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  1. Thanks @Holls! I was doing the same, writing down all his feeds, times and amounts for the first week, mainly because the midwifes were worried he wasn’t feeding enough at first (which was great for my anxiety! ?). But I’ve managed to stop that. im tempted to get one of those breathing monitors for while he’s sleeping, to try releive my worry and let me get some sleep. But some people say they make anxiety worse.
  2. Ruu

    Blood results have me nervous

    It’s also worth remembering, if there were signs of a serious disease/cancer, the instructions wouldn’t just be to change supplements. They would be calling you straight back in for follow ups and treatment options. try not to panic
  3. Thanks @PennyPanic. I'm trying to! haha, it's difficult, wishing he gets older quicker to get out of any danger zones, but also not wishing the time away too quickly
  4. Haha, you’re not the first. Apparently I type quite feminine ?
  5. Thanks @Angelica Schuyler! (although I'm the father, haha )
  6. Haha thanks @NervUs! Although, I don’t want to wish the time away, but I can’t wait until he’s 6-months/1-year old. So many things become less of a risk as he grows. Yeah, he’s our first. People say the first is always the one you worry about too. No one tells you just quite how difficult these first few days/weeks are.
  7. Hey All! Hope everyone is doing well, it’s been a while since I’ve been here, I’ve been doing pretty well, and still am with my own issues. But now I have a newborn baby to contend with! (Some may remember I posted a few times throughout the pregnancy). its been great for me, I’ve hardly worried about myself since he’s arrived. But it’s a whole new world of worry when there’s a tiny human to look after! I’m just watching him at night instead of getting the sleep I need, just to make sure he’s still breathing. Constantly taking his temperature, worrying that he’s not feeding properly, or that something is wrong that I haven’t spotted. No real question or comments to make here, just thought I’d update everyone ?
  8. Hi all, so I’ve been relatively well, compared to how’s I was a year ago. My heart skips beats SO much less than it used to. Still freaks me out and sends me down a hole when it does, but its not multiple times a day like it used to be. what worries me now is purely Lupus. It’s always been a worry, but this time all others have faded and I’m solely focusing on Lupus. I seem to have symptoms of it: Raynauds (extremely cold white hands and feet) and regular pins & needles, and still the palpitations/skipped beats, as I know Lupus affects the heart. I’m also always tired. i don’t have an extreme butterfly rash, but I’m sure whenever I get out the shower i do have. Though I’m not sure if that’s the the heat. Does showering give everyone red face/cheeks? Thanks all ? hope everyone else is doing better
  9. Ruu

    Natural cures for anxiety

    For me it’s meditation, hypnotherapy, relaxation, and all of that mindfulness that goes with it. learning to understand the mind and how it works and how to give it a break. Anxiety isn’t “cured” but it seems so much better when I or i practice the above
  10. Hi All, it's been a little while since I posted anything. I've been doing quite well. Skipped heart beats have been much less since I've been managing work time better. Which is great! Hope everyone else here is getting on well too. The one thing that still really bothers me is how constantly cold I am. My fingers are often white, even on hot days, with the rest of my hands a reddish/purple. Which is obviously some kind of Raynaud's. But is it because I have Lupus? Thats the main thing I can't stop thinking. I'm always SO cold. I've been tempted to get some magnesium supplements, as that seems to work for a lot of people, and cold extremities is apparently also a symptom of that. I haven't bothered with doctors any more. They're always so unhelpful and uncaring around here.
  11. Thanks Jonathan, you really are a credit to this community. Always giving long thoughtful answers.
  12. Hey all! I’m currently sunning myself in the hot hot Canary Islands. (Far away from my usual UK coldness). Had a great week, but last night as I was falling asleep, I started twitching, then my heart went all over the place. With the usual rush after it and sudden need to go to toilet. The thing that worries me is there’s nothing bad going on now. On holiday, feeling great. Nice and relaxed. So what’s to have an anxious episode about? Must be an actual heart issue. the only other thing I can try relate it to is that I haven’t had much to drink. Considering it’s about 4 times the heat of the UK, I should probably be drinking more. Maybe it’s dehydration. i also have pretty severe heat rash come up on my arm which worries me. Thinking it’s worse than normal and I’m going to need to go to a foreign hospital or something.
  13. Morning all! Felling pretty good lately, working less, relaxing more, getting out for lunch-time walks etc all seem to be helping. And generally trying to eat better. I'm just wondering, I can't see to find the answer anywhere else, do regular blood tests have any indication of diabetes? I'm a little concerned about it for a few reasons. I have terrible circulation, I'm always tired, more frequent trips to the toilet, varying vision throughout the day etc and this morning the wife made the comment that I look thinner. I weighed myself and I'm only down a little, maybe 1-2kg over a month. I'm putting the slight weight loss down to healthier eating, the toilet trips down to my increased water intake, and circulation down to having very little to no exercise. So there are things I can relate all of those to. But Diabetes is always a worry. However, I did have general blood tests a few months ago. Just the usual, routine blood counts etc. Would these show any warning signs of diabetes, or would a doctor have to specifically request tests for it? Just trying to figure out if I go back and ask for diabetes checks, or if that would have already been covered.
  14. Ruu

    BM Question

    Corn, almost always, 100% of the time causes undigested kernels. As do most types of nuts and a few other things like that.
  15. Ruu

    Something wrong with unborn baby

    Phew that was a horrible couple of days! Had a super-thorough scan with a consultant today and he said everything looks normal! So that’s a relief! thanks everyone!