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  1. Ashleyspicer84

    New medication

    Starting a new medication always gives me anxiety. Even taking the generic of a name brand drug I’ve had before ramps up my anxiety. Try to relax and give your medicine time to work. If it’s not helping after two weeks or so call you dr for a different RX.
  2. Ashleyspicer84


    I get them so bad sometimes I can’t hardly breathe. They are especially bad at night when I’m trying to go to sleep. I’ve had ekg and my heart is sound. It’s just the nature of the beast. No worries.
  3. Ashleyspicer84

    Dental deep cleaning

    Thank you so much. I literally just done this. Haha. She said they are not typically prescribed unless you have some type of prexisting condition which I don’t. (Unless you count anxiety.) 🤷‍♀️ She said no worries unless I show signs of infection.
  4. Ashleyspicer84

    Dental deep cleaning

    I had to have half of my mouth deep cleaned today. I was googling (yeah I know) about some aftercare questions I forgot to ask my dentist and I seen that you are supposed to take antibiotics before you get a deep cleaning because of all the bacteria under your gums. Well my dentist hygenist never said anything about antibiotics. Now guess who’s scared she’s gonna get some kind of blood infection from the bacteria. 🙋‍♀️ Has anyone had this done without antibiotics?
  5. Ashleyspicer84

    Snow day anxiety!

    I know exactly what your talking about. Here in Kentucky we got about 8 inches last night and today. The weather really does affect my anxiety for some reason. It’s always worse when I’m locked inside compared to when it’s nice out. I just chalk it up to having to much time to think while trapped inside.
  6. Ashleyspicer84

    Purple tongue and lips help

    Yes, mine are the same way. I know because I looked at my self in my rear view mirror and because of the blue strip across my windshield my lips looked blue. Well, as any sane rational person would do I ran home and stated examining my lips excessively. I would do exactly what your talking about and at one point they were so purple they looked black. I even drug my kids in the bathroom and made them make the same expression to see if theirs were the same. Haha. I think your fine.
  7. Ashleyspicer84

    Still Sick....

    Me and my three year old have been coughing for a solid week! I was coughing up a lot of yellow mucous and thought it was an infection but ER dr said it was viral and I just had to wait it out. The mucous has dried up but the dry nagging hacking cough is here to stay. I’ve take two bottles of robitussin and it doesn’t help. Mine started with a VERY sore throat too. It’s actually is still sore off and on because of all the coughing. Hope you feel better soon. It’s that time of year unfortunately.
  8. Ashleyspicer84

    burning chest/throat

    Haha. I literally have the exact same symptoms right now that I had back when I posted this. I came here to search my symptoms and this post came up. I lived through it then and I guess I’ll live through it again. Ugh.
  9. Ashleyspicer84

    Took 2 Claritin

    I think I accidentally took 2 Walmart brand Claritin and I’m scared to google what’s going to happen. Has anyone done this or know if it’s ok or should I worry?? I think I took one about 730 and another about 930
  10. Ashleyspicer84

    Having a moment about my son

    My son points to his chest when he says his stomach hurts. It freaks me out too. But he runs and plays fine and doesn’t complain about it to often. The doctor has never said anything when listening to his chest during checkups. He probably just ate to fast or had gas on his chest.
  11. Ashleyspicer84

    Still fearing Encephalitis....

    I’m not sure what encephalitis is, I’ve never heard of that. I am however familiar with anxiety and it’s sounds just like your describing. I get racing thoughts all day long. Some of them very irrational and very emotional driven. As far as the pressure when you lay down, I get that too. The pollen count is getting up there where I am and I get pressure when I lay down as well as randomly throughout the day. If you call your Obgyn and tell them your worried about your ovaries they will probably get you in for a check up. Although I had reoccurring simple cyst on my ovaries and I had to go on birth control because i couldn’t stand the pain. I literally could not get off the couch and I have a really high pain tolerance. So I would think if you had tumors on your ovaries you would know. Best wishes. I think your going to be just fine.
  12. Ashleyspicer84

    Tingly hands, muscle soreness

    I get the tingling hands as well. I think it’s from hyperventilating. Which by the way I’ve done without realizing I was doing it. Even when I wasn’t aware I was anxious. Also if I sit for to long my legs get sore and achy too. Mainly my quads. I notice it more at night too when I stretch out in bed. I think your fine.
  13. Ashleyspicer84

    Feel swollen

    It’s a very weird feeling. Hard to describe. Kinda like I can feel fluid when I walk or scrunch my face or tighten my hands. I can take my rings off though so I know I’m not actually swollen. 🤷‍♀️
  14. Ashleyspicer84

    Feel swollen

    No not really I weighed 159 yesterday morning when I woke up and 163 just a minute ago but I’ve eaten supper and been drinking tea and you always weigh more at night than in the morning.
  15. Ashleyspicer84

    My dog died

    Thank you. I’m doing a little better with it today. But it’s still really hard. I see his paw prints in the mud out in the yard and his hair all over the house. I keep waiting to hear his nails clicking on the hard wood floor. I have a lot of guilt about making the decision to put him down even though I know it was the best thing for him. It’s gonna take me a lot of time to heal from this. I have thought about getting another dog but I feel like I’m betraying him because he loved me so much. It’s a real struggle.