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  1. PennyPanic

    My plan to beat Health Anxiety

    This is very helpful. Thank you both.
  2. PennyPanic

    Pelvic Pain

    Going through this same thing myself...almost exactly as you. Long story short...I have an appt with my gyn for next Friday...although it's all gotten better. I figure I can always cancel if it gets even better still. I suspect that it's IBS for both of least that's what I'm hoping. Are you feeling better?
  3. PennyPanic

    Scalloped tongue

    I've had this before on and off and for me it is always related to something I ate. Like gum..I love gum...but if I chew gum then I'll get scalloped tongue. I don't allow myself to have gum any longer. One time I had Big Red Gum that hot cinnamon like's so delicious...and I didn't just have like one I kept chewing and chewing and chewing piece after piece after piece. I wound up with the worst case of scalloped tongue ever...but it went away. Yes I did that as a grown adult and not a little kid. I have no control when it comes go gum. LOL! So I had to quit it cold turkey and must always stay away from it. My mom gets it as well.
  4. PennyPanic

    Surgery in three days

    Glad you're doing well. You are strong and capable and you got this. It will soon be all behind you and just a bad memory. Hugs.
  5. So last month I posted on here about some extreme pelvic pain. Over the course of the following days it got worse...I ended up in the ER. They only tested me for a UTI...said I had a slight uti and sent me on my way with antibiotics. A few days (Tuesday) is Thursday... similar symptoms began. After resting a lot yesterday and last night. Most of the pain is gone. I had a ton of gas and belching (sorry tmi). Also pain when even just walking or moving around in my lower (mostly left) tummy. I had IBS diagnosis years ago in my 20's it comes and goes...mostly though it's been gone...I'm wondering if this is IBS again....but this time I don't have terrible diarrhea just bad bad bad lower abdomen pain with seemingly a lot of gas. So today I am better. Do I wait it out and see if it comes back? I mean, what do I tell my doctor, I had bad gas for 2 days but now its gone? I've never been to a gastro in my area so I'd be a new patient and not sure how quickly I could get in anyway Do I wait and see if it comes back? I know none of us on here are medical professionals. I know you can't tell me what to do. I'm asking instead only for your non-professional fellow HA sufferer opinion as I really want to avoid doctors if I can because I'll go down the rabbit hole again. So... What is the reasonable thing to do? What would you do?
  6. PennyPanic

    Surgery in three days

    You got this. You are in my prayers. Hugs. We're here if you need to vent.
  7. PennyPanic

    Stress, stress, stress!

    Drat...I don't know. What I think is that anyone...whether or not they suffered from anxiety...would be feeling anxious. You're a father, you love your daughter. You want her to be well and do well. I think I'd be worried about you if you weren't anxious under the current situation. I also think it's normal to "feel" the anxiety in one's body...or at least it is for me. I hope today is a better day for you and your family.
  8. PennyPanic

    Stress, stress, stress!

    I wonder if your brother could provide you with some insight and/or provide her with some insight? Can a school counselor help? Can they provide insight?
  9. PennyPanic

    Stress, stress, stress!

    Absolutely stress is to be expected under these circumstances and feeling it physically is absolutely normal, but you know that are doing great at handling things. You are inspiration to us all here...especially to me. I've learned a lot from you. A few thoughts for you. 1. Teenagers are acne covered thugs - bless their little cotton socks. But you and she will survive these years. 2. You are doing everything you can to parent her the best way you know how but at the end of the day, she is has to choose to "fly right." You can do all things right and she might still make the wrong choices - that's scary but it's true. All you can do is the best you can and love her. Love is a great tool to raise up a kid and you obviously love her 3.Throughout the ages people have gone through some rough and stupid teenage (and sometimes early 20's) years and then they grow out of their stupidity. Your daughter will likely grow out of these trying years like everyone else does. What I do when I become overly stressed and need to escape a bit 1. Watch really stupid and cheesy reality tv. 2. Read a fun book. 3. Pray. 4. Help anything at all. Like it helps me to come here and encourage someone, smile at someone who I think needs it, pray secretly for someone else, donate a nominal anything positive I can do for someone else is very healing for me. I'm not really sure why. I guess I do it for selfish reasons really because it really does help to ground me and take me out of my current situation or thought process to try to find some small way to help someone else. 5. Play a video game. One more thought on your daughter....idle minds are no good...not for anyone. Having been a mischievous teenager myself once, I'd say that keeping busy helped keep me on the right track. Perhaps help her to get involved in clubs, sports, a job, a church group, anything. Structured time with little free time was good for me...heck it still is...keeps me from being too anxious. LOL! Hang in there, binn, and thank you for all you do for all of us here always. I hope things settle down for you and your daughter. I'm sure they will.
  10. PennyPanic

    Feeling alone

    Dog's are God's Angels...truly. They are such wonderful furry people....they are better than people - always accepting, always encouraging, always loving. Oh and they are funny. there's nothing more calming for me than cuddling with my dog. I completely concur on the dog therapy. Also, know this, you actually aren't have all of us here. Sometimes doing mundane things helps ground me in times of extreme anxiety (dishes laundry)...or sometimes silly/entertaining things (reading a fun book, watching really cheesy reality tv or playing a game on my ipad). Sometimes helping someone else helps a takes me out of my head...and makes me feel useful. Helping someone can be as simple as giving someone a smile at the grocery store, encouraging someone, or honestly anything positive that you feed into someone else's life. It's very healing - who knew? Hang in there. You got this.
  11. PennyPanic

    Just not holding up well these days

    Good take care of you!
  12. PennyPanic

    Just not holding up well these days

    Well some encouraging news that the genetic test came out good. Hang in there and keep us posted.
  13. I had an atypical mole aka dysplastic nevus. Apparently they are very common. You might to search this forum for a post from @mollyfin where she used to work for hospital and scan records and saw a "metric buttload" or something like that...and she also talks about an anal a funny way. The post will not only make you laugh but make you feel better...but I digress. Anyhow, here's what I've found out. Lots of people have atypical moles etc... Some people think that tey are best removed because they "could" turn into something...but then there are doctors who say, that's not true...that they aren't things that can turn into something but rather a marker for someone who is more at risk of one day having something. It's all very confusing. I even personally heard one derm say that (the word that shall not be named) doesn't even usually start in an atypical mole whatever but "de novo" on just clear skin. Best we can all do, especially us fair skinned and freckly ones, is get skin checks from a dermatologist...they know best. I personally get stuff removed that's questionable because that's how I roll. But doctors don't mess around with (that which shall not be named)...if the nurse said no way, then no way. Doctors are usually in no hurry to remove something just because of atypical sister had one and she had to wait like 2 months to have it removed. Hang in's tough but there's lots of us here and all over that have dealt with similar.
  14. PennyPanic

    Burning/ sunburn feeling

    I have absolutely had this all over my body - different areas at different times. As soon as ignore it, it goes away. For me it seems to be directly related to anxiety.
  15. PennyPanic

    Just not holding up well these days

    You've been through some serious Shiznit @mollyfin but you're strong and you got this and we're all here holding you and your wife up. You may not feel it, you may feel utterly alone, but you're not. Some times we just have to take things hour by hour...even minute by minute to get through to the other side. Please continue to keep us posted. Hugs.