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  1. Heart pounding.

    Hey guys! This will be an interesting post today. I went to the mall today. And I noticed that wherever I went te lights flickered. It gave me panic attacks my chest hurt. Breathing was tight. And my heart pounded hard. At one point my ear started to pulse and like a flicker noise. Seeing the lights flicker made me think of stuff you see out of the movies, like final destination style. 😑 why do I have to think that? It was in the stores, in the dressing rooms, and on the parking lot. If you’d noticed flickering lights following you what would you think? Even thinking about it sends me into a panic. Heart races.
  2. Palpitations

    Same here! And I also get the whole weird feelings after it. Currently it’s chills and unable to focus. Just this little post I am struggling. How are you doing right now?
  3. Pains

    Hey guys! I hope everyone is kicking anxiety’s butt. Me? I’ve been struggling but I’ve had victories. And seriously all thanks to you guys. I just had a moment though 😞. I got a pain in my neck/throat that shot up to my head for a split second. I can’t help but think aneurysm. There are a couple of family members dealing with these. They all have head aneurysms but I know that neck aneurysms are possible. I got instant panic from it. I felt like I wasn’t breathing. I feel my jaw tight. I don’t know if I was clenching my teeth or again is it pain from say an oncoming stoke? I don’t know if that’s a symptom but as my anxiety likes to cook up illogical stuff.... you know the drill. How do you guys deal with everyday pains? Sudden sharp pains? Head pains? What’s a “normal” way to see these pains?
  4. Panic Attack... DVT?

    Are you feeling better? Have you done anything new? Brand new shoes? Slept funny? Every once in a while I get leg pains that make me think DVT (used to be a huge fear of mine). But now I realize that something as little as wearing new shoes or standing weird while washing the dishes causes calf cramps, pains, and twitching. I stopped worrying. As much. Lol
  5. ER Visit?

    hmmm. For the past week, head pain. It could be anywhere from stress to a virus (flu) or maybe allergies? My mom one year suffered horrible headaches kind of like how you describe it and it turned out to be migraines caused by allergies. It stopped her way of life the first week so she made an appointment, and that’s big for her cause she’s one of those “I’m fine it will pass” so we were scared for her. And she normally had her BP low and during this time it was elevated. Another time a relative had intense short bursts of headaches, the doctor had told him to always treat headaches with caution and to just make an appointment to be seen, ASAP. If it continues I’d make the appointment, and if it gets worse just go to urgent care or ER. Ooooo but please have someone drive you to the ER. Never ever drive yourself. Been there and it gets dangerous. Either not thinking right as you drive there or if they decide to give you meds to calm you, you’ll need someone to drive you home.
  6. Acid Reflux Threaddd

    Eating an apple, and ginger tea work for me. It feels horrible last night I choked on acid that came up. Horrible. It left me breathless, and heart pounding. My voice tends to get raspy too. At least I hope it’s because of the acid reflux.
  7. Heart Issues and Pain?

    Base of skull pain? That travels up to your hole head when you move your head? I’ve experienced a nasty neck and head pain once. It lasted only one night though. It was after I had a really horrible scare. And my mil got something similar when under a ton of Stress. Our cause was just an extremely tight neck muscle. If you feel it’s getting worse and it is unbearable. Then go get it checked
  8. Freaking out!!! Botulism?!?!

    Call your doctor in the morning tell them what happened and they’ll be the best ones to tell you what will happen.
  9. On holiday and had another heart episode

    Yeah even when I’ve been “calm” I get the twitches and heart racing. And I too think that it’s a heart problem. I’m learning to cope with this, so I can’t say anything to help you out. Except I know and understand those symptoms and fear. Sending you good vibes so that you have a wonderful time there. And keep hydrated!
  10. Random crazy stuff

    I think heart issue. i was declared heart healthy by a cardiologist. That was 5 years ago. I had a CT scan of the heart, ultrasound, multiple EKGS, blood work, 5 day heart monitor and I was given the “you’re perfectly healthy, don’t come back in 10 years”. Can something happen in that time?
  11. Random crazy stuff

    I am really bugging you guys aren’t I? Yea so I’m here feeling all sorts of stuff. I had fallen asleeep and I dreamt a watch dog had gotten me and they were sniffing my neck out. I woke up to that feel like the dog was still there breathing on my neck. It tickled and everything! so as I’m tring to figure it out, my heart starts pounding hard. I keep feeling like my heart, is not beating right. Right now it’s beating to fast for my liking. I’m shivering. I feel like the air is thin. i overthink it don’t i?
  12. Did you ever get over this?
  13. Shivering bad

    @jonathan123 see that’s the thing that bothers me about this, I feel “real” symptoms and when I describe it to people they just look at me and say “will that’s typical pain when....” it’s a normal thing they felt they didn’t freak out, but I do. And so they take you for being crazy. Last night I had the worst trapped gas/ acid reflux. It hurt like a knife was coming up my throat. Shoulder hurt. It felt like i was being ripped opened. But i breathed through the pain and took some antacids. Now right now I experienced some twitching on my throat area and it felt like from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet like cold water went down, and I’m starting to get chills. Anxiety. Hopefully. But these little symptoms caused a panic reaction. And the ones from last night didn’t? Why? Is it beating me right now?
  14. Icy feeling on chest

    Thank you sooo much @jonathan123. It crossed my mind in the midst of the panic, to ride it out, thanks to one of your previous posts, but the wave of fear was great and i know it’s not going to be easy. But slowly trying to just let it do it’s thing will hopefully get me to a point in my life we’re i Can just let it be. Cause you’re right once in the panic there’s no reasoning. It’s really draining, trying to fight it. I am trying. And i am glad I do have you guys to help me out. You guys have no idea how much of a great help y’all have been. Thank you!
  15. Icy feeling on chest

    I woke up at 3 this morning with a massive attack. I thought for sure I’m dying. This is it. I woke up to an icy prickly feeling on my chest. My chest was pounding hard and with each breath I took my heart would accelerate even more. And then the dizziness and the shortness of breath feeling started. I got up and my heart raced!! Like you wouldn’t believe. I stood up, started saying “nononononono”, “this is different Im having a heart attack” , “heartattack” (I said this maybe 9 times in a row really fast) and then my heart felt awful I thought it was going to stop and I was going to drop dead, I screamed. My husband told me to open the window let the cold air hit me. I did. I called a friend who suffers almost the same type of anxiety, she just heard the first symptom I told her, the ice prickly feeling, and she said the rest of the symptoms in the order they happened. She said yup it happens and she had me do deep breathing. I calmed down immediately after she hit the mark about what I felt. She went on to talk about things to distract me and it worked! I am doing better right now. But holy crap with these panic attacks. I was sleeping on the floor before all this happened. Could a pinched nerve have caused my chest thing? Most likely, but knowing that. Why would I still freak out about it? Why can’t it just accept it?