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  1. @mollyfin I think it's perfectly normal to be nervous. I think you are handling this really well and are being a great example to us all on how to handle things. I know that I know that I know that everything is going to be just fine. I know it for you. I also know that any person at all with or without anxiety would be apprehensive...and it's ok to be so...and it's ok to ask for prayers...and it's ok to ask for help...and it's ok to vent...and it's ok to feel whatever you are feeling. Soon this will be all behind you and brighter days are up ahead...until proud of your strength but also give yourself permission to realize that whatever you are feeling is all acceptable. Hugs...keep us posted, ok?
  2. PennyPanic

    When you are so accustomed to anxiety

    My hubby got me fitbit for Xmas...the kind that takes your heart rate all of the time. I made him take it back. I don't need that kind of stress in my life! LOL! I'm strictly on a need to know basis because no matter the number, I'd worry. LOL!
  3. PennyPanic

    Finger extensors

    I had to test mine as well...seems like mine do that too. Ha! I guess I just that that was normal. Like how many people go around with their fingers hyper extended for hours at a one I've ever seen. LOL. I don't think I'd worry about it.
  4. Totally me. I can't watch drug commercials, medical shows...heck even the morning news always has some kind of dastardly medical segment that sounds "oh so interesting" that I shouldn't watch or else I'll be convinced I'll get "that" or have "that" or whatever. Ugh... Remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry warned George about watching "Coronary Country"...and George watched it anyway and was convinced he was having a heart attack? I'm so George.
  5. PennyPanic

    Mild/moderate anxiety + Updates

    Binn, I am so thankful for your posts...Your therapy sessions have not only helped you...they've helped many of at least. Like I really like your therapist! LOL! Like I seriously wonder if they do "tele-therapy." Seriously, thank you sticking are the voice of reason in my head at times when I've been in a really dark dark dark place. No one would blame anyone for just not hanging out here when they're feeling better. There are posts here that can trigger us that are susceptible and it can be a time sink....yet here you are...helping us all in the trenches. Thank you for showing us the way out of the dark hole. I'm also very sorry about your friend.
  6. PennyPanic


    Yep...every month is different...isn't it a joy? NOT
  7. PennyPanic


    Yes...Plus I also cry a lot right before. Aunt Flo is imminent. I cried yesterday at dinner because opera was playing in the background of a tv ad (we had the tv on) - which is super silly because I don't even like opera. I cried this morning...just now...I'm not sure why. I hate the days right before...ugh.
  8. PennyPanic

    HELP!!! Scared of Schizophrenia

    I've been told the same thing.
  9. PennyPanic

    Joint pains

    There could be other typing, texting too much causing hand and wrist pain....easily solved by good ergonomic choices and rest. The main thing is....I get it. I’m dealing with my own anxiety issues right now. Like you I’m not sure which is causing which. But here’s what I do know, stressing out over it won’t help. Easier said than done as I wish I could follow my own advice. Lol.
  10. PennyPanic

    Joint pains

    If a person lives long enough they will get arthritis- some sooner, some later...if your tests were good then you’re good. What did your doctor suggest you do ?
  11. PennyPanic

    Joint pains

    My bottom line to anyone with any sort of arthritis need to be scared, just go see a rheumatologist...they are nice people and specially trained and no matter what form of arthritis you have they'll get you all fixed up in a jiffy. And if you don't have arthritis...that's great. They'll know that as well and will send you on your happy way.
  12. PennyPanic

    Joint pains

    Now to answer the question and confirm what binn said...for me at least, I have lasting effects from an anxiety episode sometimes for months and even years. I'm always anxious...always...there's always some low level of anxiety for me - and before jump to conclusions, it's not about's about everything else in life. LOL!
  13. PennyPanic

    Joint pains

    I don't know what an autoimmune test is. They run my sed-rate and crp plus a complete blood work every 6 months. My doc probably runs other stuff as well, but I don't want to know. If I know, I'll stress. I put myself on a "need to know basis." Oh was really obvious from my blood work that something was very wrong. Like as in my numbers were not borderline nor on the high side. Like I was in the thousands for things that are supposed to be in the teens.
  14. PennyPanic

    Joint pains

    Emma, I don't hate you...LOL. I take Celebrex and Minocycline. I'm thankfully no longer on steriods...I never took any of the biologics. I'm fully under control with the right generic minocycline...and mine was long standing and severe. Minocycline is what people often take for acne...go figure. If you or anyone else here wants more info on that treatment option, I suggest going to I don't want to tell you the symptoms because, if you are like me, once you hear a symptom you'll get it...or someone else reading this will get it. Here's what you need to symptoms were beyond we're not talking a little pain here and there...There was no denying that "something" was wrong...very wrong. Like any lay person on the street seeing me from 100 feet away would have known that something was very very very wrong. Like if I walked into any doctors office they'd scream...Without treatment there was no "coming and going" of was constant and it was hell - but that was almost 30 years ago. The good news is...if you saw me now, you'd never know. With all of the choices there are today for meds, RA and other rheumatic diseases are not what they used to be at all. I know you've posted on here regarding this issue. I would go see a rheumatologist. They'll run some quick tests, look at your joints and advise you. From what you describe it does not sound like RA to least nothing like what I experienced but a rheumatologist is the final authority and will tell you definitively. My rheumy diagnosed me without even running bloodwork (it was really obvious as I said) but confirmed it with bloodwork. Literally everyone I know, young and old...has some kind of pain that comes and goes...and they don't have RA. They may have some kind of arthritis...but they do not have RA. My husband has pain in his hands that comes and goes. My sister has pain, my mother has pain, my friends have pain...none of them have RA. I hope I helped.
  15. PennyPanic

    Joint pains

    Yes there are blood tests that determine whether or not one has some kind of rheumatic disease. Any PCP can run those tests. Rheumatologists obviously also run those tests and help people with arthritis...all forms of arthritis and not just RA.