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  1. PennyPanic

    Wisdom tooth removal fears

    It certainly would have been easier that way! I would recommend that as well.
  2. PennyPanic

    Wisdom tooth removal fears

    I had one out in my 20's, another out in my 30's and another out in my 40's. I turned 50 this year and I'm hoping to keep the last one all nice and happy and cozy in my mouth. The one in my 20's was the most difficult. It was impacted with a nerve wrapped around the root and the doctor had to cut the tooth up in pieces and take it out bit by bit to avoid any nerve damage. He did a great job. No lasting effects from that. The one in my 30's was the easiest one. It was so nothing it was crazy. I can't remember why I had it removed...I think it was because it was hard to keep clean and there was some decay starting. I went shopping with my sister immediately afterward and I literally had no pain. Zero pain. I couldn't believe it. It was a walk in the park. That dentist, sadly, moved away. He was the best. The last one was done because it had decayed so bad it broke off in my cereal (gross). It wasn't as bad as the first, not as easy as the second but no lasting issues at all. Removal of wisdom teeth is'll do fine. Oh...and my hubby had 2 of them out in his 40's. He was loopy for a while (they knocked him out) but he did great. No issues...other than he was pretty funny in his loopy state for a few hours. Hang in there and keep us posted.
  3. PennyPanic

    Worrying over everything. Need help.

    Cleaning is good. Distraction is good. Take it minute by minute and the hours will pass and tomorrow will come. Hang in there. You've got this.
  4. PennyPanic

    Worrying over everything. Need help.

    Somehow tomorrow will come. It always somehow does. It's a terrible state to be in. I know how terrible and devastating HA can be. Try to distract yourself with games work best for me but do whatever works best for you. Somehow, though the hours may seem slow...the hours will pass and tomorow will come. You'll see your doctor and things will get better. Please keep us posted and if you need us...comment here. We'll collectively get you through the next 24 hours.
  5. PennyPanic

    Ringing in my ear, won't go away

    I'm often light is my sister. I never thought of them being related. I have dizziness and lightheadedness often due to (1) panic attacks (2) low blood sugar (3) low blood pressure or (4) just because. It's not unusual for me.
  6. Hi @Ruu congrats on your precious baby boy. I think that everything you're feeling is absolutely normal. Enjoy your boy!
  7. PennyPanic

    Ringing in my ear, won't go away

    I have ***I think*** near constant ear ringing. I don't notice it most of the time...only when it is super quiet. For me, silence is deafening because of the ringing. We went to my brother in law's house once in the country and it was so noticeable there. It was hard to fall asleep because it was so quiet I could really hear the ringing then. Reminds of me of that scene in "My Cousin Vinny" Ha! Anyhow, I guess I notice it most in the morning. I'm not sure if I have it every day or just from time to time. My sister has it as well and constantly. Her ENT has told her that it is because of her allergy/sinus issues. I have allergies as well and I wonder if that's why. That symptom, for some reason, has never scared me. I just sort of go..."oh hey, there's the ringing again" and then just ignore it. I also take meds that are known to cause ear I've often wondered if that is it. I honestly think I've had it since I was a child. I just sat here quietly now and concentrated and yep..I have it right now. Hang in there. "This too shall pass."
  8. PennyPanic

    Awaiting Test Results- hate this!

    Great news @Jennie048
  9. PennyPanic

    Awaiting Test Results- hate this!

    I hate the waiting game as well and I too have to get my blood drawn every 6 months. Here's what I do. I don't look at a patient portal...don't have one with that doc. My doc only calls me if there is an issue. After a week, I assume all is well. It's what my doc and I have agreed to do and it helps so much. I'm not sure it's the most responsible thing because one shouldn't just assume "no news is good news" and this is the only doc I do this with...but it has helped soooooo much. It's the only way I can survive it. Now for more encouragement: The likelihood of any major change in 6 months time is very low if not miniscule. You are doing what you need to do to head any issues off were there any...which is unlikely it's silly. Good for you for fighting your fears and doing it anyway. Hang in there and keep us posted.
  10. PennyPanic

    Pubic Hair Pain

    It's a strange feeling. The only thing I can relate it to when you put your hair up in a ponytail for hours and then take it down. When you're hair is in a ponytail for hours and then comes down it hurts...your scalp...your very hair hurts. That's what it feels like...but in the "nether regions." Sigh...leave it to me for weirdo symptoms.
  11. PennyPanic

    Pubic Hair Pain

    Don't think recent shaving or trimming.
  12. PennyPanic

    Can’t shake it

    I go through bad episodes as well. I'm kinda in one now. I feel you. It's horrible. Normal people don't constantly check themselves. You realize it. I realize it. The only way out that has ever worked for me is to pay hard attention elsewhere. I should be taking my own advice. Think of what completely takes you out of your head? Perhaps go to the movie theatre...(not just watch a movie at home). Perhaps ride a roller coaster. Perhaps read a thrilling book. Perhaps play a video game. Perhaps do some crafting. Just think of what diverts your attention at least for a moment 100%. When I find helps....a lot.
  13. PennyPanic


    I think I've been borderline anemic forever. It's common in women that have their periods whether or not the periods are heavy. Blood loss is blood loss. Hang in there.
  14. PennyPanic

    What should I do???

    Here's my non-medical professional theory. Take it for what it's worth...not much. Ha! Here goes: For those of us with HA any negative experience can have lasting effects...sort of a ptsd effect. I think this experience has obviously caused you to fixate on smells. As for the way out...there's only one way that I know. Concentrate on something else. Easier said than done, I know. Hang in there. This too shall pass.
  15. PennyPanic

    Pubic Hair Pain

    So I've had this before. It's hard to describe. Basically the pubes (that I've not shaved or trimmed) hurt when I move them or they move against my clothing. It was worse yesterday...I slept with no undies last night and it's better today. It was really bad last year and I went to my gyno multiple times and she couldn't see anything. She even ran some cultures and could find nothing. I just had my annual and made her check my skin everywhere down there so that I derm doesn't have to skin check me down there and nothing was seen. Anyhow, last year, at the height of my discomfort she prescribed some kind of lotion with steriods in it that I never used because I was afraid to use it and it just sort of went away and I forgot about it...until yesterday. I felt sorta itchy, tingly and then the old familiar...pain in the pubes. I've googled...a lot. Can't find any cause other than lots of other people (men and women, young and old) talking about similar things and I guess it just eventually goes away. Any thoughts would be appreciated.