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  1. PennyPanic

    Increase Anxiety In the Winter

    I actually feel better in the winter overall, but I think that is because I live in Florida and the summers here are full of heat, humidity and hurricanes...dreadful hurricanes. However, the time change does REALLY affect my energy levels. I hate definitely makes me more tired and I always feel better after we move that hour back in the other direction. Also, Florida winters are fact, usually if it's cold here it's super the bluest of blue skies ever with no clouds. It's unusual to have a really really cold day in Florida without a blue sky. Of course, I mean less than 60 degrees when I'm talking about a very cold Florida day. LOL. I do think there is a seasonality to this because I'm definitely better in the winter. But for more northern people, I'm sure we've all heard of "SAD" seasonal affective disorder (spelling) where people feel more depressed and tired during the winter. I have a friend who lives in Kentucky and he and his family have special lights to help combat winter depression.
  2. PennyPanic

    Update on my tooth, ear and jaw pain

    Great news @Missy2626❤️
  3. PennyPanic

    Should I ask for a Brain MRI?????

    Ok...Holls new what BT meant..awesome. LOL..sorry...long day. I should have known. I really think you might consider sinus/allergy issues...that can absolutely cause dizziness and nausea as well as pain and for sure for sure for sure...and it's sooooo easy to treat. Depending on where you live it could be dry this time of year and thus causing your sinuses to act up as well. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.
  4. PennyPanic

    Should I ask for a Brain MRI?????

    Hi Leah I "hear" the panic in your posts and want to help. I know what it's like to be panicky...we all do around here. Anyhow, I have no clue what a BT is. Sorry! Perhaps others know but maybe may want to specify it. If your doctor told you you don't have a BT (whatever it is) and then did some kind neuro test for it, why not believe them? I know, I know easier said than done. Hey, I'm a big believer in second opinions and realize we're all just patients around here and can't offer medical advice but to me the next step would be either (1) accept or (2) get a second opinion...not a brain scan. Plus insurance probably won't pay for it if the doctor doesn't think you have it. If I personally were really really really convinced, I'd get a second opinion...but that's just me. Some other thoughts for you...head tightness, dizziness etc...can be something as simple as a sinus infection...really! The hotness in your face and ears can be either menopause or perimenopause related (not sure how old you are but just sayin') or stress related...or related to a med your taking. I so wish I could help you and to help you to calm down. I just recently had a freak out of my own after getting better and I know how awful being in a state of panic can be. But here's something to get you through ...doctors like to run tests...lots of them. Why? It covers their butts and spends the money....mostly it covers their butts. So if your doctor doesn't recommend a can likely conclude that they truly don't think you need it. I'm sure others will chime in here with more ideas for you...but again...what is BT? Others might be able to share more ideas if they know what that is. Hang in there!
  5. PennyPanic

    Is health anxiety related to death anxiety (thanatophobia)?

    Holls! You're my twin! I'm a control freak as well!
  6. PennyPanic

    Dog with Scab on Ear

    Update on dog: The vet thinks it is a wart. Says she sees these in dogs all of the time and recommended not doing anything to it unless it was bothering her. Of course, she had to hedge that with "I can't promise you it's not something sinister without removing it and sending it to pathology" ...but she did go on to say that if it were her dog, she'd just leave it alone unless it was causing her dog some kind of distress because removal would involve general anesthesia and while she thinks my dog is healthy enough for surgery etc...she doesn't think the benefits outweigh the risks in this case. So I'm trying not to dwell on "I can't promise you it's not something sinister" and concentrate on "I see these every day on dogs and I really don't think it's anything other than a benign wart." That's what's so difficult with HA...dealing with the unknown....realizing that anything could be anything...that we have no control...that no matter how hard we try, no one really knows and all we can do is do the best we can. We're all in God's hands and he determines it all and we don't have control at all over anything. That's the really hard part. But I will do as the vet she said she'd do if it was here dog...she said she'd do "nothing" and "just watch" and that's what I'll do. Thank you all again and especially @Holls and @Missy2626 for your friendship, understanding and kindness. ❤️
  7. PennyPanic

    Hard to breathe when you think about it?

