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  1. Vandelsrock21

    Als tongue twiches

    Thanks you guys i wish i could find something else to worry about.
  2. Vandelsrock21

    Als tongue twiches

    So a doctor friend of mine brought up als wonderfull right. Nope. He was talking about the tongue quivers and shakes like a bag of worms. So i remember sticking my tongue out and seeing it shake and quiver like he said. I couldnt have him look at my tongue i am a friend dont want to bug him every time i am dying. But concerned here i am.
  3. Vandelsrock21

    Need Help Trusting the Doctor!

    Sorry bob been a little vaction from the page. But i am right there with you. My issue is something going on with my tongue and throat. I have seen my ent for months almost a year had alot of tests done nothing. This last month i went back in and brought up oral cancer again. I could tell she was irritated and she looked me in the eye and said did you i lose sleep at night if i think i am missing something serious. She said i lose sleep weekly because i think what could i missed. She then says i have never sleep because of you. Are you suffering! Yes! Is it going kill you no. Then she says do you believe me when i say you dont have cancer. And i told her the truth and said no. I wouldn't be here if i didnt think i was sick. And i also told her its not her thats the issue with believing its my HA. It was interesting getting the emotional side of a medical person. Shows the humanity she had. Long post but bob you are not alone. Somehow we need to just say we did we could and try to move on.
  4. Vandelsrock21

    Just something i wrote about my anxiety

    Thank you
  5. Vandelsrock21

    Updates on all the worries I had here recently

    Good news holls
  6. Vandelsrock21

    Whew, thought this place was gone!

    I might have shead a fearful tear myself! Lol
  7. Vandelsrock21

    Health anxiety about cancer

    I bet every single person on here has dealt with cancer in the family. And if scans were so dangerous they would not be done. I am 34 had 6 mri tests and 4 ct scans. Normal xrays lost count. No cancer. How about xray techs?
  8. Vandelsrock21

    Line in between two teeth on gums

    Thats the issue with me. My aunt did help buts its normally temporary. I just need to keep ny mind on normal productive things.
  9. Vandelsrock21

    Line in between two teeth on gums

    Not really lol thats my anxiety issue. I talked to my aunt who is a dental hygienist and she said its from flossing wrong and i will always have the mark now
  10. Vandelsrock21

    Left neck pain when I swallow food and drinks

    Ya the tread was me. I think it was a muscle issue or indigestion. Bur it went away after a couple days. Exactly how you described it.
  11. Vandelsrock21

    Line in between two teeth on gums

    I know its just weird
  12. Vandelsrock21

    Line in between two teeth on gums

    A couple months ago
  13. Vandelsrock21

    Line in between two teeth on gums

    Hello all back again with more oral cancer worries. I thought it was over. I noticed a couple months ago i have a line in between two teeth were the gums come down between. It looks like a fold of gum like it would were it meets your teeth. I think its a gum cancer lesion. Any have or had this? It doesn't hurt. Pretty sure i have gum disease.
  14. Vandelsrock21

    Lower neck and left side of chest hurts when drinking

    Thats good to know my pain is on and off too. But scary none the less