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  1. kvndl2

    Worried about TSS

    I’m not having a fever or anything.and everyone keeps telling me if it was still up there I’d know. Because it can’t go far. But yeah I usually don’t wear them either for that reason but I was giving them another chance. And of course this happens lol I was going to have a pelvic exam but they only had an opening when I wasn’t available. I’m also still on my period so I feel like If I still had a tampon in me I probably wouldn’t really be bleeding. Also thank you for replying
  2. kvndl2

    "Hot" leg?

    I had something similar happen to me. Only it was on my shin. It would come and go and didn’t hurt. It lasted for about a week or so and went away. I never went to the doctor for it because it went away when I was going to actually do something about it. Im sure it’s nothign to worry about but you can always make a doctors appointment. It never hurts to do that.
  3. kvndl2

    Worried about TSS

    On the 10th I put in a tampon and when I went to take it out I couldn’t find it and I panicked. Didn’t go to the doctor though because I searched thoroughly. ( thought maybe It didn’t even go in in the first place because I’m terrible at putting tampons in). Fast forward to today. I have diarrhea and overall don’t feel 100% and now I’m worried that I have TSS.
  4. kvndl2

    PMS and Breast tenderness

    So I finally had my doctor's appointment the other day, they think it's likely that I have PCOS, and they also informed me that I have fluid build up in my breast which is causing the tenderness and that I need to do a warm compress 2-3 times a day. But it's not helping much. /:
  5. kvndl2

    PMS and Breast tenderness

    does anyone else have any insight on this topic?
  6. kvndl2

    PMS and Breast tenderness

    Thank you Holls. I appreciate your reply. Yeah it seems like it’s just normal body things it’s just odd since it’s never done this before. But I have another follow up on the 21st so we shall see how that goes.
  7. kvndl2

    PMS and Breast tenderness

    Also I forgot to mention when my birthday was. It was March 31 so my breast has been sensitive for over a month now
  8. kvndl2

    PMS and Breast tenderness

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here so just let me start by saying hello and that I hope you all are doing well. As for why I’m here I’m just concerned about my cycle and hormone balance. A week before my birthday which my right breast was tender and then I didn’t really start my period a week later it was just brown discharge that wasn’t heavy or anything. I didn’t have any cramps or other pms symptoms. This went on for 2 weeks. So I called the doctor. Got an appointment. They did breast exam and pelvic exam everything was normal. Well a week goes by. Still having discharge and tender breast and then discharge finally stops for about 3 days but my breast was still tender so I messaged my doctor and told her and she ordered an ultrasound for me. And then the next day I started my period. Fast forward to today. I had my ultrasound. Everything was normal. Radiologist said I might have a clogged duct. And that’s what could be causing tenderness. Well I’m still on my period have been on it for a little over a week now. It goes on and off from brown to red. Not super heavy but enough to where I still have to change my pad at least twice a day. Also I’m 25. Ive always had irregular periods where I’d go months without having it. Record being 3 months. But it’s never done this. I don’t really want to go on birth control because my family has a history of not going doing well on it. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks for reading this.
  9. kvndl2

    Shins hurting?

    Yeah maybe! I didn’t think about that. My other shin has stopped bothering me and now my left one is still feeling that sunburn type feeling. I just hope it’s nothing of concern /:
  10. kvndl2

    Shins hurting?

    So my left shin started feeling weird and “burny” ( it almost felt like o had a sunburn on a localized area of my shin) for two days only at night time when I was trying to go to bed and I’d wake up and it’s be fine and then the fourth day it stayed constantly . It’s now been a week and my shin is still acting up and now my other shin is starting to hurt? And it kinda feels like shin splints but I don’t run and my shoes aren’t terrible either. I called the doctor but I can’t get in until the 30th is November. I sont know what to think. I’ve been. Feeling kinda nauseous too? But I’m also on my period so that’s probably the culprit but I feel like I usually don’t feel the nauseated during my period. Either that or it’s like a different kinda nauseous feeling.
  11. I live in California. My mom was telling me that it's probably allergies. So I probably should take an allergy pill and see if that helps anything.
  12. annnndddddddd my headache is back LOL
  13. I finally went back to sleep and it went away. Thank you guys for all the replies I really appreciate it! They made me calm down ❤️
  14. Do they ever wake you up? I thought mine was caffeine related. Because I had a headache off and on yesterday but drinking caffeine didn't really help. So idk.
  15. Yes clenching my teeth is something I do all the time without realizing it and I was actually doing it while reading your reply and then stopped when you mentioned it because I realized I was doing it. Lol but my head is finally starting to feel a little better. Which is good. My eyes still hurt though. Although I am on my phone (even if it is on the lowest brightness and it's in night time mode which takes away a lot of the blue light) anywho. Yeah. I clench my teeth. I have yet to find a way to make myself stop (except for mouth guards)