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  1. What's up all. I have been going through some tooth pain lately it sucks. Hot and cold hurt so bad. I pretty much eat with the other side of mouth any one else have this happen. I am of course scared I have oral cancer because thats my health anxiety. Heath anxitey suckes.
  2. I would for a second opinion it what bring different view of things. I am a guy so I don't know about the missed periods but i have heard stress can do wierd things to it. I also know for me the eating thing very well I would get sick z after eating too. I am not discounting what your going through but anxiety can make things alot worse. Let us know how it goes.
  3. Ler Let me know how it went
  4. I have been having really bad sensitivity to hot and cold on the right side of my mouth top and bottom that now gives me a head ache. Today my jaw is sore I keep telling myself it's a cavity see the dentist you will me fine. But in the back of head I think it could be worse like cancer. Hypochondria getting the best of me.
  5. What's up riles I went through your battle and still have issues here and there. I had it for a year. Had the endoscopy and imaging everything. Nothing ever was found. If you worry about your swallowing guess what it will get worse. Over swallowing makes it worse stressing out about makes it worse. Relax they would have found something in the endoscopy.
  6. So I had a spell of high blood pressure 167/104 doctor freaked me out. Well ever since I joined a basketball team lost weight and I am active any chance I get. Tonight i check my blood pressure its 118/58 I said that cant be right I checked 5 more times it stayed around that so the hypocodra in me says thats to low something is wrong. And now I don't feel good. I think wow that is a huge drope in BP in less than a month i should be happy but not me lol
  7. Hmm interesting I can see how it would feel like running water. It feels wet sometimes and tingling. The numbness I can handle. the burning really is painful at times. I found jogging helped the pain but it came back two fold.
  8. Lol my doctor said it's from being overweight. But I am not that over weight. It started with on and off numbness know it just feels like fire. But I do think it is maybe related
  9. Actually I am not to worried about it but is pain full. Feels better when I bend my back. It's a numb burning feeling in thigh. From what a father it's a compressed nerve. Well anyone else get this and how did they fix it?
  10. I was in your shoes a couple years ago. I was working in Alaska and one night my shoulder was sore I ran my hand on my collarbone and I could feel one lymphnode. Over the next month I could feel three there. And it hurt. Well ones i got back to Washington i was convinced that i had cancer as well terminal cancer. Went to the doctor and she said it's odd to be you size and feel these lymphnodes but they are normal. And my nodes a pea size. Movable ect.
  11. I have something going on as well with numbness in my thighs. It started a year ago went to the doctor and he said it's from me being over weight. So I am trying get physically fit. Now my thigh feels like it's on fire. But I know it's my body telling me lose some lbs.
  12. Thanks for advise all I am doing ok today heart rate is back to normal. I was debating quitting the team but I am not a quitter. I will keep at it. I am kind of excited about getting healthier in the cardio aspect.
  13. Hey guys I dont know if anyone can relate but I need guidance. I am out of shape high end blood pressure and over weight. So the guys at work decided to join a community basketball league. Stupid of me to join being fat. But what the hell it cant hurt right. Well by a couple minutes in the first quarter my heart is racing and I am winded. We rotated every 5 mins or so but I was tired. My question is after the game 30 mins my heart was racing still. I got nervous and thought this isnt normal. Well now its 100 after 2 hours. Now mind you. This is the most physical I have been in sometime. But from what I have been reading it says it's not normal. Anyone else.
  14. Ya but the paleness goes down further. Of course with ha I think its gum cancer even though I doubt that in reality is the issue but nonetheless here I am. Ya ent and dentist a couple months ago.
  15. What's up guys. I have some pale colored gums right below the teeth below the gum line. It's not really white. I went and seen a ent a couple months ago and nothing was said. I am curious if this is more common than I think. Anyone else notice this. I don't need a another freak out episode. Someone has got to have it too. Lol