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  1. Monkey1985, your symptoms sound so much like mine. Tingling face, tingling hands, etc. I'm positive at least some of them are physical because bending my neck certain ways can set them off. I'm also positive a lot is anxiety-driven, because once I feel something, my anxiety makes sure I keep on feeling it! In the midst of a recent panic week, I felt so many new anxiety symptoms it was almost fascinating. The sensation of hot water dripping on you, now that one was my favorite <eye roll> My doctor sent me to a neurologist, she did an EMG and said I had some crazy hard muscle spasms in my neck. I was surprised. I don't feel them happening, but I guess that's what I feel when I'm tense. I also had a brain and cervical spine MRI, and the reader said there were muscle spasms. I have no idea how they read that, but I like that particular answer so I'm accepting it Doctor prescribed muscle relaxers which I actually haven't been taking. I too recently admitted and got used to that fact that I "have" anxiety issues. It is kind of liberating to talk about. I always talk to my spouse, but just started talking to my parents about it, just matter of fact, no-nonsense. And guess what? I'm not alone. My parents have been dealing and treating in for ages (genetic I think?). But now we're in this together. So accept it, read up on it. I kind of treat it like an annoying little part of myself that I know isn't going away completely, but I can shove away for longer and longer periods of time.
  2. Brain tumor?!

    Everything you're describing I'm feeling, and I never thought tumor. Well thanks alot! Kidding! No it's truly an allergies/sinus thing. In May I had an allergy attack thing, turned into a sinus infection. And it has pretty much been a non-stop cycle. I finally committed to a Zyrtec every day to see if that helps. Only on day 3 right now, it may be helping, wait and see. What is really bugging me is my left eye. It just feels off. Vision is fine. But the lid sometimes folds when I blink, and I just feel it's swollen or pushed aside somehow, but it looks normal. I went to the eye doctor, he said it looks fine, no dry eye or anything. My regular doctor says it's from allergies. I'm not wholly convinced, but I'm working on it
  3. Shouldn't have read that

    Some are full records like blood work results, very number heavy and I have no idea what it means! But some other records are pretty vague and those are the worst. But, it's also a nice catalog of everything I've been seen for at every doctor (because they're all in the same hospital system they all have the same computer access login). To me it can ease anxiety because it's documented and accessible. Since I know it's there, I don't spend mental energy going over it in my head all the time.
  4. Shouldn't have read that

    I had a repeat MRI of my brain and the doctor called to tell me there were no changes (from two years ago and six years ago each time showing two UBOs, unidentified bright spots with no apparent reason). So that's good. Then today I login to my patient records to read that again to myself for anxiety release, and all it says about the MRI is "white matter changes". Commence anxiety spike! He told me it hadn't changed. So I'm wondering if that phrase "white matter changes" just means there is simply something there (which I already knew about). Arghhhh!!!!! I'm actually going to this doctor tomorrow for a sinus infection so I'm totally going to bring that up. I'm thinking online access to your records aren't a good thing for people with health anxiety!
  5. I had something similar with brown stuff (and sometimes even red) outside a normal period time. Turned out to be uterine polyps. I felt grateful that there was an answer to it but the thing itself wasn't dangerous. Just annoying. I like that category! I can deal with that category! I think there are just so so many things that causes our cycle to not be normal that there's sometimes no such thing as normal. Just when you get used to it it changes.
  6. Paraflex side effects

    I recently started paraflex (chlorzoxazone) for muscle spasms in my neck and upper back. I've only taken it before bed but today I took one during the day. About an hour later I became - and still am - dizzy and lightheaded. Like I had a good drink but not drunk. I don't think I should drive. Otherwise I feel ok. Still, anxiety tells me it's a serious thing! Google tells me dizziness is a rare side effect. Has anyone taken this? What are your side effects?
  7. Anxiety as part of you

