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  1. Vandelsrock21

    Throat and stomach now

    Today stomach is bad nausea and it all. Lump in throat. Heart burn . I am scared and so tired of this.
  2. Vandelsrock21

    Throat and stomach now

    Yes i do. But sturggle to trust trust them.
  3. Vandelsrock21

    Throat and stomach now

    Hi guys still suffering from health anxiety. So as most of you i have had a lump in throat feeling for some time. Than it was a numb feeling in back of thoat making swallowing seem odd. I also feel like esophagus is doing wierd things. I am convinced nothing else can do this but cancer. I cant get over i feel it and i get a rush of doom and death. Doctors say i am fine. How can i be fine though. It just doesn't add for me to think its anxiety. I hate this.
  4. Vandelsrock21

    Feels like food is stuck in throat again

    I had read about that but no one seems to have it as long as me thats the real concern Numbness feeling too?
  5. Hello HA family. I am sitting in bed once again focused on my throat thinking its cancer even though i have alot of tests done. Today numb feeling in throat right side only. Driving me bonkers. Than eat dinner throat feels numb so it makes it hard to swallow and thus feels like food is stuck. I am so stressed out about this not because it's just one but because its been months of this. Honestly i feel like a am waiting to not be able to swallow or breath. I am scared and feel so alone. Not fun at all.
  6. Vandelsrock21

    Floaters in vision other wierd things.

    Not recently
  7. Vandelsrock21

    Floaters in vision other wierd things.

    Both but moslty look like electricity
  8. Vandelsrock21

    My friend passed away yesterday

    I too am sorry for your loss. Specifically those kids. It is a fact of life of ha people have a hard time with. I have friend who terminally ill and my good son is terminal too at age 4. It honestly makes me want to turn my back on them. No matter how bad i want to run away i cant i couldn't look myself in the mirror if i did that and looking at my self is getting harder to do. I agree with Bentin i would do anything but to worry about myself it would be nice to live care free. One way or another we all end up the same its what we do and say before we get there that matters. Thats how live on. In are kids or just memories in are lived one hearts. I know this doesn't really help but i am trying lol.
  9. Vandelsrock21

    Floaters in vision other wierd things.

    Thanks bin
  10. Ever since my health anxiety at its peak last year i noticed i am getting floaters and really tired eyes. Well today i am zoned out looking at the sunset and i was kept seeing like lines with light like spider webs in the sun. My vision seems weird even after seeing the eye doc. I won't goggle because i know it still say tumer.
  11. Vandelsrock21

    Son's ct scan

    That comment was for the person who didn't get called with results for a long time. I didn't mean to trigger you. I am sorry.
  12. Vandelsrock21

    Sore muscles/body all the time

    Another vandal fan awsome. Thanks for the advice. I know its crazy.. thanks molly fine helped me alot. And you to mark g. Thanks you guys.
  13. Vandelsrock21

    Son's ct scan

    Well sometimes they drope the ball.
  14. Vandelsrock21

    Sore muscles/body all the time

    Hello all. Not about oral cancer go figure. So for a year now i have been getting sore muscles for no reason. If i do something like bend over and hammer on something my muscles hurt forever. I am getting floaters in my eyes like crazy. I am my eyes are really effected by the sun light or bright color's. I am tired all the time. So i am half way in the als rabbit hole. I know its unlikely but i find it hard to believe its stress and anxiety. I feel like doctors blsme it on anxiety when they are stumped. I never believe the doctors but yet i keep going. Super hard time dealing with this. Thanks for listening.
  15. Vandelsrock21

    Canker sore worries!

    Trying not to completely panic yet but i noticed on friday i could feel like a hard area in my mouth i ignored it. Next day it hurt. I looked i have a huge white sore on my saliva gland. Its been a couple days and had grown bigger than when i first looked. Its hurts sooooo baddddd. I would think it wouldn't hurt by now and be healing. So it makes me think well maybe it cancer and i want to run to the doc. Anyone get these how long did it take yours to heal.