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  1. Vandelsrock21

    Scary migraine aura

    You guys are awsome. It was so scary went to look at a road sign and it was to blurred to read than it looked like i was being hit with yellow stobe lights. It was the one time i thought yep your screwed. What a experience.
  2. Vandelsrock21

    Scary migraine aura

    Well today i had a scary episode all the sudden i had a blind spot in my vision as the minutes went on it expanded and had wavy lights. I made a emergency doctor's appointment eye doctor looked at my eyes and said it a aura migraine. The vision got better and in its place a awful headache. I am concerned never had a migraine and this happens. Makes me fear i have a tumor. Anyone have sdvise? I couldn't tell if it was both eyes are one. I have health anxiety and am like this isn't a migraine its way worse.
  3. Vandelsrock21

    Gerd issue suck

    Hey guys i have gerd. Its pretty bad sometimes. Constant burning in chest and burping sometimes with acid. Last year i had a upper endoscopy and all that was found was polyps that are common in people who take acid reducers. Reading this makes me freak out because polyps sound scary. But i still have a hard time believing i am ok. I am working on life style changes btw.
  4. Vandelsrock21

    2nd time in a few months waking up choking on acid

    I have wierd throat things. Yes i get acid in mouth. I burp acid sometimes. I had a hard time swallowing. I constantly could feel a lump in my throat. I was sure i had cancer too. After two mri and one upper endoscopy nothing was found. I get acid reflux still. I don't even have a hiatal hernia. If you look at the gerd forums there is alot of info on things you described bring related. And would not have surgery to correct the issue thats giving you so much grief. Go see you gp and get evaulated.
  5. Vandelsrock21

    2nd time in a few months waking up choking on acid

    Holy cats digestion issues are so common. Go to the doctor tell him whats going on. I have everything you described and than some. And i am ok.
  6. Vandelsrock21

    Staph infection worries PLEASE HELP

    Ya there would be no question when the doctors looked and it is very fast moving. You would know.
  7. Hey guys just had the worst cramp in the world in my side like a full blown calve sieze up. Its got me freaked out. Now i have chest pain. And i a fast life pulse. Kind of scared. But then again. I always am
  8. I get different ones that do that too. Its Its nothing bad but schedule a dentist appointment to check it out
  9. Vandelsrock21

    Tongue twiching

    Hey guys my tongue is still twitching no suprise. But i have noticed something. I stick it out and everything twiched my jaw and alo if it. I also developed a sore inside my jaw and when i rub my tongue against it the tongue goes crazy. I am almost thinking that because of my obsession with oral cancer and constantly doing things with my tongue. I probably have some irritated nerves or damage.
  10. Vandelsrock21

    Body-wide Muscle Twitching

    Good advise from bob. And another thing to remember is twitching starts when muscle is dieing. And total failure to do something. Like pick up a baseball. And even that doesn't guarantee you have als. Put your mind at rest and enjoy your little one. Just think of the time wasted. I had missed out in alot of fun because of this illness.
  11. Vandelsrock21

    Twitching and the fear of "A"

    Me too lol but seriously it twiches. I am fine so far. You will be fine. I am obsessed too. Know that i found that lump inside my jaw it twiches like the dickens.
  12. Vandelsrock21

    Twitching and the fear of "A"

    I have figured that out yet
  13. Vandelsrock21

    Another round of oral cancer scare

    Whats up everyone. I noticed on thursday i had a sore spot on my gums my tongue. So i looked in the mirror and i saw a whitish looking dead skin area on my gums. I took a wash cloth and wipped the area down to get the dead skin off it. And gargled salt water. Well the next day it felt like i had big lump with a sore on top of it. Well i instantly think its mouth cancer. Freakin out once again. I doubt is a abscess. I am scared thinking i was right the whole time and i do have oral cancer.
  14. Vandelsrock21

    Family issues driving anxiety

    Thanks for sharing mark. Gives me hope.
  15. Vandelsrock21

    Smallish lump in armpit....kind of worried.

    I can feel most of lymphnodes even where most cant. Like in the hollow of my collarbone. And one i did looked up what could cause them to be felt it wasnt good a couple options from advanced cancer. But it turns out i am a person that can just find and feel them all. There are more reasons why a lymphnode would swell from not being cancer than being. And i mean alot.