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  1. LilyLabVA

    Specific rabies question

    A cat way overdue for rabies booster bites someone. The cat is on 10 day quarentine but recieved it’s rabies vaccine from vet on day 1 of quarantine. Cat appears healthy but is an indoor/ outdoor cat. Does the fact that the vet gave the cat the vaccine skew the quarantine results? Explain: we have an indoor outdoor cat and live in a very fairly rural area. When the cat was a kitten I thought it had its three-year rabies vaccine but found out today through records that it was actually for only one year. While I was getting the cat in the car for the vet he got a little scared , As he never rides in the car and he nipped at my daughter. There is a bite mark on her skin but it is very superficial only breaking the top layer of skin she didn’t say owl and it didn’t bleed. I explain this to the vet and we realize that the vaccination was outdated the vet basically said to keep the cat quarantined in our house for 10 days and call my daughters pediatrician who basically said the same thing my concern is that the fact that the vet gave the cat a booster vaccine that it could skew the results and if the cat does have rabies incubating it will not display symptoms due to the vaccination and we will never know that it had rabies.
  2. LilyLabVA

    neck injury- please help

    As I was arriving home today we were getting some sleds out of the back of my car my 10 year old son was goofing around( over excited about snow and sleds I bought) He took his plastic heavy foam sled from the trunk and whipped it around and attempted to throw it really hard into the air and it ended up hitting the side of my neck- freak event. It that second it felt like my whole neck teeth jaw and head moved. It hurt REALLY bad. Left a red knot on my neck. This was about 2-3 hours ago. The pain is gone and no visible bruise which is shocking, but now I’m afraid I’ve got blunt force trauma or something to my important neck veins. I truly do have a headache now (opposite side actually) and I’m worried it’s a clot in my brain or stroke or some crazy thing. Pleas help me rationalize this!!!
  3. LilyLabVA

    Complex liver cyst

    During a scan for gallstone, it was noted that I have a "complex liver cyst". The It was an incidental finding and the radiologist impression said “a small cyst with tiny septation and no worrysome features“. I followed up 6 months later and it was stable but this radiologist called it the "complex cyst". No other comments on it. My PCP is not at all concerned and said its stable and the radiologists are not concerned but I should follow up yearly. The thing is, the septation is worrying me. I did a lot of medical research on these cysts and complex liver cysts need to be watched carefully for cancer. I am very scared to go for my yearly follow-up, which will be this April. Yep, only January and I'm already worried. I know like 5% of the population have liver cysts but does anyone have one that is complex, specifically with septations? I am so worried that at this next FU (3rd one) they are going to say its grown, changed, more worrisome, etc. :ohmy:
  4. LilyLabVA

    Fear of preg. - marriage and sex life

    It has not been easy. We have stayed together for the kids. We have been in marriage counseling. We are pretty young still, I’m 35 and he is 38. He usually sleeps on the couch due to back pain. We have tried a new mattress, but he could only stand a few hours in our bed until his back started acting up. Something about being somewhat propped up. We are attractive people but lost the attraction to each other. We are kinda like roommates. I don’t believe he has cheated but I won’t burry my head in the sand either. I just don’t know when he would ever have the time. He’s home with us most of the time and works with family. He doesn’t go “out” at all. I feel guilty for not providing “for my mans needs”. I have told him he is free to leave me and we can get a separation but he wants to make it work. We do love each other I think we have just lost our connection. With that said, can I ask how often you and your husband are intimate? I am just trying to get an idea of what’s typical. Prior to kids and when kids were younger we were 4-6x a month, I’d estimate.
  5. LilyLabVA

    Chin tremble/ shaking

    Oh thank God someone responded!!!! Yes a spasm or a internal shaky tremor like feeling, NOT a muscle twitch. It has me freaked out. I do clench my teeth and it’s winter and I’ve bit/ nipped at my lips some which both require use of that muscle but I still fear crazy things. I get it on my bottom lip as well. Curious if you’ve mentioned it to your Dr? Thanks for your reply it sure does help!!
  6. LilyLabVA

    Fear of preg. - marriage and sex life

    You guessed it. He did not go back for the check up to see if any sperm were still alive.
  7. LilyLabVA

    Anyone take benzodiazepines?

    Very similar to my meds. I’m on 175 Zoloft and .5 Clonopin
  8. LilyLabVA

    Anyone take benzodiazepines?

