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  1. Can't stop thinking colon cancer.

    That SEER site is awesome! I've always been freaked out by the 1 in 3 cancer risk statistic - that 1 in every 3 people will get cancer. But stats should be specific and not general. For example, I looked at my overall risk (all cancer types) being a 35 year old white female with no history of cancer and my individual risk is only 1% at age 40. The highest it gets is 37% at age 95+, if I'm reading this right. And the longer you're cancer free the lower the risk goes. That definitely sounds more reassuring than the 1 in 3 stat.
  2. Multiple BMs after eating veggies

    When I get stressed out my bowels go all kinds of funky. I've even had panic attacks where I ended up in the toilet and barely made it. My gut and brain are definitely connected. I'd also imagine if your body is not used to lots of fiber it might act weird until it gets used to it.
  3. ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED :( breast fears

    @BeautifulDisaster thank you for describing so eloquently what I've been dealing with since last August!!! It all started for me when my then breastfeeding 9 month old decided to bite my nipples repeatedly (ouch!!). After that I developed some kind of nerve type pain that makes my nipples tingle and burn sometimes. I also have pain in my shoulder that radiates through my back and breast on one side that I think started after some horrible breastfeeding positioning where I fell asleep with my shoulder crunched up underneath me (isn't breastfeeding awesome!!). Naturally I freaked out and went to the doctor several times and they did an exam and ultrasound - both which came back clear. They said if the ultrasound was clear there was no need for a mammo given my age (34). I still get this pain when my little guy has a bad latch or when I sleep funny. It's like they are two separate pains but related to each other via referral or something. So OP - take heart that this SAME THING is happening to at least two other people on this forum with no explanation thus far other than tension, muscle or referred pain, and anxiety!
  4. health anxiety and when it takes over

    I would second (third?) going to the doctor to get it checked out. The answers they provide will help reassure you if nothing else! Most likely this is something hormonally related - since it happens consistently around ovulation. I'm not a doctor, but I do teach natural family planning and at ovulation you get a drop in estrogen and rise in progesterone following egg release. If the progesterone isn't high enough at onset it may trigger breakthrough bleeding because the hormones are not there to sustain the uterine lining (which is why when the egg dies you get a period). Just a thought to counteract the cancer fears....
  5. Bowel issues and worried about BC

    Well this morning I had a cow patty poop followed by a total normal poop about 2 hours later. I am so confused!!!! Every time I get mushy poops I hop back on the anxiety train wondering what the heck is happening and then when it's normal I stop freaking out and think it can't possibly be something bad since it's back to normal!?! I would think there is no"fixing" bad bowl movements due to something serious - it would happen all the time, right?
  6. Hello all, Since I think everyone here is a fellow digestive upset sufferer (yay us!), I wanted to ask this question here. Almost every morning for the past month and a half I've been having what I like to call cow patty poops in the morning just after I wake up. It's not liquid and I don't go more than normal so I hesitate to call it diarrhea. It hangs together in the bowl so it's definitely not liquid, it just looks sort of like mud (or really like a cow patty if you've ever seen those!). It comes out easily and sometimes I do have the urge to go that I can put off for a little bit but not too long. I do have normal "log" poops if I go in the afternoons/evenings. I just can't wrap my head around why this only seems to happen in the morning. I've also seen various things saying that "these are awesome and should be how everyone poops" to "you have inflammation and this is almost diarrhea and something must be wrong". I don't know who to believe! I have been to the doc (GP and GI) and had bloodwork, a stool test, and abdominal ultrasound that all came back normal. I consider myself fairly healthy and eat well and exercise daily. GI doc just wants me to try extra soluble fiber to bulk the stools - whatever that means! Has anyone else had these just be their "normal" stool? It just seems like most people think only a log is normal and anything besides that indicates a problem. I can't believe I am obsessing to much over something like this but I just want to get a feeling for how serious I should take this symptom, if it even is one! Thanks for reading this way TMI!
  7. Bowel issues and worried about BC