    Yes I should probably go to therapy for the best coping advice! But in the meantime, I guess I'm wondering how everyone considers the elephant of anxiety in the room of their mind. Do you think of it as a part of you that you need to accept? Do you think of it as an enemy you need to destroy? Do you even think of it as an "it" at all? Only recently did I consciously acknowledge that I have a legitimate anxiety issue. I started talking about it more with family and friends and here. I'm not ashamed. But also, I think I've started to think of anxiety as some sort of separate being, a little evil creature. Sometimes that's good. Like if "it" starts to act up and I'm just too damn busy I tell it to shove it. And that works sometimes. But it's just pushing it aside and not dealing with it and overcoming it. It's a part of me and not a little cartoon demon Any tips?
  8. What is going on with my eyes

    I had the same anxiety overdrive reaction to my left eye feeling different. Like it folds every so often when I blink. Rational me says allergies or ... well ... aging! Anxiety jumps to the most extreme thing.
  9. Pregnant and freaking out!

    First trimester just plain sucks. Allow yourself to feel it, allow it to roll in and roll out, knowing it will get better. Make it a positive. Feel dizzy, nauseated, tired? That's your body diverting resources to grow your baby healthy and strong. You CAN handle it! Your body is made for it! You are much more resilient than you know. I had to come off my heart medicine while I was pregnant and it wasn't a problem at all. In fact it was years before I had to go back on it. I have heard before (whether or not it's medically true, I don't care!) that pregnancy "solves" your own medical issues and kind of resets your body. I found that to be true for me. Good luck! And ... if you are in the position to accept help, please please do so. Even an hour for a nap. Or someone else picking up groceries. We're in this together.
  10. Went out last night with some friends

    Cigarette smoke always stays with me. Not on my clothes but in my nose and I'm guessing my mind because I'm probably imagining it!
  11. Strange vision spots from sinus issues?

    I know about those floaters. These are spots. Very defined little spots. Black with white outline, swirling around leaving a light trail. Edit: sorry that came off rude. I blame anxiety!
  12. I had a mild sinus issue a few months ago. I thought it had cleared after a week of antibiotics and time. For the past two weeks I've had a cough (and my kids and husband). The clinic says perhaps allergies as there is fluid behind both my ears and my nasal passages are swollen and maybe it's dropping down. Since that first sinus issue the vision in my left eye has remained a tiny bit blurry. I was still believing I had a sinus issue and maybe I ought to go back to get some more drugs to clear it out. Last night and into today though I've had strange eye spots. Like little black dots that "swim" around my peripheral vision and leave little trails. So bizarre. So frightening. They're not constant. Maybe more when I lie down or stand up? I don't like them! Can sinus stuff do that?
  13. When is Your HA the Worst?

    Besides time of day (evening and before bed) I am mostly anxious when I feel that everything else is going alright. Like it's too calm and smooth so let's think of something to obsess over. When I'm more normal stressed with something boring like work or even money, then I can actually manage my health anxiety better. Because it has competition. But when I'm anticipating a calm time, especially when I should be enjoying it - like a vacation - then it rears. Stupid stupid stupid.
  14. Right knee tenders/feeling of instability

    I started this "treadmill every day for forty days" thing and about two weeks in my right leg felt weird. Convinced myself it was a blood clot. Got so worked up I had all sorts of fun new anxiety symptoms. Then it kind of hit me. Treadmill time. Way more than normal. No stretching. Dumb. That had to be it. Well you didn't have to tell me twice to pull back from exercise and rest. Once I controlled my anxiety thoughts about that leg I felt better. I do think I overextended it and aggrevated my old pinched nerve in my lower back. But that's it. And the rest helped it heal up. So yes, any exercise can do that. Especially when you're making a push for it. Look for the obvious signs and if there aren't any it's the anxiety talking!
  15. Bleeding ten days after period

    There's just sooooooo many reasons that could be happening and a dangerous one, while possible, is way down the list. I had weird symptoms that were not normal for me. I even got an ultrasound and the OB said it was clear. Then she said I could have a D and C if it was really bothering me. And what do you know, polyps. Big ones. I KNEW something was up and not even an ultrasound saw it. I think with that area of our bodies we have to accept that "normal" is not a long term thing! Something is always tweaking, changing, aggrevated. Stress, BC, hormone changes, aging (yay). So I guess I'd say know your body and insist on care if you feel off. Chances are it's just annoying, not dangerous though. Next time I might even ask them to just remove that thing!!