    I've had this before as well...a lot. I think for me I'm hyperventilating ...the old brown bag trick does help when I've encountered this. I've had the hyperventilating thing happen since childhood. So for me, it has been related to anxiety and comes and goes...sometimes it goes for literally years and then comes back.
  8. PennyPanic

    Dog with Scab on Ear

    Thank you @Holls and @Missy2626 for responding. I can't tell you what a comfort you have been to me. I'll get her checked out tomorrow at the vet and report back. I don't know why I go from zero to hysterical in a second...but sometimes that's what I do...I doing fine, getting better, handling things better, getting back and track and boom...I go cray cray with worry again. No more google for me on this. I think I've exhausted myself into compliance. Thanks again ya' means an awful lot. Makes me not feel so alone.
  9. PennyPanic

    Dog with Scab on Ear

    I've been doing so much better and trying to be a good person and come on here and help others and now I'm just lost again. My dog is my everything. We don't have children (not by choice) and sometimes I feel like she's the only thing between me and...I don't know...getting lost in total anxiety. She's the best, kindest, sweetest being in the world...someone who loves me unconditionally. I love her intensively. She's been with me through so much. Anyway, my hubby noticed a scab on the back of her ear last night (not underneath near the ear canal)..on the back. Of course, I googled and it could be nothing or something really bad. I have to wait til tomorrow to take her to the vet. I'm just so sad right now. If you have any wise words to calm me down I could use them right now.
  10. PennyPanic

    I'm scared

    I have been there...exactly where you are. It is most certainly a frightening feeling, but it does pass. I'm glad you have a therapy session soon. They will certainly help you to deal with it. Just know, I think all of us around here have experienced the same thing...and it's no fun...but it will pass.
  11. PennyPanic

    Tingly foot

    I've had all sorts of tingles and weird sensations...they come for a while, change locations, then leave. Basically, they seem to like to keep me entertained with their coming and going. LOL! I have no idea what they are and quite frankly, I don't even want to find out at this point. Hang in there...If you're like me, it will pass and be replaced by a whole new bright and shiny "worry du jour!" LOL! Seriously, hang in there and keep us posted.
  12. PennyPanic

    Climate change and panic attacks

    While the climate itself is not something I fear, I agree with @Hollson limiting news. There’s sooooo much drama and fear on the news every day. I stay informed. I have my views. I want to be a responsible member of society ... but sometimes we just have to limit our exposure to all the drama. Remember that bad news keeps people around for more ad dollars. Perhaps I’m stupid, but at this point I have to balance the bad with the good. So I end up watching the hallmark channel, reading cozy mysteries and playing FarmVille. Hey I gotta do what I gotta do to make it through the day. Lol hang in there, we’ll all be ok. Don’t worry.
  13. PennyPanic


    I've had this before. It's no fun...but it will pass...for me it has always been related to anxiety. Hang in there.
  14. PennyPanic

    Burning Skin

    I've had this SO MUCH. I've had it on my legs, shoulder, private area (that was no fun), arm, head...all over. I have no idea what it is...I've heard it's all anxiety. Most of the time it lasts for only a few days but sometimes it lasts for much longer. Eventually, it will go away. I've had it so bad that I literally have to look and look to make sure my skin isn't hurt, cut, burning, I literally can't believe it looks normal but it does. Like @Mrsrpmddo stated, as soon as I focused elsewhere it went away. I've wondered if it is fibromyalgia related. I've told my doctor about it numerous times. Sometimes it goes away for years...and then sometimes it happens more often. I went through a bout of this recently after having it gone for YEARS. I have no idea what it truly is. Hang in there.
  15. I think I've pretty much always dealt with anxiety. It got worse at puberty. I'm sure hormones don't help. I also come from a long long long line of anxiety prone I guess I was doomed at the start. I'm actually the "normal one" in my family...for real. I'm not just saying that. My family all agrees. LOL!