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  1. Jay.E

    Husband's alt liver enzymes is High

    Hello Holls, I'm so glad to hear everything turned out just fine with your husband. My mother had some fluctuations in her liver enzymes, they did a battery of tests, all came back normal. We finally found out that the culprit was the Tylenol she was taking for her headaches (she used to take lots because of her migraines). When she cut back on it, the liver enzymes went back to normal. My dad died of liver cancer in 2017, and just like your friend he had lots of symptoms and had hepatitis as well. I have fatty liver as well and I hear it is quite common. A diet change and some exercise should do the trick in fixing that. Sending you and your family lots of positive vibes and warm hugs.
  2. It is so draining being constantly on edge. I'm sorry to hear your grandma has to deal with migraines as well. I'm trying to not let my anxiety get the best of me here, but fighting those intrusive thoughts is hard.
  3. Hello my dear Holls, I'm sorry to hear you also have to deal with migraines. Often people think that it is just a bad headache, not realizing how debilitating it can be. She had this all her life and so I thought I was used to it. But, I wasn't aware that migraines come in many forms, and that a whole lot of them are actually painless but come with a plethora of visual and cognitive symptoms. I guess now that she is of a certain age I tend to worry about her a lot more. I'm trying not to project my anxiety onto her, I don't want to freak her out. I think since my dad passed away last year, I've been hyper-vigilant about her health. Heath anxiety just hijacks my thoughts and turns everything into a sinister scenario. Thank you for your response Holls, hearing about your experience and that of your friend with migraines makes me feel a lot better.
  4. Hello guys, I hope you've all been doing well and enjoying the summer. I've been struggling with HA and OCD thoughts since October 2017. For the most part, the anxiety ebbs and flows. There are weeks I feel like I'm making some real progress and other days I feel totally overwhelmed, like tonight. I've noticed that my anxiety is no longer limited to my own health and has instead extended to my family members as well; particularly my mother. My mother who is 70 has been a lifelong migraine sufferer. I'm used to seeing her dealing with the pain, nausea, and light sensitivity that come with her terrible headaches. Lately however, the pattern of her migraine seems to be changing. In February she had a weird episode where she became disoriented/confused and slightly dizzy. She couldn’t recognize her surroundings and it lasted for about 10 minutes or so, and then she went back to normal. Of course, I panicked and thought she might be having a stroke, or that this could be related to dementia. We went to the ER, they did a battery of tests, and she was sent to a neurologist who did another whole set of tests. The neurologist told us that this was probably linked to her migraine. I was surprised to hear that, I never imagined that confusion and disorientation could be caused by migraine, or that some migraines are not painful. She had another brief episode of confusion today that lasted a few seconds (I should mention that she’s had a headache since yesterday) and of course my anxiety immediately went through the roof. We were having lunch and couldn't even eat anymore. All of my fears are centred around the idea that this could be a sign of dementia (Alzheimer). I'm trying to reason with myself but the intrusive thoughts are taking over. My heart feels as if it is being squeezed and my chest feels heavy with apprehension. Earlier, I started shivering, and I'm still feeling a little cold. I'm just not feeling good in my own body, the anxiety is suffocating me tonight. Have any of you noticed that your HA is extended to your family members and/or friends? How do you deal with that? Am I just losing my mind guys?
  5. Jay.E

    Has anyone else ever cried at the doctor?

