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  1. Smalm

    Is Abilify safe?

    I am in a mental tug of war. My doctor put me on Abilify 10mg. She claims it is the cleanest drug that is in the anti-psychotic category, she told me that my anxiety and depression are atypical because they are resistent to treatment, hard to treat. She told me that the Abilify would be for my depression and clonidine 0.1mg for my panic attacks at night. I am wondering if these are even remotly safe? I have read reviews about the Abilify... I think it is dangerous to even touch it with a 10 foot stick. Some people were projectile vomiting on it, others going into psychotic episodes, others having permanent and uncontrolable twitching of the face, legs, fingers, etc. I am just so scared that going on it will ruin my life, I have GERD and IBS so it just does not seem stomach safe. I am scared to take the clonidine also because I have a slow heartrate from my low thyroid. Really the only pill she gave me that I will happily take is my thyroid pill. I really do not know what to do. I told me therapist and he laughed, I am seriously thinking these two stupid pills that they want me on can kill me. Should I tell my doctor to forget about it and give me a differant prescription? Or just take these pills that I do not find safe at all?
  2. Smalm

    Right Arm Feels "Off"

    It can be from 2 days to 3 months, or even a few years. There is no set time. It is generally 1 to 3 months which is why I am freaking out because it is roughly 3 months since then. I am just freaking out because these spots I can not see easily, like my elbow, so I can not confirm if it's a bite like thing. They can be un-noticed. I just have been feeling anxious and just feel tingly and really would like to know why. I don't think it is my anxiety... It feels real and sort of itchy at times. Some of these places have " l l " marks and that freaks me out. The only spiders in our house are Black Widows and I would be sick if I got bit by those. I don't really know what these marks could be mabye skin pores that are deformed. I have no clue, I just fear death by rabies. Can bats enter a room with a ground level window, bite, then fly back out? I have heard of cases where the bat was able to fly away even if rabid. This means they are not all grounded or stumbling like a drunk. There are not many bats around suposedly, but a nearby school was infested with hundreds of them and over 20 people had to get shots. I am very annoyed by this fear. It is just 24/7 anxiety hell and fear. My tingling in these various places started about 5 or 6 days ago as far as I know. I am seeing a Psychologist every two weeks and will be put on pills by a professional in about a week. This tingling is specific which is why it is freaking me out.
  3. Smalm

    Right Arm Feels "Off"

    Actually not true, they are often overseen because they are very small like a pin prick.
  4. Smalm

    Right Arm Feels "Off"

    I am currenty trying not to fear death and trying not to have a panic attack. I have my right shoulder burning and sometimes tingling in very specific spots as well as my right elbow tingling sometimes as well as the side of my pinky and palm under my pinky. I also have a slight pain in my right side of my neck. And tingling near my thumb and forearm. I fear rabies. I was sleeping inside October 5th and had a window open. I had a blanket wrapped around me. I woke up and there was never a bat as far as I knew. I am quite positive I slept under that blanket the whole time. I heard, felt, saw no bat. I am scared that one could have flew in, bit me, then flew out. There is a cat downstairs who uses that window and loves to hunt so it stays open or my uncle will throw a tantrum. I am wondering what could be causing my arm to feel so off... Cam laying down on your bed and typing with your full arm elbow bent and laying flat on your bed cause your full arm to feel weird? I also get muscle twitching in my right upper arm sometimes and get twitching in my neck sometimes as well.
  5. Smalm

    Upper arm feels like it's burning

    I still am wondering if a bat could come in, bite me, then leave. I have no clue if my arms were in the blanket the whole time, but I am more than positive they were. I was only napping for two hours and the window is on the ground... It is a basement room. Not a normal room. I am still just so anxious, It has been 10 days. I am not sure what to believe anymore. The places tingling were under a blanket, if it were to bite my shoulder I would have felt it on my face or at least hear it. I am not really able to have piece of mind and my appetite is literally zero. I am drinking water... I am just tingly in weird places and have no explination so my anxiety is putting me through the wringer. My vision is acting worse (could have been from allergies), my ankles are tingling worse than normal, I am still feeling my tongue tingle at times too so this all is freaking me out.
  6. Smalm

    Upper arm feels like it's burning

    I hope that is the case. I am still so fearful of it happening to me. I am doing better with my anxiety at the moment.... It is off and on fears of rabies. I am still so scared that I will die of it... My only two things pulling me out of my HA are the statistics from the CDC and epidemeologists, and my cat.
  7. I have a VERY irrational rabies fear. I have a burning sensation in my upper right arm and it is also a tingling sensation in specific spots. I am scared it's rabies. I was sleeping with a window open around Oct. 5th and never saw a bat... But still fear an exposure regardless. I was walking my cat and my arm started to feel weird and hot. This was Friday. I talked to the CDC and a local animal santuary that said a bat would not be able to fly in, bite, then fly back out. I am still so scared of rabies since it is a horrible way to go and am fearing every differant sensation. I feel like I have a sore throat. I am just an anxious wreck and really do not know how to shake this fear. Bats still may have been out at the time I was sleeping with the window open. Local types go into hybernation in October and November. I really have no clue why my elbow to shoulder feels off and on burning and tingling that feels like specific spots.
  8. Smalm

    Tingly Tongue?

