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  1. I keep getting this throbbing pain in my right leg on and off. Sometimes its in the same spot, other times it moves up a little bit but not to far up. It's not swollen or hot or anything, It just throbs for about 3 - 6 seconds then stops.
  2. Yeah. I did come here from Anxiety Zone been on the site for a while. Decided to finally sign up today. I remember you from there. You always had a way of putting my mind at ease so Thank You.
  3. I really have been doing good when it comes to anxiety but I just feel like I'm waiting for something bad to happen to me. All day my left arm has been bothering me in multiple places. If it isn' throbbing feels like a shock going through it or kinda numb. I keep getting these twitches in my stomach more close to my ribs left side and after I eat my chest feels heavy like I ate to much and the food is stopping there or something. Im 22. I just wanna go into the new year worry free you know. -Sincerely Stressed.