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  1. Hi. Im not much help but Im going thru that exact same thing only adding that i also get lightheaded and a weird chest feeling. Ive thought about it being ibs, heart problem and even parasites Xp but anxiety is also a possibility. I hope you start feeling better and at least know you are not alone.
  2. Thank you very much. ^_^ My psychiatrist once told me that i think too much and thats why i worry too much and i believe it but its like my mind has a mind of its own .
  3. Hi. Im scared im having heart trouble and will have a heart attack soon. Because i been having this weird feeling in the center of my chest that comes and goes and episodes of feeling lightheaded and nausea. I had to leave work on 2 different days because of it. Also i check my pulse and heart and it foesnt beat like regular like it will beat 3 times stop then beat again a few then a few others quickly then stops and misses like 2 hb. Im scared this is all the signals of a heart attack. I made an appt with my cardiologist and the sooner he can see me is september!!!! Im avoiding the ER as much as i can because im terrified of doctors and dont have much money. Im also tired of going and being brushed off. Its also hard because its something that comes and goes so by the time i get there im usually better or dont have the symptom.
  4. Hello everyone? Has anyone been scared of losing their minds. I suffer from gad, hypochondria, ocd and panic attacks and sometimes im scared ill slowly go crazy. =(
  5. Thanks! Im keeping n eye on it.
  6. Hi. Well i wouldnt over think it because kids get lots of bruises in their legs from playing on the floor etc. Even i get bruised very easily even scratching will leave me a huge bruise and i got blood clotting test and nothing alarming showed. I would mention it to the doctor on her next appointment but more for peace of mind not because it seems like something is really bad. So dont panic especially if otherwise she seems alright. Hugs
  7. Hi. So as some of you know im concerned about a node on my collarbone which i say is about pea size but thinner. The thing is.... i read that a collarbone node of 1cm is considered enlarge bit also that pea size is normal aaaand here is the thing pea size is 1cm so is peasize enlarge or what?
  8. ZELDA

    Blue lips

    Thank you.
  9. ZELDA

    Blue lips

    Hi. Ive posted before and tbh i have tried to move past it for a while but i still wonder what could cause my lips sometimes tongue included to turn an ashy, grayish, blueish color. I went to the doctor but he just said maybe hipoxic episodes and that was it. He also ordered a chest xray which was fine and cloting test which i dont think pointed to anything. Heart? Lung? Veins, circulation?
  10. Please pray for me if you believe in prayers. Im really scared.
  11. Ovarian cancer because i had a cyst on one ovary (showed on a sonogram) 4 years ago. And i have some spotting with cervical mucus during ovulation. Breast because i have a little dent near armpit in my left breast. Havent got it checked because im scared and also because i tried to convince myself it was nothing because i have a similar dimple on the other side. But now with this node im scared i brushed off something bad and its already to late and im dying. Also im always tired
  12. Hi. So as some of you might know im currently worried about having cancer because a lymphnode on my collarbone. I think i will see a doctor next week, im just gathering strenght to cope with what i think will be the start of my misery. But i wanna ask if i indeed have cancer that has spread to the collarbone, probably breast cancer or ovarian cancer would it means ill be dead it 1 or 3 months?
  13. Thank you everyone. Ill keep you updatwd if i dl go to the doc.
  14. Hi. I posted something reñated a couple days ago but i need more opinions right now. I feel like 4 things which im pretty sure are lymph nodes near the center left of the collarbone. They feel flat and movable and pea size. Not big prob. Less than 1cm . A bit more to the right but still middle general area i can feel like 3 but a bit smaller. Im conviced its metastized cancer from ovary or breast. I honestly believe k wont make it past 2 years being generous. I will probably see a doctor soon but tbh im not looking foward to it. A part of me just rather let it be than have someone certified tell me what i already think i know. Im fairly young late 20's and i feel death follows me everywhere. About the lymph nodes could it be nothing sinister. Or is it a for sure sign of cancer beating oneself. Im scared but also feel like this is it might as well just wait it out. Sorry for bothering. This is the only place i feel i can talk and someone will actually take it seriously.