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  1. I had total laproscopic hysterectomy along with removal of tubes and ovaries. Was the best thing I ever did, as I was continually having bad paps! Stayed one night in hospital. Only took Tylenol and ibuprofen for pain for two days. I had cramps that were worse than this surgery. Went shopping 2 days after my surgery. I was back riding my horse after 6 weeks. It was fine. I don't know the reason for your surgery, as everyone is different.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Now, I just have to follow it!
  3. Thanks Holls, you know how health anxiety goes. When I get stressed this is what I do. Thanks for making me see this rationally.
  4. I am freaking out about this. I had a total hysterectomy last February. When I had my preop ekg it showed sinus rhythm with short PR, Incomplete right bundle branch block and non specific ST abnormality. My gyno had the anestheologist look at the result. I had the surgery with no problem and my gyneocologist said that this is a common finding and not to worry about it. If there would have been a problem, something would have shown up during the surgery, correct and I would have been told to have further testing right? I need some reassurance. Thanks!
  5. My thoughts are with you.
  6. ASB 3

    Total panic

    Thanks AnneBoleyn.
  7. ASB 3

    Total panic

    I am going to have the hysterectomy. I'm really scared. It will be February 16. Being done laproscopically. Really need some reassurance.
  8. Same for me. I feel secure and completely relaxed while in bed. Upon waking, I start to breathe rapidly, feel dizzy, lightheaded, and shake. I get better as the day goes on. At night I feel good. I try to do some breathing exercises, which helps,
  9. I have been taking Lisinopril 5 mg for a long time. Have never had a problem
  10. ASB 3

    Total panic

    Thanks AnxiousKat. I have a real hard time when it comes to my health anxiety. My gyn has told me all of this has been preventive procedures. I am having the LEEP in two weeks and will see where we go from there. I just keep thinking the "what Ifs"
  11. ASB 3

    Total panic

    Thanks lugrad91. With Health Anxiety I always go to the worst!
  12. ASB 3

    Total panic

    I am so freaking out!. I have a history of abnormal paps. I also have tested positive for HPV for years. I have had LEEP procedures and laser surgery. I go every year for monitoring and by OB/Gyn is on top of it. My last several paps have been normal but still test positive for HPV. I just had a colposcopy and a ECC. The ECC came back with mild to moderate dysplasia. My doctor explained to me that this is not cancer and that it a good thing that now we know where the HPV is. I am scheduled for a LEEP in two weeks. She also said that we could treat it this way or with a hysterectomy. I am 63 years old so not of child bearing age. What if the report was wrong and there is cancer? She said I don't have to make a decision right away on the hysterectomy. Really scared.
  13. Hi Marc, It has been tough. some days are better than others. Having a health anxiety just makes it rougher. When I stress I get physical symptoms and you know how that goes. It does help to be able to chat here. Thanks.
  14. I have confirmed you on Facebook. You will get through this. You have gotten through things before. Try to breathe, maybe listen to some of your relaxation CD's. Just accept the anxiety and it will pass. Will contact you later tonight. Michelle