    I have not been drinking that type of tea, I have never heard of it... I have been drinking water only these last 2 days. I am trying not to be an anxious wreck at the moment, I was walking my cat earlier and felt a hot sensation from my right elbow to right shoulder blade. I am trying not to fear it is rabies... I feel the burning in a specific spot between the elbow and shoulder and it can be all of it or that specific spot. I am feeling a pins and needles sensation near my elbow. I am also fearing any mental differance such as a headache. I am happy though to have contacted a local wildlife reserve and the CDC who said that bats with rabies would not be able to fly back out. They would be like a drunk bat, very wobbley. And it is a "3.9 chance per billion" to get the bat varient strain of rabies in the USA according to Canadian and American scientists. I am overthinking this, am I? 😥😞😔
  9. Smalm

    Tingly Tongue?

    The CDC has a USA Rabies survailence map that they publish every year and it has the type of animal and location that they were reported for rabies. It's a lot of dots... People can email them with any type of health related or disease related question and get a week later reply since they are busy. I figured it was the tongue scraper because I used it again last night after brushing my teeth and it was tingly a few minutes after... Real bad. And obviously I can still drink water!😂 I drank water and after awhile the tingling went away. It may happen randomly though... At least I know it is from scraping my tongue. Thanks!
  10. Smalm

    Tingly Tongue?

    I am wondering what can cause a tingly tongue. I have been using a tongue scraper every other day and other than that I know I have cavities. I am fearing rabies (of course) because my right shoulder is sore and was tingly. The only tingling I have other than my tongue is my fingers and feet as well as my shoulders sometimes. I know what my fingers and feet tingling is. I am fearing rabies... I have a light headache and am a normal 98.5 °F. I have been going crazy because for a few days my tongue has been tingling. I am fearing rabies even though I had no exposure according to the CDC when I slept on Oct. 5th-ish with an open window. I feel annoyed and confused that my tongue is doing this. I have felt this way all day. Can this be because of my cavities? Or something more deadly?! 😨 My shoulder feels sore and my neck feels normal. I am wondering if the tongue tingling is a sign that a canker sore or inflamed bump on my tongue will happen( just got healed from a sore bump on my tongue... Canker sore I think).I am freeking out and would like some reassurance please.
  11. Smalm

    has anyone used beta blockers for anxiety

    My experience with Atenolol was at first a "Why the heck was I given this?" Because I feared that my heartrate would drop very low. I woke up one day as a really bad anxious wreck. I was shaking with anxiety so violently that my muscles were sore. I decided to try the pill Atenolol 25mg and so I took one down with water and went on a walk. Within an hour I was very suprised, my "I am anxious" shaking had stopped and I forgot what I was anxious about and my heartrate went down 30 bpm to a "I feel safe/no anxiety" range for me I was able to read a book and fall asleep hone alone, which I am never able to do. I find it helps because for me my heartrate (bpm) can drive me into more of an anxious downward spiral. It affects all differantly and is generally safe. It helps chill me out and I rarley take it now. It is just as needed because my anxiety level is differant every day and night.
  12. Smalm

    List Of Over 100 Anxiety Symptoms

    You know? I think this site is better then medicine. I knew the basics of the stuff anxiety can put you through such as: Shaking Frog in throat sensation Fear of choking Random chills Chills in odd places like the mid arm Hot sensation of skin Crying Fear of dying Fear of your whole world crashing out from under you Questions of sanity Excessive anxious thoughts Insomnia Headache Nausea Hypersensity to senses Etc. I as a person who has Hypochondria specifically since July 2013 am always so happy to look over this list. Heck I print it out and keep it in my room so I can look over it and calm myself. I get poked at by my family for having a rabies phobia, hydrophobaphobia. I have feared plenty of other things. I think this explains my weird chills and tingling of my body. It seems like the health industry labels us insane and sends us out the door.
  13. Smalm

    Rabies fear

    I was on the old forum which then got shut down... I had 2 or 3 posts a week over my rabies fear. I fear other things too. My brain seems to go from one fear to the other, but very slowly. I am doing extremely well though for being off my meds. I think the most comfort I got was talking to the CDC and a local wild animal santuary over rabies and bat behavior. I think my fear is gone for now *knock on wood* . I decided to keep the emails instead of deleating them. They are so calming to my nerves. I just go to my inbox if I am anxious. Or my doctors note in my patient portal. It helps me remember that my problem with my hand is a tendon pressing on my nerves (De quervains syndrome) and my shoulder feeling is from petting my cat when she is on the roof of the car. It wears my arm out. I figured it out at least. I have meds... I just choose to take them if I am at my absolute anxious wreck worst. I am uninsured for the moment so I have to proceed with my meds precautiously because I only have so much. I found my Xanax as well. It is still good. I am happy right now. I have a safety net, just have not used it yet. My cat is a good anti anxiety tool too. I found myself happly watching Youtube last night. I usually just shake violently and cry feeling immense doom and immenent death. I think it has loosened its grip. I am a lot happier.
  14. Smalm

    Rabies fear

    I have bad anxiety. I do not have insurance and that is no help. My problem with my fears is that my fears are so irrational... I also can get advice from people who are experticed in what part of the medical field they are in. And then just believe it one day then throw it out the window the next day. Luckily I am going to try to speed up my insurance. Jeez. My problem mostly is that ever since I saw my dad hold an ugly bleeping bat my fear has been worse since I was feet from that bat and it was absolutly, I want to runn 100 miles away, terrifying. Fascinatingly ugly creature, but terrifying.
  15. For the congestion you could try a mucus expellent like Mucinex. That helps me hack it all up out of my lungs when I am sick.