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  1. LilyLabVA

    How many THOUGHT they had a B/T and WHY?

    Yes in 2015 I was sure I had one. Then months laughter I laughed at myself for thinking something so foolish. Now I have had them again every month for a day to several days a month and I’m convinced it’s not good. 😞
  2. LilyLabVA

    Just a headache...

    Hi all- I need some help rationalizing through some recent headaches rather than catastrophic thinking. I have a history of headaches for past 3 years , possibly prior but 2015 is when I first saw my doctor about them. I have always been nervous about headaches and thought the worst. They always go away. The pattern is essentially the same. Random stabs, throbs, aches in varying places for several days then they go away. Sometimes they correlate with hormones and other times I don’t know why. This week I had a altered sleep schedule, intense stress, and possibly some post nasal drip/ slight sore throat. Seems reasonable for a headache but in my mind I’m about to be DXd with a brain tumor. Ugh! I an very worried about scans and I notice a lot of ppl with headaches get them but my doctor just does a neuro test and tells me to take Advil. Thinking back if I had a scan for every headache week.... well that would be bad lol . The thing that kinda “bugs” me is my headaches don’t quite fit into the classic migraine criteria or tension. It’s kinda a mixed mess.
  3. LilyLabVA

    Fear of BT , follow up to Ocular Migraine

    Hello! Thanks so much for your support. I’m anxiously waiting for one to occur at any time again. How often did your come around and where they followed by headache? Do you typically get migraines? Any testing for yours?
  4. LilyLabVA

    Fear of BT , follow up to Ocular Migraine

    Thanks Nats. We sound very similar situation. Did you have a headache after? What did they do at the ER visit? Thanks for sharing!!
  5. My previous post on here is about a recent ocular migraine I suffered. It scared me to death. I now have convinced myself I have a brain tumor and I will die and leave my 2 children. I don’t want to know. I wish I could have a scan and know it’s clear but the process of a scan would send me ovEr the edge and I know it would not come back “perfectly normal”. Can someone help me with statistics or something? What are the chances of a BT 36 yo women with recent ocular migraine without headache.
  6. LilyLabVA

    Ocular Migraine MRI?

    Thank you for the straightforward advice. You are right!
  7. LilyLabVA

    Ocular Migraine MRI?

    Thank you! I just had a full comprehensive exam a month ago. Do you mind me asking your age? I’m 36 just seeing if these are possibly hormonal. I hear they can increase after 40
  8. LilyLabVA

    Ocular Migraine MRI?

    Molly- hbc - hormonal birth control? What did your Dr say? Any scans?
  9. LilyLabVA

    Ocular Migraine MRI?

    You all have helped me a great deal! Each reply means so much to me. Thank you all . Not 100% but getting there....
  10. LilyLabVA

    Ocular Migraine MRI?

    Good morning everyone . I am literally making myself sick with anxiety! I am way ahead of myself with the ocular migraine thing I am waiting moment by moment for another one to happen, which will send me running to the Doctor Who will order some kind of brain scan which will terrify me to the point of no return. I’m having a very hard time getting past this I am in weekly therapy and I take medication. I understand that these happened to many people but it also seems that a lot of people’s doctors order testing to rule anything more sinister out if I continue to get them I will have to go through this process and that terrifies me to no end! I take some comfort in the fact it has been three years since I’ve had one but I do know that for many people they can come in clusters and so I’m just waiting for the next one in total fear. I joined a facebook group of people who have ocular migraine’s it has thousands of members and a lot of it has brought me comfort most people say they get them all the time and they are of no significance or harm. At the same time a lot of these people sought medical care and their doctors ordered scans to be safe. I am so frustrated with my anxiety it is such a beast and I have let my family down by going through this spiraling hole of darkness once again I joined a Facebook group of people who have ocular migraine‘s it has thousands of members and a lot of it has brought me comfort most people say they get them all the time and they are of no significance or harm. At the same time a lot of these people sought medical care and their doctors ordered scans to be safe. I am so frustrated with my anxiety it is such a bitch and I have let my family down but going through this spiraling hole of darkness once again.
  11. LilyLabVA

    Ocular Migraine MRI?

    Wow 2-3 per week! Did yours have the headache? Thank you for sharing. I will now have some peace if another comes along soon. Right now I’m like waiting for it to come any moment and que the panic attack. Ugh
  12. LilyLabVA

    Ocular Migraine MRI?

    Thank you! How often is all the time? What does your DR say?
  13. LilyLabVA

    Ocular Migraine MRI?

    3 to 4 years ago I experienced a classic ocular migraine and have not had one since yesterday. It really caught me off guard but again it was a classic ocular migraine with the zigzags that span out until they disappear after about 20 minutes. Mine have never been followed by headache. Everything online says they are basically harmless and mine matched perfect description. My fear is that they are going to continue to the point where I need to seek medical treatment and they are going to order an MRI I am totally against a brain MRI because I feel that it would show incidentals or abnormalities. It actually TERRIFIES me to think of getting a brain MRI and the wait. Please help. What if I get more?! Please help me.
  14. LilyLabVA

    ringing in ear- panicked

    I have always had an on and off ringing in my ears that last a few seconds I’ve never paid any attention to it whatsoever last night while laying down ringing in my left ear was very loud and strong it lasted about 30 seconds and went away. I did something stupid and googled and read that if you only have ringing in one particular ear you need to have an MRI this of course freaked me out because last night I only heard it in my left ear. I literally panicked for about two hours thinking that I’m gonna have to get an MRI and it’s going to discover all kinds of horrible things and I begin to panic and shake. Then I suddenly got a 5 second low ring in my right ear. Funny enough it was right after I had texted my mom and she said she would be praying for me I almost feel like it was a sign that I do have it in both ears. Most of the literature says it is not a big deal to have ringing in the ears unless hearing is off or in one ear. Does anyone else get in one ear? If it switches back and forth does that constitute as localized to one ear? Sorry in advance for any grammar errors using my phone
  15. LilyLabVA

    Need help! Ruminating over low normal blood work

    Thank you all so much for your replies. It has helped me very much. I am taking meds and I am in weekly CBT. Most days better than others.