    Hello Armeade25 Last October, when I was at the height of my HA, I went to see a doctor at a clinic since my family doctor wasn't available at the time. I suddenly started twitching all over my body in October and that triggered a very nasty bout of HA. I was terrified that I had ALS and was looking for reassurance. The visit was probably one of the worst encounters I've ever had with a doctor. He essentially mocked me, made me feel irrational, and didn't do even a simple neurological test to assess my condition. I felt belittled and was terrified. I'm usually someone who keeps her emotions under wraps, so you can imagine how surprised I was when I suddenly burst into tears in his office. I was exhausted of feeling scared. I couldn't eat, sleep, think, or work anymore. I couldn't control the intrusive thoughts running my life and I was on the verge of a complete mental breakdown, and this doctor didn't even notice how much distress I was in. Thankfully, a few days later I found this group and met amazing folks here with the same symptoms I was experiencing. They helped me understand what was going on with me, gave me plenty of reassurance, support, and compassion. Eventually, I saw a neurologist who gave me the all clear, but I'm afraid the damage was already done. I'm still struggling with HA, but now at least I know what is going on.
  6. Thank you so much for your wonderful answer. This is all kind of new for me. Yes, I was in therapy for a couple of months. But, I definitely think I need to get back to it. I have an appointment with a new therapist next Saturday. Fingers crossed, it will work out just fine. I never even thought of OCD before this whole thing started with Muscle twitches. But, when I think about it, I've always been a bit of a worrier. I would worry about the house burning down and would obsess over making sure that the alarms are all working, and even go so far as to worry about the neighbours not tending to their own alarms (since our houses are attached to one another). Change always made me feel extremely uncomfortable and I would worry about said change. As a kid I remember having nightmares of losing my mother. It seems I've always had issues with intrusive thoughts and compulsions, but I never put it all together. The HA is what brought this to the forefront for me. I really hope therapy helps. I'm just exhausted of feeling constantly anxious and worrying incessantly.
  7. Hello, I've been dealing with severe Health anxiety for the past nine months. It all started in October 2017, when I started experiencing body-wide twitching. Of course, I made the mistake of Googling and that lead me to fears of ALS. I was a total wreck for 2 months straight, I was so afraid and depressed. Luckily, after finding this website, seeing a neurologist and doing some tests, I started feeling a lot better. But of course as you know HA ebbs and flows. While I definitely feel a lot better than I did in the beginning, I'm still struggling with HA. I've noticed as the months went by that thoughts of this disease are never far from my mind. It is sometimes the very first thought I have when I wake up in the morning. I can't control these thoughts, they seem to be lingering in the back of my mind, and constantly resurfacing. I ended up even developing some compulsions, like constantly wiping the side of my mouth to verify if I'm drooling, or obsessively examining my hands. All of my fears right now are centred around my left hand, and the discrepancies between the two hands. I can't fight the compulsion to constantly look at my hands and examine them closely. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it. My family members have asked me why I keep looking at my hands.....which was very awkward since I needed to come up with a story quickly. Someone mentioned, upon discussing my unusual compulsions, that it sounds like OCD. Honestly, I was just coming to terms with having HA at that point, so I wasn't open to the idea of adding OCD to the list. However, now it's been 9 months and I can clearly see that I do in fact have thoughts and compulsions I can not control. I no longer recognize myself. I feel like I'm morphing into an obsessive, anxious creature that is constantly worrying about every single little discrepancy and body sensation. Does any of this sound familiar to any of you? Is this OCD? Does HA usually lead to OCD? Thank you in advance for your feedback.
  8. Jay.E

    I Don't Even Know Anymore

    Hello Angelica, I'm sorry to hear you are going through so much. I know exactly what it feels like to be in that kind of state of mind. However, rest assured that the tingling, shortness of breath, and the dizziness are all classic anxiety symptoms. I've had them, and still get my fair share of it. I think it is quite normal to have some apprehension about one's health when you've had to deal with some real health problems. It tends to make us hyperaware about our health, which of course can trigger health anxiety. It is good that you are in therapy and taking meds for your anxiety. Just take it one day at a time, this is a long process. Remind yourself when you are having these symptoms that they are fuelled by your anxiety. You'll notice that as your anxiety diminishes, so will these symptoms.
  9. Jay.E

    I’m back and losing it again...