    Thank you. I did read that there might be a link to long term use and Alzheimer’s. This was on a addiction recovery center website.
  9. Fear of pregnancy is affecting my marriage. Okay so straight to the facts I’m married with two healthy beautiful children - both under 10 years old. I am of a Christian/ Catholic upbringing and mostly follow the teachings. My husband and I are done having children. We have a boy and a girl. Both pregnancies were difficult for me due to medical complications and anxiety. I had horrible PPD/ anxiety after my son and was positive I was going to die. It was hell. I take the Pill for heavy bleeding, so we would use contraceptives. My husband would also be willing to use a condom but I’m still TERRIFIED to become pregnant. So much so that we have not been intimate in YEARS! It’s heartbreaking and my husband has totally given up even trying. I don’t know what to do or how to fix this fear to have save our marriage. We are basically roommates who love each other as family but have no intimate connection. Advice? Could someone help me statistically ? BCP has a 92-99% effectiveness rate (92% is typical use and 99% perfect use) Condoms have a (85-94% typical/ perfect use) If I use both methods and lets use the lower percentages to be extra safe what are the chances of pregnancy? Also, yes we’ve considered tube tie and vasectomy but my best friend got pregnant with #5 after a failed vasectomy so that leaves me skeptical. Termination of pregnancy by pill or other means are 100% out of the question due to my beliefs.
  10. LilyLabVA

    Chin tremble/ shaking

    So I posted a while back about my lip quivers/ shaking feeling. Well I was sitting in my office this morning when my CHIN felt like it was trembling or spasms under the skin. Panic set in after that. Please help! Ugh.
  11. LilyLabVA

    Anyone take benzodiazepines?

    I take Zoloft. The Zoloft is to help manage the anxiety the Klonapin is for panic. They are different classes. So they can be taken together, just adding that if you were not aware. I’m curious the reason your neuro thought you may benefit? Panic and anxiety?
  12. LilyLabVA

    Anyone take benzodiazepines?

    Just curious if anyone here takes a daily benzodiazepine? I am prescribed .5mg of Klonapin (Clonazepam) and it's been about 5-6 years. Yes, I know they should not be taking long term so please do not reply with that as it would be unhelpful. This was prescribed to me by my Psychiatrist (in fact 2 different opinions agreed to help deal with panic). My PCP knows I take it as well. All top rated doctors in a large city. Anyway...It's been about 5-6 years and although now is not the right time to wean, I do wonder about other's experiences. Dose, length of time, withdrawal schedule, etc. Right now I don't know if it's truly helping. It did in the beginning but now I feel I just take it solely so I don't withdrawal. I also worry about long term effects which I've read have not been well studied. I hope this year, 2019, I can successfully come of my benzo.
  13. Does anyone else feel like their slur their words, loose what they are trying to say, missay words (like pronounce them strange or mix two words) or even bite your younger when talking?!? Ugh I’m sure it’s anxiety and just part of being human and tired, lots on mind but Geesh!
  14. LilyLabVA

    Eyes hurt to move!!!

    For those of you who shared that it’s happned to you. Was this in one or both eyes? Mine is in just one and so far no issues other than sore pain when I look up down or side to side. So I enjoyed a nice day with my family but my Eye ached the whole time. It was very difficult to bury the feelings of dread and impending doom. Every once in a while I get a slight sense of relief thinking this actually could just be eyestrain and that other people have had it in fact I have had it before and it has grown away. But most of that is overshadowed with what If thinking and catastrophizing. Yes I have had this happen before a few years ago which may bring me some comfort except for the fact that I believe it may have been optic neuritis back then and now just returning because I probably do have MS. Funny thing I don’t wish MS on myself or anyone but it doesn’t bring me as much fear as other things I know many people who live wonderful lives with MS and that you can live a long life. I worry more about testing and such the MRI and what if something else is seem like a brain tumor. Anyway I appreciate everyone’s replies it really helps when someone has experienced the same thing and actually explains their experience. I don’t have high hopes that this will be gone tomorrow. I hope and pray that my vision does not become blurry or that I get any other symptoms and that these next few days I can have some sense of peace. My poor family just does not believe anything I say anymore they probably have never even heard of optic neuritis so when I say my eye hurts they all just rolled their eyes. I’m very close with my husband my sister-in-law my own parents and sister and every single one of them does not take me serious any longer due to 10 years of this crap. I am in CBT therapy twice a week and on medication I’ve had a great couple weeks lately until of this I eye ache happened ��
  15. LilyLabVA

    Eyes hurt to move!!!

    Took Advil and it didn’t touch the pain. It’s on the slightest movement of my eye. I’m convinced it’s optic nueritis. So far no loss of vision or color but I feel like that’s next! So terrified and being the holiday weekend my eye DR will likely be closed till Wednesday. I’m at an event with my family and this Is ruining it!!!!!