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  1. Also, I started thinking someone I know had a heart attack and he had stomach issues the night before. Scared so much. I had an EKG in December which the doc had no concerns with so what would that be
  2. Hi all. Back again. I’m freaking out and trying not to. I’m overweight yes I know but 28male. Today like an hour or so ago I was in the bathroom doing my business and felt pain under my left chest ribcage area but above. It’s been happening on and off. Im trying to reason it’s not heart related. I went on a mile walk yesterday I walk from the traction station to my job and back. If I had a heart problem I would get crazy pain right. Can this just be stomach issues gas etc? I have been going to the bathroom because of being constipated. But why would the pain be where it was.
  3. Yeah I’ve been trying to stay positive but since the evening today first I was feeling nauseous then a emptiness feeling in my stomach like I’m gassy but not going away. Hope it’s nothing heart related.
  4. Thank you. Explains a lot.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Yeah I am just trying to rationalize things. Im sure when someone has a stroke it is instant rather than a prolong symtoms?
  6. Thanks Marc. I guess its tension or something. How do i get rid of fear of strokes. DOes an EKG show the doc a lot about heart health that she did not ask for any other test?
  7. Hi all, been a while since I’ve been here. Hope everyone is doing well. Lately I’ve been having my heart anxiety all over again. I’m 28 overweight which I know I have to fix. Doc diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes which I have to work on reducing by working out and eating right. Went to doc in dec ekg and blood reports were fine. Lately I’ve been thinking is something wrong or a stroke fear. Today I had a headache on the left side of my head and my mind goes to stroke. Any advise would do.
  8. Think so? If my ekg had issues the doctor would say right ? She said my ekg was fine. Does it tell a doc a lot of things? I’m refraining from googling. And I’ve been going to the gym getting my heart rate to 150-160 I would feel something right ?
  9. Hi all. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. So I was at the mall with my wife today and all of a sudden I felt a pain towards the right side of the chest. Instantly my mind started thinking heart attack and ever since then I’ve been anxious as hell. I did have all my blood tests and EKG done two weeks ago and all was fine apart from the doc saying I had type two diabetes which I’m working in to lose weight by eating right and going to the gym. Am am I just over thinking. It could have been a muscle strain ????
  10. Hi all. So the doc diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes. I’m 28 and from the past week I’ve been very depressed and ashamed of my self. My cousin is a doc and she recommended for me to try to keto diet and avoid the medication for At least 3 months. But the doc scared me to the core saying it damages nerve and other stuff and now my right toe feels weird tingly and I’m freaking out. I hope nothing happens to me
  11. Thanks guys but I’m really scared or maybe ashamed at myself for letting this happen. I don’t want to get on medicine instead work towards reducing it naturally.
  12. It was 11 which is weird because two years ago I didn’t have. I gained this weight in the last 2 years
  13. Hi guys. Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. So yesterday I had my doctors physical after 2 years. My bp was high which the doc wants me to go on medicine but I want to reduce it naturally. The blood test results came in today and she said my A1C is high and needs to be controlled. Again I want to reduce naturally. I’m 28 yes I’m obese but I’m scared. I want to live a long life with my wife. EKG was normal. I will start a proper diet and exercise.
  14. Hi All, It’s a bit weird to put this question out but it pertains to males and may have some connection to female genitalia im a 28 yr old man and ever since last Friday the foreskin of my genital has been very itchy. I’m so scared and googled and it came up as a yeast infection. So today I got a topical cream and applied it. Last time me and my wife has intercourse was last Tuesday and ever since then we have not. I get so nervous I don’t get an erection. Anyone have thoughts ?
  15. Guess throughout the night. I just get scared because my uncle had a stroke earlier in the year he was 40. In 28 but obese so that’s why