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  1. I was in your shoes a couple years ago. I was working in Alaska and one night my shoulder was sore I ran my hand on my collarbone and I could feel one lymphnode. Over the next month I could feel three there. And it hurt. Well ones i got back to Washington i was convinced that i had cancer as well terminal cancer. Went to the doctor and she said it's odd to be you size and feel these lymphnodes but they are normal. And my nodes a pea size. Movable ect.
  2. I have something going on as well with numbness in my thighs. It started a year ago went to the doctor and he said it's from me being over weight. So I am trying get physically fit. Now my thigh feels like it's on fire. But I know it's my body telling me lose some lbs.
  3. Thanks for advise all I am doing ok today heart rate is back to normal. I was debating quitting the team but I am not a quitter. I will keep at it. I am kind of excited about getting healthier in the cardio aspect.
  4. Hey guys I dont know if anyone can relate but I need guidance. I am out of shape high end blood pressure and over weight. So the guys at work decided to join a community basketball league. Stupid of me to join being fat. But what the hell it cant hurt right. Well by a couple minutes in the first quarter my heart is racing and I am winded. We rotated every 5 mins or so but I was tired. My question is after the game 30 mins my heart was racing still. I got nervous and thought this isnt normal. Well now its 100 after 2 hours. Now mind you. This is the most physical I have been in sometime. But from what I have been reading it says it's not normal. Anyone else.
  5. Ya but the paleness goes down further. Of course with ha I think its gum cancer even though I doubt that in reality is the issue but nonetheless here I am. Ya ent and dentist a couple months ago.
  6. What's up guys. I have some pale colored gums right below the teeth below the gum line. It's not really white. I went and seen a ent a couple months ago and nothing was said. I am curious if this is more common than I think. Anyone else notice this. I don't need a another freak out episode. Someone has got to have it too. Lol
  7. No she hasn't said no to it. I will ask her when it comes down to it. That's the hard part for me trying not to be selfish when it comes to the kids. I think a happily married couple is great for child development. But a unhealthy couple not so much. Your right time will heal most everything. And you are not being rude what so ever. All I can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If you ever do b want to talk about your parents divorce you can message me when ever.
  8. I would be willing to try but she wouldn't she thinks everything is my fault and I am the one who is distant and not caring. I do agree seeking therapy would help but it takes to make it work. Sorry about your parents that most have been hard on you.
  9. I am going through those as we speak. I am married. No one has said divorce yet but I am not dumb. I can tell she wants to leave or me leave her. Alot of health anxitey probably has some to with it but I really think people change sometimes. All I can really tell you is at least it is up front and open and not being dragged on like my marriage is. Dont get me wrong I love my wife but sometimes people just can't see eye to eye. I wish you the best in these hard times.
  10. What's up guys I am kind of lost right now. The wife and I cant get along to save my life. I have all these emotions I am holding back because I don't want to add fuel to the fire. We have to beautiful kids together but I am to the point where I am about to tell her I want a divorce. I still unsure at this point but I feel I am wasting time. But I don't want to leave the kids or have them feel like I left them. I am tired of fighting and being unhappy. I got a feeling this is why I feel like I am going to die all the time. Idk
  11. Hey guys I am fair skined and I have some light brown patches on the side of my forehead. I noticed that after I shaved the skin looks kind of yellow in some places. I was thinking jaundice but I doubt it. Sun damage? Idk. Anyone have this.
  12. I think it is how I sleep or something. But with the high blood thing it makes me think it's the high blood pressure I feel. I went and my blood pressure first reading was high. But after sitting awhile and retesting it went down to 143 over 80. Being a hypochondriac and knowing I has high blood pressure is the worst. Know all I can think about is what is it at know.
  13. I posted about white coat syndrome a couple days ago. She said my BP was high. And heart attack and stroke was the risk. The rest of week I monitored my BP. It was ok. Well yesterday and today been having light chest pain. Pain in shoulder and neck. I have been eating good no more soda. I am 35. I want to go to urgency care but I know it's a wast of time.
  14. I saw you responded to my post but do you think your anxiety was jacked up when went in. I have been researching this whole thing since my last visit. I am 35. And like you I am worried about stroke and heart attacks. Didn't feel bad at all about it until she was so surprised by my BP. Now instant chest pain. The mind is a crazy thing. Go buy a at home monitor and check it when you are at home and calm. The more I use my one the better it gets. My body is getting used to it and my rate stays low. Another thing I discovered is eating something sugary sends my pulse up high and BP. Not sure why. So I will avoid it.
  15. Well go figure she told me I am going to have a stroke or heart attack and I have been having chest pain and head aches on and off. But my blood pressure has gone from extremely high to borderline high. This morning it was at 135/70 I didn't believe my wrist machine to be accurate so I borrowed a co_works fancy arm cuff one. My top number was around 140 and bottom in low 80s. So I feel better knowing I am not have crazy numbers 247.