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  1. I am currently not feeling well. i was washing dishes when all of a sudden I got hit with a wave of dread and my chest and body started to pulse with pain and I had a huge urge to pee right there and then. I immediately thought it’s because I had not eaten properly all day. As in i did not eat breakfast. For lunch i had 4 shrimps and I’ve been sipping on cold coffee, and i just had a sparkling drink that turns out had caffeine and artificial sugar (stevia causes me to have tachycardia). I DIDNT FEEL STRESSED OR ANXIOUS. Yet I got the symptoms of a panic attack. Why? Does this fall for a real medical emergency happening or can a panic attack just start of with the symptoms even though you aren’t anxious or stressed? I am getting waves of this. I am calm for a few minutes and then it comes back. The other thing I’m thinking of what this could be is since I have been avoiding sugar and I had this drink, bae sparkly refresher, that the small amount of stevia did affect me. Just this morning i read that when you cut sugar out of your diet, you are more sensitive to sweets and sweeteners, could this have been it? Plus my usual sensitivity to stevia? I am left shaken right now. The heart and pulsating pain on its own has left me scared that it’s something more.
  2. Nope no cancer. It happens. I’ve had it happen a couple of times and my daughter had it happen this month almost like you she had it at the beginning of the month and then it came back on Sat (she said so far no bleeding today). If it continues for two more months or she starts again by the end of the month, then it’s a visit to the gynecologist/GP. Multiple doctors have told me that give your period 3 months. If it get better then it’s just that first initial month was just a fluke.
  3. Thanks bin you are right I have had this way before the diagnosis. I always overlook these things. I guess I’m extra anxious these days since I have yet to get the meter. I’m supposed to be logging it in. Thank you for putting me at ease.
  4. I feel like my heart is spazzing out. Are heart attacks in type 2 diabetes possible at this early stage??
  5. @MARC , @bin_tenn, and @Bobnnat I know you can live fairly normal life. Like I’ve said it’s just the shock of something you’ve feared for so long has come true, is what does me in. i haven’t felt at all that great today even though I feel like I’ve been good in what I’ve eaten today. Took my med and a few hours later I am feeling really horrible. Nausea and chills. @Bobnnat I’m 30 (31 soon) and I feel older than that.
  6. I have the same fear. One of many. And I’ve been told repeatedly it’s ultra rare for a young person to even experience that. And I’ve been told, just like what Marc said, it’s more dangerous to hold it in.
  7. Not insulin dependent, well we still have the trial run of meds and diet, if that doesn’t bring it down, then who knows. I know it’s not end of the world, it can be “reversed”. The thing that I guess you can say makes me seem like a drama queen is that it’s been a phobia of mine. I did have a cousin die in her mid twenties from it, and a uncle recently passed from a stroke which they say was a result from diabetes. And that fuels the fear that that’s how I’ll end up. I shouldn’t worry but I do. I have an awesome support going on right now. I’m trying to let this be and just be positive that with a few changes I can get out of this one. Thank you, I’ll be giving it my all to take all the measures to get better. Not only on this but anxiety wise too.
  8. Thanks Bin.. unfortunately I got confirmed I’m diabetic. My AC1 was 7.6%. I am scared. I was put on meds and I have to do some things I have a follow up in 3 months. i had to stop multiple times during my walk. I felt like my heart raced more than it needed to but I think I wasn’t breathing right. But made it to the office ok.
  9. If something was up with my heart I wouldn’t be on here right? i feel like my heart is out of whack right now. I went grocery shopping earlier and I felt as if my heart did this weird spasm and it left me feeling shaken. As I drove home i almost blew through a red light. Luckily since it’s a small town there weren’t cars around but still I slammed the breaks when my husband pointed it out. Right now i felt like my heart was spazzing out again. And my hearing was shaky too. It scared me my heart started to beat fast. I changed my diet overnight. I’ve been feeling weak and exhausted all week. And I’ve felt like I’ve put too much stress on my body, and that I’ve weakened my heart. Tomorrow is my follow up appointment, I am going to walk there and I’m terrified that I won’t make it there because my heart will give out. its all anxiety right?
  10. I am trying to accept that my body will let me know. But like in my current state I have some symptoms that have made me super anxious today, my mind is thinking “ is it damage being done to my body by the diabetes? Or is it just the anxiety, psychosomatic? I read it damages the heart, so now I have chest symptoms. But then I get told just like you said if it were really something seriously wrong I would know I wouldn’t question it, along with if it were something terribly wrong I wouldn’t be there talking to them. I could rationalize that for a few hours but then I go back to worrying. Questioning my symptoms. I finally got my results back but I have to go see the doctor appointment is on Wednesday. I guess I can address all of this then. And then I’ll know for sure. Wish me luck.
  11. It’s just that that’s the possible diagnosis. That’s why I’m supposed to keep an eye out for. The thirstiness, peeing frequently, stomach pain etc. That’s why I’m confused/scared because how do you separate and know that the symptoms are from either just anxiety or the real health issue at hand.
  12. How do you know? If what you are feeling or the symptom you have is from what? HA or real? last Saturday the ER doc told me to look out for frequent urination (I had high glucose level 241 in blood and 1000 mg/dL in urine), today we had a late dinner. I over did it on the tortilla chips (we went to a Mexican restaurant) I had a shrimp and crab salad. And a tall glass of water with a slice of lemon squeezed in. I went to the bathroom peed a lot, like when you think it won’t stop coming, and then when we got home I went again that was like a 10 min gap. Then 5 minutes later I had to go again. I have been anxious all afternoon. I will admit that. What do I do? Is it from HA or Diabetes or just to much water? I have been drinking more water this week I refill my 32 ounce tumbler at least 2 times, max 4 times per day. But the last few days it’s like my body got used to it and I was urinating less frequently because of the water intake. Lunch and dinner I did track my carb intake and I would say I did well, for the main course. Like I said I over did it on the chips though and that has loads of carbs possibly 36 grams of carbs. But still how do I know and should I go to the ER since I can’t go to the Urgent care. Or just wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow I also get my blood work results. I am scared. What if I do have diabetes?
  13. Did you ever find out what was causing those boils?
  14. I’m almost on the same boat. More heart attack than stroke although the other night I did have an all over nasty headache, and I felt like my right side of the face was numb. The numbness is what made me fear stroke. Do they have you monitoring your glucose levels? Or are they still in the faze were they want you to “correct your diet and see how it goes from there”. My aunts who have diabetes type 2 swear they get a twinge if pain in their heads when their sugar levels are getting high. I know they say you can’t feel a thing but one knows their own body right? Wouldn’t hurt to try and see. Or are you tense? Grinding your teeth? Prone to migraines?
  15. That I’m probably diabetic. It’s been one of my fears. I honestly went to urgent care thinking it was a sprained muscle or UTI, I didn’t think it would result in this. the pain is from a UTI but the glucose thing was a coincidental thing. They are not related. So don’t get ideas the anxiety of it being confirmed if it’s diabetes or pre diabetes is what’s causing the anxiety now. its a comfort to know I’m not alone. It bitter sweet. You know? I’m going to try going out for walks after dinner everyday now. It’s the best thing I like to do to calm my anxiety. Hopefully it will help get rid of the chest funk find what makes you feel good. And hope that one day we will get over this.