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  1. I tried to take a pic, but my dark skin makes it kind of hard to see. Either way anyone ever have this happen, cause I cant remember it yesterday before I went to bed. Woke up with my lip feeling odd.
  2. William

    I've been somewhat sick for 3 weeks now

    Ok, now I don't feel so bad guys. In fact not thinking about it makes me not cough all that much. I went to the doctor and they listened to my chest, heart etc and couldn't find anything. I didn't know coughs can last that long. I hate being sick with anxiety, just can't always tell what's going on or what's real.
  3. William

    What is wrong with me?

    Experienced everything you have and more. You aren't going crazy friend.
  4. I started off with a cold that gave me a headache a little for a few days and then it was gone. Over the week the cough still remained. I was trying to wait it out to see if my body could take care of it, but I guess not. I didn't wanna go to the doctors cause I have no health insurance, but I guess I have to. Anyway today my body just experienced a bout of weakness like it did about 3 years ago and the slight cough still remains. I was at work and I was fine until about the last hour before I got off. I feel real fatigued like I'm about to fall. I vomit a little bit from time to time if I'm moving a lot. I'm scared because I've never had a cough last this long to my knowledge. My chest slightly hurts for a few seconds from time to time. Does this sound like the flu or pneumonia to anyone? Has anyone had a cold or cough last longer than 2 weeks? I feel my anxiety is making this really worse. ?
  5. William

    Sigh, and I thought I was over my anxiety

    Thanks, I will. You do the same.
  6. William

    Sigh, and I thought I was over my anxiety

    Yeah I thought I had control over it but when I get sick with something I never had before....
  7. William

    Sigh, and I thought I was over my anxiety

    Thanks guys, I've managed to calm down now. I was gonna start thinking other things because my anxiety is weird like that. I can't afford to go to my doctor but I can go to a clinic. They don't do blood work or anything but would that be fine or do I need to go to an ER?
  8. I used to have an account here a year ago, but forgot all my info. Anyway my anxiety is running rampant again because I think I have strep throat and I've never had it before. there's all these white dots in my mouth and it hurts to swallow. I'm scared now because I've never had this but I'm scared I won't be able to eat and I'll lose a lot of weight. I heard these things can last months and I have this along with my usual anxiety symptoms. Anybody ever have strep throat? does this last as long as the internet say?