    The compulsion to Google endlessly seems to go hand in hand with hyperawareness. Usually for me, it starts with becoming hyperaware about certain part of my body (lately it is my left hand), then I start noticing some discrepancies, which of course end up fuelling the compulsion to Google in search of reassurance. And of course, I think we all know by now that nothing good ever comes out of Googling symptoms. I've been dealing with HA pertaining to ALS for the past 9 months, and I've noticed that it ebb and flows. Have you noticed anything that might trigger the anxiety about Melanoma for you? Sometimes figuring out the triggers and avoiding them helps.
  10. Hello Holls, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. You have been through so much already. I know how difficult it is when your loved ones are afflicted by this disease.The sister of one of my very close friends was diagnosed with breast cancer some years ago. Then in the span of a year, my dad and my uncle died of liver and lung cancer. I often jokingly say, that I'm no longer scared of Cancer at this rate. It runs in my family so I always think that they're might a chance. You are such an amazing and loving person, I can see why this is hitting you so hard. I wish I could give you a big hug right now. This kind of trauma has an undeniable impact in one's mental health, so please take care of yourself Holls. I don't quite know what to say, other than I'm here for you my friend. Feel free to reach out to me anytime you need to talk.
  11. Jay.E

    Tongue fatigue is scaring me

    Hello Holls, It's been a while indeed, how are things on your end my friend? Thank you so much for putting this into perspective for me. The back of my tongue used to go numb when I first started having body-wide twitching. It would just go numb like I've had anesthesia there, and then the numbness would migrate to my throat. The same thing happened last night, expect this time the back of my tongue got super tired instead of numb. Within a few minutes (15 minutes or so) this also travelled to my throat, and it started feeling super tight and odd. Today, the sensation is not as pronounced but it is still lingering on. The moment I think about it a bit or pay attention to the sensation, it increases in intensity. When I'm anxious my arms and tights start twitching like crazy as well. Anxiety is such a weird condition with its thousands of symptoms. Thank you for responding Holls Sending big, warm hugs your way.
  12. Jay.E

    Stupid medical commercials!

    Hello Sumotherguy, I'm kind of new to health anxiety myself. But, I know that for me exposure is not an option. Willingly exposing myself to something that will trigger and fuel my anxiety and make me lose control over my emotions is not an option for me. I know myself, my mind holds on to every possible little detail and it will feed my anxiety to no end. Some people swear by exposure therapy, but I don't think it works for everyone. I know it will send me to the psychiatric ward howling. I like to avoid those triggers as much as possible and find ways of rationalizing those I can't avoid. You shouldn't feel that you are being "a coward" for choosing what works for you. Don't force yourself into doing something that makes you miserable and anxious.
  13. Hello all, Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer. I haven't posted in a while, I've been trying to find ways of distracting my mind to keep those anxious thoughts away. While at times I'm able to focus on other things and feel generally optimistic about the future, there are moments where I slid right back into anxiety-mode. Tonight is one of those. It is 3:50 am in my neck of the woods and I'm unable to sleep...too anxious. I've been finishing up an essay, and I usually like to read it aloud to hear how it sounds. I've read it a couple of times while making the necessary changes when suddenly my jaw started aching and the back of my tongue started to feel tired. I felt like I was having a hard time pronouncing words and that I might be slurring. Of course panic set in immediately as the back of my tongue felt super fatigued. Eventually (and out of desperation) I resorted to recording myself while reading the essay aloud. I listened to the audio and thankfully no slurring detected, but the weird fatigue sensation persists. At times it seems to lessen and then it comes back. It even migrated to the back of my throat which now feels fatigued and odd as well. I'm trying to be rational about this. I've been concerned about tongue twitches and tongue paresthesia, so of course my first thought is that this tongue fatigue might be a result of tongue related anxiety. I've been concerned about mispronouncing words throughout the night, so I'm thinking that might have fuelled my present predicament as well. But of course, there is this voice screaming in my mind that it could be something else....something serious and fatal. Have any of you ever felt tongue fatigue from talking or reading aloud too much? Has your anxiety affected your tongue or speech? Thanks in advance for all the feedback folks
  14. Jay.E

    Stupid medical commercials!

    I avoid commercials and TV shows focusing on diseases. I realized that even if the condition in question is not a trigger of mine, it tends to put in a frame of mind where my thoughts end up going back to my triggers. It just makes me feel uncomfortable, so I avoid them all together. Not always easy, but the moment I realize what it is about I change the channel. I hope this helps.
  15. Hello Holls, YES! I wish I never became aware of this disease or read so much on it in the beginning. I have full blown OCD behaviour now, and it is exhausting. I realize what I'm doing and why, but I just can't seem to be able to snap out of it. Sending you lost of warm hugs