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  1. Nutmegbella

    Panic attack

    I keep getting morning anxiety today has been the worst
  2. Nutmegbella

    Panic attack

    With our last insurance, we were given a medical group, so each visit resulted in a different doctor seeing you. And if it was consecutive doctor they were not the best at helping you out. I had to report those to the insurance and they then had those doctors removed from their list of providers. The medical group had bad ratings I wasn’t the only one treated the way I was treated. We had the patient portal thing too. I tried getting feedback on there and nothing. We went to another medical group. Same issue. And finally a general practitioner. But he failed us miserably I went to take in my son, and he didn’t even allow us to talk and tell him what was going on. By then I had gone a year or two without seei g a doctor. Ive read a book similar to Dr Claire Weekes. It helped some but whenever they start saying “when you feel like your heart is starting to race...” it would trigger me. I had done a workbook. It helped. Tbh I just ordered the Workbook you recommended. Thank you.
  3. Nutmegbella

    What is wrong with me?

    Umm ear problems? Have you have anything funky going on with your ears or sinuses? Went swimming? Windy? (I get ear aches when it get windy around here and my balance fails me) but I get balance issues frequently, only problem is I can’t get to a doctor. Try to get seen. Better find out now, so you can get some relief.
  4. Nutmegbella

    Worried about TSS

    If you are worried then call up your doctor see what they have to say. I have this to tell you though : kind of goes with what Mollyfin said. My friend in college, had a tampon in for close to a month. She suspected it happened one night while drunk. Put in a tampon forgot. And when a month later when aunt flow came, it came out. Didn’t feel a thing. I’ve heard of women forgetting it for longer time period. And is it just me? But omg randomly; I get this fear brought into my head, “I forgot to take out the tampon!” And freak out about it. Only thing is I haven’t had a period in a very long time. Just randomly, freaking out.
  5. Nutmegbella

    Panic attack

    @ScardeyCat you have a great point and tbh I have been branching out and doing more and getting out of my comfort zone. And my anxiety has died down dramatically. I’ve been super busy I haven’t been able to log in and reply. And I had a small chance right now and I wanted to come on here and thank you. We are working on getting to a doctor and getting things checked out. Especially blood work. A lil pricey but you are right. I need to put those fears out there and have a professional see what I need. and that’s great you’ve overcome the fear with the elevator, it really does help me push through. Keeps me thinking I can over come this. @MsLLL thanks hun, it’s hard to see me as a strong person. Because anxiety makes you feel like you are weak. That’s a great technique I’ll give it a go. Because yeah meditation in he middle of an attack it’s just not going to happen. @jlmwz316 wow you lucked out. When I went through my daily doctor visits I struggled to find a good one. And even before them, my parents struggled themselves. Finding a good doctor. Might be because we live in an area where the healthcare system struggles to get doctors and nurses . So badly that I have a cousin who is studying to become a doctor.
  6. Nutmegbella

    Panic attack

    @ScardeyCat i have a change in routine. That’s about it. I don’t have a regular doctor, and I haven’t seen one in probably 6 years now. No insurance in about 3 years. I stopped going initially because I was going to much about 3 times per week and hospital 2 times per week. Hyperventilating, most likely. Hyperventilating has always been part of me or holding my breath. So I don’t realize when I do it.
  7. Nutmegbella

    Panic attack

    @Jae Im still dealing with that days anxiety. I’m still feeling shaky, anything and everything has been setting me off. I’ve done distractions, which helps a bit. But to get into meditation in the middle of racing, panicking thoughts I just can’t. Especially since you have to focus on the breathing and I know that at first it feels suffocating breathing to the rhythm they tell you. And I can’t get past it. Right now I am having another panic attack. Massive attack i was breathing shallow and my neck and upper back started to tense up painfully. Chest feels funky again. And jaw hurts and I did get a few minutes of headaches. Uuuuuuhgh it’s too much. But maybe I should see it as what it Can really be. Change in routine. I get swarms of anxiety/panic attacks when I have a change in routine.
  8. Nutmegbella

    Stomach issues

    Why do I feel like once I’m coming out of something I get hit hard with something else.
  9. Nutmegbella

    Stomach issues

    I feel so hopeless right now
  10. Nutmegbella

    Stomach issues

    Between my sons issues, husband issues, not eating right, not wnough water in take, birth control issues (i need to have my iud replaced) and start of new school year. Tooo much stress?? ive been feeling bloated really bad. I feel like I have to have a bowel movement constantly that my stomach is constantly tense which affects my breathing. I go to the bathroom and I do pass a bm but Im left with the urge to still push. The breathing thing has me scared. With my insurance not going through I’m back to square one with that issue. Money is tight right now.
  11. Nutmegbella

    Panic attack

    I couldn’t go back to sleep I stayed up and and it was just horrible couldn’t get a hold of myself. About mid day I was able to finally have it together. And since then I’ve had this shaky feeling.
  12. Nutmegbella

    Panic attack

    Shoulder now hurts i have an instant need to go to the bathroom. right where my diaphragm is I’m feeling the weird shocking pain. My eyes go out of focus
  13. Nutmegbella

    Panic attack

    My ears were also popping and thumbing bad like a vibration or something was make one ear just go weird with each beat. my dream was really bad. Can I get scared to death. Omg my heart.
  14. Nutmegbella

    Panic attack

    I just woke up I was having a nightmare but I woke up like I wasn’t breathinging. andmy heart was beating wonky. Like a weird gallop not a steady beat. jaw hurts i feel like i can’t catch my breath
  15. Nutmegbella

    For those with kids.

    Ugh I just saw I didn’t make sense I wrote this during a very emotional time. I meant to type laid down a couple of times. And well a whole lot more. I am emotional right now. He (R)would be having recess right now. This morning while he was getting ready, he was crying. He said he didn’t know why he was crying. Got him downstairs to eat. And on our way to the schools my oldest son kept on asking why did “R” sound weird. And “R” said because he wasn’t feeling well. When we got to “R”s school he asked “if I feel like throwing up or dizzy or faint. I can go to the nurses office right?” I said yes. And he just made a run for it to get into the school. And since then I’m just a nervous wreck. Everytime the phone rings my heart goes into over time. @bin_tenn I’m hoping he doesn’t have this freaken curse of anxiety. I am making him an appointment. Ugh heart hurts for him.