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  1. Wife and parents making anxiety worse

    Thanks holls it is tuff
  2. Its not your common question on the health anxiety page but it is killing me. My wife hates my mom. She has never been to nice to her. Today my mom and dad come to my daughters soccer game and my wife pretty much ignores them. So they leave my mom is crying. My wife goes what was that about. And i say because of you. So my wife is mad because i am supporting my mom and my mom dad are mad because i support my wife. And it goes on and on. I cant keep doing this. I am on the verge of telling my wife i want a divorce. She just doesnt get it. I have kids with her and thats almost the only reason i still am hanging on. Any one going through or dealt with this.
  3. Omg when will it end. I have no heart burn but i have a lump in my throat feeling worse then last time. I am scared my throat or tongue or tonsil has cancer that spread making things worse. My sick mind or my sick body. Super frustrating.
  4. Why do we do this to our selves

    So laying in bed and thinking about how my heart feels wierd. I have a wierd feeling in my throat. My gums hurt. Ext. Here i am just miserable thinking i am going to die like i do every day and i started thinking. I probably worrie more about things i dont have than people who do. I am making my body sick with constant worrie. I have been able to not focus on it so much but still i am affected by it. Best of luck to you all keeping up the fighr. There is a worry free life somewhere out there for us. Good night.
  5. Sore gums people

    Thanks holls
  6. Sore gums people

    Ok everyone back to oral cancer again. So i am sure most people have seen my posts. But i am curious i have sore upper gums. Been for weeks. I saw i dentist two months ago he said they look better then most. I have been flosing and brushing like crazy. Guys and gals i am at a lost. I am over here thinking i have to have gum cancer. Even though the odds are i dont. Any advise. My teeth seem to hurt too.
  7. Brain mri showed two tiny white spots

    I have white spots on my mri. It from me getting concussions during high school sports. Just i little brain damage for me. My unlce has ms and his scan lights up like a Christmas tree. It could be anything but the odds are in your favor for being absolutely nothing. Its so common to have a specialist look at the scan. No worrie.
  8. Scared vision issue periphery

    I think i have had that. Its seens mostly out of side view. I see things that arnt there. Ok before i sound to wierd i Will tell you i see movement of things that are there. Like watching tv i will think i see some move to my side. Or car lights are super intense. I was getting light flashes too. Then i noticed i was seeing floaters in my eye sight that could explain my seeing things move. I started seeing a darker colored floater lately has me concered but i try to ignore it. Anxiety i think puts us at high alert making us more aware of every little thing.
  9. Swollen Lymph Node on Face

    I would guess in the 95 percent of the time the doctors daignose common every day issues. They wouldnt enjoy working if all they did is say sorry your out of luck. Its not even that bad on t.v. As stated before lymph node swelling is common. I can feel some in places i shouldnt. And i looked up why are my lymph nodes on collar bone large. I will just tell you dont ever google that.
  10. Swollen Lymph Node on Face

    Lymphnodes are not a bad thing i get them swollen every year. It 99% percent likely its just doing it's job then cancer. Acne can cause a swollen node. Just saying.
  11. Another gum issue

    Thanks bin tenn. I wish it was part of the canker sore but it isnt. Only thing i can think of is gum irration. Its crazy not sure the average person would think twiceabout it. But for me its the end of the world
  12. Another gum issue

    So i have sore on my upper gums. Not good lol. But the real reason i am writting this because when i looked at the sore i noticed my gums where white and kind of rough looking. So once again i am thinking gum cancer. I am 34 and of course i am concerned. I cancelled a ent appointment today because i didnt want to feed my fear. So i googled it found all the scary things i have been looking for. Ok another reason i cancelled is because my boss is tired of me missing work.
  13. Off and pain in thigh

    So guys i have been having a on and pain in my thigh. Inside leg. If i could imagine what a blood clot would feel like this would be it. Not so much scared as i am just concerned at this point.
  14. Cough for over a month?

    Pretty sure you are fine coughs linger. I had a dry cough for 2 months
  15. White yellowish streaks behind tonsils

    No probem its been a struggle for me as well. If i look in the mirror the tissue is white some yellow right hehind my tonsils in my throat on both sides.