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  1. kvndl2

    PMS and Breast tenderness

    So I finally had my doctor's appointment the other day, they think it's likely that I have PCOS, and they also informed me that I have fluid build up in my breast which is causing the tenderness and that I need to do a warm compress 2-3 times a day. But it's not helping much. /:
  2. kvndl2

    PMS and Breast tenderness

    does anyone else have any insight on this topic?
  3. kvndl2

    PMS and Breast tenderness

    Thank you Holls. I appreciate your reply. Yeah it seems like it’s just normal body things it’s just odd since it’s never done this before. But I have another follow up on the 21st so we shall see how that goes.
  4. kvndl2

    PMS and Breast tenderness

    Also I forgot to mention when my birthday was. It was March 31 so my breast has been sensitive for over a month now
  5. kvndl2

    PMS and Breast tenderness

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here so just let me start by saying hello and that I hope you all are doing well. As for why I’m here I’m just concerned about my cycle and hormone balance. A week before my birthday which my right breast was tender and then I didn’t really start my period a week later it was just brown discharge that wasn’t heavy or anything. I didn’t have any cramps or other pms symptoms. This went on for 2 weeks. So I called the doctor. Got an appointment. They did breast exam and pelvic exam everything was normal. Well a week goes by. Still having discharge and tender breast and then discharge finally stops for about 3 days but my breast was still tender so I messaged my doctor and told her and she ordered an ultrasound for me. And then the next day I started my period. Fast forward to today. I had my ultrasound. Everything was normal. Radiologist said I might have a clogged duct. And that’s what could be causing tenderness. Well I’m still on my period have been on it for a little over a week now. It goes on and off from brown to red. Not super heavy but enough to where I still have to change my pad at least twice a day. Also I’m 25. Ive always had irregular periods where I’d go months without having it. Record being 3 months. But it’s never done this. I don’t really want to go on birth control because my family has a history of not going doing well on it. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks for reading this.
  6. kvndl2

    Shins hurting?

    Yeah maybe! I didn’t think about that. My other shin has stopped bothering me and now my left one is still feeling that sunburn type feeling. I just hope it’s nothing of concern /:
  7. kvndl2

    Shins hurting?

    So my left shin started feeling weird and “burny” ( it almost felt like o had a sunburn on a localized area of my shin) for two days only at night time when I was trying to go to bed and I’d wake up and it’s be fine and then the fourth day it stayed constantly . It’s now been a week and my shin is still acting up and now my other shin is starting to hurt? And it kinda feels like shin splints but I don’t run and my shoes aren’t terrible either. I called the doctor but I can’t get in until the 30th is November. I sont know what to think. I’ve been. Feeling kinda nauseous too? But I’m also on my period so that’s probably the culprit but I feel like I usually don’t feel the nauseated during my period. Either that or it’s like a different kinda nauseous feeling.
  8. I live in California. My mom was telling me that it's probably allergies. So I probably should take an allergy pill and see if that helps anything.
  9. annnndddddddd my headache is back LOL
  10. I finally went back to sleep and it went away. Thank you guys for all the replies I really appreciate it! They made me calm down ❤️
  11. Do they ever wake you up? I thought mine was caffeine related. Because I had a headache off and on yesterday but drinking caffeine didn't really help. So idk.
  12. Yes clenching my teeth is something I do all the time without realizing it and I was actually doing it while reading your reply and then stopped when you mentioned it because I realized I was doing it. Lol but my head is finally starting to feel a little better. Which is good. My eyes still hurt though. Although I am on my phone (even if it is on the lowest brightness and it's in night time mode which takes away a lot of the blue light) anywho. Yeah. I clench my teeth. I have yet to find a way to make myself stop (except for mouth guards)
  13. My eyes hurt too. Which is unfortunate since typing this right now kinda makes it worse but I'm still somewhat panicky. Its very much in my forehead and eyes and ears. And it's like a pressure. And feels like I was tensing in my sleep maybe??? Idk. But yeah usually sleep gets rid of mine as well which is why I'm a little panicky. Also thank you for replying so quickly
  14. I'd also like to mention that I feel fine other than I have a headache.
  15. I went to bed with a headache initially. And I just woke up because it's still there. It's like a tension headache and I'm panicking because i feel like I've never woken up from a headache before and idk what to do. Someone please calm me down? Like mu my ears feel pressure too kinda. Has anyone else woken up from a bad headache before?? I'm sure you have. But !!