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  1. Nutmegbella

    HA is really bad tonight

    I felt something weird in my throat = I am going to die. left side of chest is feeling funky = I am going to die. head gets foggy with the chest aches I am getting. Guess what that equals? it doesn’t help that my dog is crying out like she’s anxious. I just think maybe she senses something is going to happen. 😞 yup that’s how extreme this thing gets when my anxiety is way up. I feel like this thing will be never ending and it gets me more anxious. I want to make it to a day where i think normally. Are there people who truly beat hypochondria? I know I need to go to the docs and get this under control but how? I am really having high anxiety about just making the call for the appointment. How did I get to this point to be afraid of the doctors? I am breathing shallow I feel like I am going to faint. Heart is racing. My dog just won’t stop. Rational thought is she wants to go outside but she hasn’t been able to since it’s been raining all day. But I turn it into something stupid, please I just need this to stop.
  2. Nutmegbella

    Heart is racing

    I haven’t been to the docs, I should. I can, now that I finally have insurance. And now that i do, i am afraid to go. Even thinking about it gets me anxious, and it used to be the opposite I would go everytime I felt something. And when I did go, they would tell me my heart was great, my veins are great, I have no medical condition, etc. As for therapy I was going until my insurance had gone I tried going even after it got canceled but it was pricy since I needed to go twice a week. I NEED to go because it’s been years since I went, looking at it realistically it’s a general checkup that I need done. But I’ll turn it into every damn thing I’ve felt that has caused panic. As for therapy I will be going to see were I can go. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of therapists were I live and with my current situation i can’t be driving an hour away for therapy sessions. Deep in my gut it screams at me that it’s anxiety/panic too, but I just run to get reassured when I panic like I did this early morning. I’m not going to lie right now too.
  3. Nutmegbella

    Heart is racing

    I had just woken up. I think I wasn’t breathing right I felt like I was snoring, when I asked my husband (he was awake) he said I wasn’t. I got anxious after I felt my heart racing. I did do the push up thing which made me think if I can do this and nothing is happening then it’s just anxiety and I fell back to sleep.
  4. Nutmegbella

    Heart is racing

    I woke up right now, 240 am heart is racing. I’m shivering. Feeling like I can’t breath. Feeling like my heart will race really fast until it pops. Chest feels tight. And like my lungs are filled completely to the the capacity that breathing feels tight. I want this to go away. It’s anxiety right?
  5. Nutmegbella

    Just not holding up well these days

    I understand the worry you are going through. Sometimes I get so anxious I wish I can sleep until the day the results are in and not have to spend a week worrying. I try to stick to what my therapist told me to do in these types of situations, which is: think about the possible outcomes and prepare plansfor them. BUT you can only give yourself 10 minutes to think about in the whole day. Those ten minutes are set only for this. Once those tens minutes are up you have to deflect the thoughts. (This is where i fail). I hope this helps. I hope and wish for you guys to get results in your favor. Sending you lots of positive thoughts.
  6. Nutmegbella

    Stabbing head pains - so painful

    Hey, I’ve been experiencing head pains for a few weeks now and they sound almost the same. Mine I feel it in the dead center of my head. Come up to the top and spreads to my forehead; they happen for a split second and intensifies with a feeling like a brain freeze. Followed by dizziness. I was actually going to post about it right now. It just happened. I’ve noticed it’s always after I am done eating. Are you having sinus issues? That’s what I suspect it happening with me. But anxiety turns it into Im having a stroke. Or infection (I have a broken tooth that I am not able to get seen for) has spread to my brain. Dang it with the anxiety thoughts, I just got a panic attack thinking about the possibilities. I would say if you can go get seen by your doctor.
  7. Nutmegbella

    Feeling like I can’t breath

    @mollyfin thank you; you did help me it was just anxiety. I made myself just relax for an hour. Then I had to get stuff done around the house 2 hours later I was thinking “i was worried about something what was it?” I had to give it a few seconds then it hit me, “The shortness of breath feeling; it’s gone!” For the first minutes of my relaxing time, I kept repeating “this ShOrtOfBrearhness is just anxiety” and I would think about your post. It was the comfort that someone else had experienced similar. Later on in the day I went to the mall (I get major anxiety being there) and it came back. Which confirmed it happens with anxiety.
  8. Nutmegbella