    It's so hard to think about only the boring, benign things though! I am so good at catastrophizing it's scary! I have a follow up visit with the GI in mid-July and half of me wants to go in there and just demand a colonoscopy. In all honesty, I will most likely tell him once again what's been happening, he will once again reassure me, and I'll go on my way wondering if he missed something. Yuck! Someone once posted that it's unlikely a doctor would risk their reputation and good standing on you if they really thought you had a serious illness. It's hard to remember this sometimes because doctors don't like to tell you their thought process, they just tell you the result of what they went though ("you likely have X"). My favorite doctors are ones that let me in on their thinking so I can have confidence too in what they decided - not that I'm qualified to make decisions but at least I can follow their logical path from A to B instead of thinking they missed something. And since they are actually thinking logically (unlike me) I can have more confidence in their decision and faith in their answer.
  8. Bowel issues and worried about BC

    So I finally came across a description for what I'm experiencing yesterday - cow patties!! That's what my morning poop looks like. Happens at the same time every morning right after I get up either before or just after breakfast. It's like my bowels get moving so fast that whatever is in there gets pushed out because I have some cramping along with it that subsides after I go. This morning I managed to hold it in for awhile but eventually it got too uncomfortable. But yup, just like cow patties. A semi-solid mush pile that holds together in the water. Yuck, right?! I do have normal poops if I go a second time in the afternoon so I have a hard time believing it's something OTHER than IBS given that I'm capable of making normal poops. Or at least I'm trying to convince myself of that! I have no idea why my bowels react so badly to waking up - maybe they don't want to be awake either lol. Maybe I will try the IBS diet and see if that helps the morning issues - how long does it take to see a difference?
  9. Bowel issues and worried about BC

    Thank you @Missy2626! I'm still kind of hoping he orders the colonoscopy just to be sure, but I guess I should be reassured that he didn't go right to that. It's super hard to convince yourself that nothing sinister is going on - thank goodness I'm not a doctor myself or I'd drive myself nuts trying to figure everything out all the time. What fiber did you end up taking? I'm trying chia seeds on his recommendation and I think it's sort of helped but not enormously?
  10. Hi all, I'm new here but have suffered with HA for almost 17 years (I'm 35 now). A long time to be dealing with one or another fatal health issue, right?!? My most recent bout of HA has been triggered by a change in bowel habits, something I've never worried about or dealt with before. At the beginning of May I noticed that every morning my stools would be softer, almost mushy and sometimes accompanied by that "gotta go" feeling of diarrhea. Not fun. I was under a lot of stress at the time and we were moving our family to another house so I chalked it up to that. After a while I noticed a pattern of it happening almost every morning, while going later in the day it was pretty much back to normal for me. Again, I figured it was anxiety because I often woke up in a state of high anxiety/panic and that can give me diarrhea sometimes. I started a diary to track my food to see if it correlated to anything I ate. I've had some normal days but on the whole it seems to be a trend of mushy morning stools. Not changes in color or frequency. Of course now I'm worried about BC since my uncle had it (not until his 60s) and my dad has had polyps (all were benign). I finally went to see a GI doc last week and he ordered a blood tests and an abdominal ultrasound to check for anything obvious. They also did a stool check for bacteria and parasites - not sure if they did a test for blood or what. Everything came back clear so he sent me on my way with a recommendation of extra soluble fiber and a follow up in a month. I told him my fears and he said he would not suspect anything given my age, history, and symptoms. The past two mornings I've noticed some mucus in the bowl along with my stools - almost like its floating in the water separate from them. Now I'm really freaking out thinking I have some major inflammation going on down there or a mucus-producing tumor or something!!! I feel fine otherwise and my blood work was actually the best it's looked in years. I should be reassured but everyone here knows where the anxiety train goes. I'm just waiting on my follow up appointment and feeling like I should just demand the colonoscopy - which sounds ridiculous but I'm not sure what else will give me reassurance. I'm really hoping this can be chalked up to IBS but I ALWAYS fear the worst thing. It's just so hard to deal with the uncertainty and waiting.