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  1. And my hand hurts now. Is it psychosomatic? Or did this think just pop up and when it stung when I touched my hand, and that just has aggravated it?
  2. I’ve been trying to post a pic. Today I’ve also felt dizzy, and short of breath/air hunger. Y’all know me and doctors. I don’t want think I can go in for this. It’s an inch below the knuckle of my pointer finger.
  3. I just saw at the back of my hand, my skin is light and I see my veins. That one of the veins is big, width wise and it hurts. I know it’s not a bruise or that I’ve gotten hit there. What if it’s and aneurysm in my hand? I’m freaking out.... Ugh I just googled pics of it and although it’s not bulging like in those pics it’s in the spot/area where most hand aneurysms happen. I am now having a full panic attack.
  4. Maybe you are dealing with a delayed muscle pains? When I was a workoutaholic I wouldn’t get sore until 2-3 days after. But I’ve heard of other people having a long time period before they would get their soreness. being smart about it too because you will learn over time when it’s just a delayed reaction as opposed to being dehydrated. Also are you staying hydrated? Getting in all the electrolytes you are losing? What has your trainer said you can drink to replenish it? I think just being dehydrated can be the reason for feeling all that. From my experience and with a nutritionist help, a bad trainer will tell you to just drink water. You need a sports drink.
  5. Also to add to the other possibilities: anxiety and stress and make your immune system weak. When I had the flu, I had it from December 23-the First week of February. BUT I also had people in my neighborhood say the same thing the had the flu for so long. That it had really kicked their butt this time around. Maybe we all got the same strand of the flu. Lately when I get worried about any symptoms I’m feeling it helps to lay out the non life threatening illnesses first. And usually somewhere along the way I end up forgetting what the heck I was worried about.
  6. I’ve hurt my esophagus before a couple of times. And I would always deal with a marble stuck in there or discomfort while swallowing in the middle of my chest like in between the breasts.
  7. My condolences go to those families. And You sir. You scare me. Jk. I always thought we do have a form of knowing of things to happen. So many things get brushed off to coincidences or scientific reasonings that things like this always get people feeling silly bringing it up. I bet a lot of people get this and just don’t talk about. I see it like when parents have a gut feeling that something is up with their kids. And sure enough they are right. Some of us just have it stronger then others. And it’s weird you ask this today because There was this guy just yesterday who posted in our neighborhood Facebook page who said he had a feeling that later on in the day there was going to be earthquakes and sure enough it happened. And it wasn’t the first time he’s done something like this. I used to be the same with earthquakes. I have gotten to feel some pretty strong ones living here in Cali. And before they would happen I would get a surge of “energy” (which now looking back it was actually a panic attack) and I would feel a tremble in my body then the earthquake would happen 5 minutes after.
  8. My arms for a period would get twitches, or my arms would jerk. I remember specifically one day we’re i was walking home and I kept gettin these spasms in my arms, I was thinking the worst (big surprise there, haha) and I went to the hospital. They tell me I have nothing wrong except that my muscles are so tense. They wanted to give me muscle relaxers, but I couldn’t take that stuff because I had a child under two who they said if I took the med. I would not be able to here him. So the next best thing I did. I took baths/showers with Epson Salt, lavender or eucalyptus scented. I started working on my anxiety, I was put on Prozac, and after about a few weeks I noticed the twitching was gone.
  9. So I started to feel short of breath. Stood up felt shaky. Went to put some clothes to wash and my heart started racing. I ate at 9 this morning followed by some hard sweat inducing yard work. Maybe I burned off what I ate? And right now I’m feeling week cause I still had not eaten since then. I ate 2 pizzas right now. But I can’t seem to calm down from the shaky feeling. My heart is racing. Could I be dealing with low blood sugar? My mind is racing that I could be about to sTart dealing with a medical issue. My daughter has a show tonight for her school. I don’t wnt to ruin this night. My mind is going into overdrive.