    Feeling like I can’t breath

    Hey guys I’m having a rough morning. Well technically since I went to bed last night. I was getting comfortable in bed when I got this crushing feeling in my chest and throat area. I wake up and I mean I i had to drive my husband to work and I had a few things going there: we woke up late, driving conditions were really bad so he got to work an hour late, then that made me arrive home late to take the kids who to school, one got there late, the other two had a rough time getting out of the car since it was pouring hard. All streets are flooded and of course I was tense because of that. So maybe a whole lot of shallow breathing? But add that my nose is kind of stuffy. So when I do breath in it’s barely going in. And with all that my ribs and chest feel super tight. Right now laying down flat on my back I’m able to breath okay get in good amount of air. But the moment I sit up. It feels like i have to strain to breath. Like when you bend over to pick up something’s heavy, you kind of hold your breathing. It’s anxiety and a tense body right? Do you guys feel like that when you feel like you aren’t getting enough air? oh and my ribs keep cramping up. That’s the thing that new with this feeling of “i can’t breath” should I be worried? Or again just tense body? I did stress a ton yesterday, had many heart stopping moments 😞 MANY. Tense. It’s tense body right? As always I don’t want to die. My sons bday was the other day and this weekend is supposed to be his weekend of fun.
  9. Nutmegbella

    (UPDATED) Really rough few days :(

    Awe hope you and your family get better soon. Throw back a few shots of tequila or vodka and you’ll feel better faster lol.
  10. Nutmegbella


    I understand how you mind is racing and “connecting the dots”, it’s frustrating and of course sends you off into Panicville. There’s more to it hen just elevated blood sugar. And they clearly ran some tests and all is good. All is well. Nothing to worry about. You’re lucky to be able to get seen and get cleared.
  11. Nutmegbella

    Heart anxiety...

    I get sharp pains in the same area. It’s down to either acid reflux or muscle related, cleared by a professional. And I was always told if it’s sharp it’s not the heart.
  12. Nutmegbella

    Help! Health Anxiety is ruining my life!

    hopefully your peace of mind will come once you get tested and get your results. And avoid, avoid, avoid Dr. Google. Please you are too young to go down that rabbit hole.
  13. Nutmegbella

    Racing thoughts = multiple illnesses

    Over 20 years? 😕 I’ve only been dealing with mine for 6 years, late October will be 7 years. I can’t imagine 20 years. It’s good to know that you’ve had similar symptoms and are still around. My fear is that I’ll die that same day when I am feeling it. Like earlier this morning. My husband annoyed me and I turned around to tell him something and my throat had like a cramp, it was painful. My heart raced and I felt dizzy. Heart palps. More dizziness. My breathing hitched. And I thought I was a goner. On the outside I kept my “cool”, I don’t talk much in person, and when I get nervous I talk a lot. So I started talking his ear off on my drive to drop him off at work. He knew something was up. He said “just remember what the doctors told you, you are fine” .... 😞 I want to believe and accept it. It’s just anxiety.
  14. Nutmegbella

    Racing thoughts = multiple illnesses

    Same Here, I’ve been checked. I did a week with a heart monitor; did it catch anything? Just “normal every day palps” ...”everyone experiences those”.... “you are fine” ....”your veins and muscles are super healthy so you don’t need to worry about those palpitations”. And that they didn’t want to see me in 10 years. But as soon as the monitor was off I felt a ton more. Please explain that? I beat the fear of exercising. I used to fear it thinking about my heart rate reaching uncontrollable high rate and that I’d croak right there and then. I ran on the treadmill until I reached 190bpm and when I calmed down in a reasonable amount of time I wasn’t afraid anymore. When I reached 170 I felt palps. I slowed down a bit but then went on. I continued to do this until I was finally able to get past the fear. When I am able to I do go out for power walks or a jog, but we are talking about once a month, but those nights make me wish I had the time to go to the gym. I mean even when responding to these posts I sometimes take a few days to reply, I just really need time. The screaming 😱 I go through this multiple times per week and the blood pressure fear freaks me out. Even though I have been told by doctors and psychologist that I should scream when I get that need. Because if anything it will help release stress. But the fear is strong and I just can’t. I need to work on this one. Hopefully we will pass this fear some day.
  15. Nutmegbella

    Racing thoughts = multiple illnesses

    Thanks Bobnnat. And you know down in a deep level headed me, I think that too. But you know anxiety. I’m going to make an appointment later on today and seriously get this thing going and get a lot of things under control. Unfortunately I’ve tried to get some down time. It doesn’t seem like I’ll get one until the kids are out for the summer break in June. And even then it’s not really down time. Right now it only seem like I have it is when I drive alone in the car, but even then I freak out (nervous driver) or I get sleepy I need to talk to someone and I call either my mom or cousin. There are somedays where I can just enjoy those moments and just listen to music or podcast and just enjoy it. But that’s a rarity thanks to Mrs. Anxiety.