I've given it enough time to resolve and its not. I have a GYN appointment with an in office ultrasound and appointment. IM TERRIFIED. In 2011 I had mid cycle bleeding and it turned out to be a benign but scary tumor on my ovary which has since been removed. Mr DR was not convinced that the tumor caused the spotting, he thinks it was incidentally found. 2016 On BCP had mid cycle bleeding and it was a polyp. So you see, I've never had it not be anything. Although its all been benign it was VERY Scary times in my life waiting for surgery and pathology. I am also scared they will do bloodwork which I have not had since last September. That blood work showed slight anemia and cause me to analyze the scale or normal and see if I was too low or too high normal in certain things. A panic attack ensued and ended me up in the ER. I'm just terrified to go through with all of this. It's ruining my summer with my kids. I want freedom from this anxiety so badly but it's always just another thing away. I am in CBT and on new meds this month (changed from Zoloft to Prozac) Please help me. I'm a nervous wreck and want to enjoy life. I woke up this morning shaking with fear before I even got my thoughts together in bed. This is not a life to live when you feel terrified all the time. I'm thinking I have ovarian cancer, which is usually discovered late stage. Or maybe I have a complex odd cyst that will be an unknown and cause me anxiety. Or maybe its nothing but my blood work will turn up wonky. Maybe all will go well. I will have peace for an hour or so until the next thing..... So low right now.. .
  6. I’m convinced I have melanoma, nodular deadly form called Amelanotic melanoma. I’ve called 3 dermatology offices to get it looked and and no one can see me till June/ July 😫 It’s been there for over a month. At first I just thought it was some kind of zit so I picked at it but it has since grown back. I know it sounds ridiculous but I feel very anxious about it. Esp. since it’s raised. I looked it up and found that a nodual melanoma they are the most deadly and many melanomas can be pink or red. I guess I’ll just wait for an appointment or cancellation . 😫 I don’t think it’s a dermafibroma because it doesn’t dimple when I pinch it
  7. What is the incidence of ALS in a 36 yo female with no family history? Trying NOT to go there, but today I felt a twing in my hip and felt like my legs was gonna give out. Kinda like a week in the knees feeling. Then I tried to balance on my left foot compared to my right and was WAY more stable on my right. I've had hip and groin pain for a few months. Occurred to me today that maybe this is all ALS...
  8. My Dr. is switching me from 175 Zoloft to 80mg Prozac due to health OCD. I've been on zoloft over 10 years and it's just not doing the job anymore. So out comes the health OCD as I taper.... I'm terrified of Serotonin Syndrome! He reassured me he has been doing this 26 years and he has no concerns and that the OTHER option to switch way is for me to wean totally off zoloft which would NOT be good for my state of mind... So this is the plan: Drop Zoloft by 50 mg each week while adding 20mg of prozac........ Today is day 1 and 4 hours in I feel fine, does that even mean anything? Haha Week 1- 125z, 20p Week 2- 75z, 40p Week 3- 25z, 60p Week 4- 80 p Has anyone cross tapered like this? Any reassurance would be especially helpful!
  9. Take a test now. If you have missed your period already then it would likely show up. It may give you some peace of mind. Stay calm. A surprise baby was one of my greatest blessings.
  10. Yep. SO many people have said "but I've never had allergies" and it's crushing them. We are in an allergy season like no other. Go on to and put in your zip code. Then you can click on history and see how it's been super high in your area. I have "heard" so this is NOT medical advice that allergy meds can dry the throat more.
  11. Thanks for replying. What is your sister doing about it- her doctor told her this?
  12. If they thought for a SECOND they could be missing an ALS diagnosis they would be all over it. Her indifference seems telling.
  13. Are you living in a high allergy area? My whole family has very sore throats thanks to the crazy pollen.
  14. Okay so for the past few months I've had a hard time. Comes and goes in waves but this week has been health anxiety hell. First my face is a tingly, buzzing mess. More when I notice but off and on for several days. Called and Dr. said "sounds very benign" and I can wait it out before coming in. He knows about my anxiety. (I posted about this a few days ago and sadly did not get much feedback but that is okay). I finally start to accept my face is what it is when I wake up this morning with the toe next to my pinky toe NUMB, totally fuzzy tingling like novacain wearing off. That's it. I'm doomed and it's MS or another neuro-nasty. Please, what could cause this in the morning? I have been wearing comfortable, but new-ish shoes and sometimes at the end of the day one foot swells and gets a little tight but why would that cause numbness after 8 hours of taking them off? Since I've been up and walking around its more intermittent. Does this sound unrelated to my other issues? My therapist, my parents, husband, etc. all say this is in my head (or I'm over-focusing) and that I DO NOT need to see a neurologist. Even if I do and I get the all clear, it would just be something else again. This nasty health anxiety is a beast. Please, please help me be rational that my little toe is not the end of my life. That coupled with other vague tingly symptoms does not mean anything serious. Are there any perfectly benign reasons behind this besides anxiety? As I think more about it, I can feel tingles that come and go in both legs... that I can attribute to anxiety and accept that but the numb toe and facial creepies are causing me distress. Could this be hormones (on my period), shoes, heightened anxiety, klonapin/Zoloft meds, nothing? I see my therapist weekly. Doing a lot of CBT work and I'm trying HARD. Fell asleep praying last night. Have appointment with new psy. dr. in early May.
  15. I have a 9 year old and 7 year old. It's SPRING! They are outside at recess everyday and playing like kids should! I took 9 YO in once for a crazy amount of bruising on her shins and you know what the dr said? "This shows a very active healthy little one! I worry about a kid who has NO bruises on their legs b/c that means they are not outside playing and having a ball!" Also DR said that they bruising they worry about it not so much on legs... it would be everywhere and in places that don't typically bruise without explanation. Think about how many bruises on arms and legs a kid could get on school playground equipment.. they are climbing, crawling up and down slides, etc. etc. Think about their PE class, those hard floors they are exercising on. My kids get double bruising in spring time. More shorts, more outdoor play, etc. If the bruising gets severe and in strange places like stomach, face, back, etc and she is not eating, getting sick, getting fevers or if you need peace of mind take her in. Don't be surprised if they offer to run a CBC/blood panel for peace of mind. Protocol. My daughter had one as the Dr left it up to me.....and she screamed and cried and it was so upsetting. Came back 100% normal and I now regret putting her through that for MY peace of mind Stay calm