  10. I hated my “I have a blood clot it’s going to turn into a PE” faze. I felt EVERYTHING on the list of symptoms. I was even on crutches because my leg hurt so much. Turned out it was nothing! Well muscle strain. But that’s nothing compared to a PE. That heaviness and oddness you feel in your legs. Are you feeling like your movements are choppy? Glitchy? Like you have to force your mind to move your legs properly? I am dealing with high anxiety. And this is was I’m dealing with. It almost feels, numb but oddly fluid movement at times if it’s not choppy. Or like a sudden weight has been added to my feet. But it’s anxiety. Anxiety can make us feel what we fear. I am currently dealing with a panic attack (well more like a swarm of them). And it’s about my breathing. I hyperventilate or forget to breath and I fear like I’m doing damage to my lungs and sure enough I get this sensation to want to cough or a twitching sensation inside my chest when I breath in. It’s in our heads. Will you could be dealing with q strain. But don’t go googling. It will give you ideas. Best thing is to run by a doctor and see what they teell you to do.
  11. @jonathan123 thank you once agin for your time and talking to me. I am currently going through waves of anxiety again. I’m letting them come and go. It’s difficult. But I’m chugging along. For the most part this morning I was calm but I felt something and I am guessing that set me off. The waves that come make me feel like I’ll go crazy, a need to scream. Whole body pulses painfully with my heart beat right now. I’m trying to just let my body get it programmed that I’m not in any danger. But it feels horrible and I am having issues with it.
  12. I get random tingling. It used to scare me. But i then noticed it happens when I am not breathing correctly or when I have a pinched nerve. Biggest reason why was the breathing. When I was in the middle of a panic attack I stupidly called 911. We lived right next door to the fire department and one of the guys after I was checked out, came up to me and said he suffered from panic attacks and the the tingling I was having stems from not breathing right. That he gets it too and even though he knows what was causing it he still had issues accepting it.
  13. Pay attention but don’t react? It’s hard. A few hours later and I am still dealing with this anxiety. I got the dreaded “ I am going to die”, “ Yup going to die”. “You have to run to the hospital if You want to live” in the pit of my stomach, like an immense gut feeling and dread. How do I deal with this? These are the ones where I feel hopeless. It’s sort of like waves what I am dealing with right now. A few minutes I am thinking “there’s a logical thing that caused these symptoms and it’s nothing” and then a wave hits of anxiety. And it’s a huge difference, makes me feel like if I’m bipolar. Did you go through these types of waves? I go from “I am fine!” And something triggers the thoughts again “you are dying!”
  14. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what you said here ^. And you are right we shouldn’t be wasting valuable time on nonexistent maladies or dork thoughts.I am trying to let go right now. And I’ve gotten over a few bumps just thinking about what we’ve talked about . But I’m struggling right now, I’m trying not to bring attention to the symptoms, because deep down something tells me it’s nothing to worry about, but anxiety is chewing at the edges. And with the day only half done, I’ve already dealt with enough today. And with the stress from that it’s making me want to break down and give in to these symptoms. Make me worry about them. I don’t need that right now.
  15. Thank you @jonathan123, it does help me come on here to talk about it. But how am I on my way, I am only able to let the feelings/symptoms go about 60% of the time. Yesterday probably is a good example. I felt my usual symptoms and plus some, From the moment I woke up at 3:30 am until noon. And at noon i had my first outburst panic attack, I cried (maybe that helped release tension?) I told myself to get ahold of myself. Went on to have a few hours anxiety free, around 5 pm: it comes back. I had it for the rest of the night until I fell asleep. From 9am to 12pm though I had it really bad. I cried because I can’t continue to have these fears, I am not living if I am in constant fear. Right now writing this out, I see maybe I shouldnt be so hard on myself, afterall i have had this anxiety for years and I can’t get better over night. When I do have moments were the anxiety wins I feel hopeless though.