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  1. KG421

    Swollen ankles

    Update: After spending DAYS googling and diagnosing myself with an uncommon form of tendinitis and convincing myself that I had somehow ruptured a tendon in my right foot that was worsening beyond repair by the minute, I saw a foot and ankle specialist and had an MRI. The doctor said my MRI was clear but that he knew what was going on. Anterior Ankle Impingement. Anytime my feet are in a standing position, the soft tissues around my ankles are being pinched and becoming inflamed. He gave me a steroid injection in the right one (which is way worse than the left). Said if it doesn’t fully take, he’ll do another one and if that doesn’t work, he’ll go in and surgically remove the inflammation. Either way it’s fixable and shouldn’t be a chronic problem. The injection has helped but I’m still having a good amount of pain so will probably go for a 2nd. Thanks for the support everyone! Bummer: I’m now experiencing a lot of pain in my low back and right hip. After I get my feet under control I’ll probably have to start all over with appointments and tests to figure that out. UGH!
  2. KG421

    Losing it!

    Has anyone experienced actual swelling of a body part caused by stress and anxiety? I just can’t figure out why I would suddenly have swelling in both my feet, in the exact same area! The doctor I saw seemed a little stumped as well.
  3. KG421

    Swollen ankles

    I was in so much pain at work today, I ended up going to an orthopedic urgent care. They did xrays of both feet which came out perfectly normal. The doctor said, “well, we could just call it tendinitis for now.” He prescribed a steroid, ice and rest. I’ll have a follow up appt next Monday to possibly do blood work. That fact that he couldn’t give me a definitive diagnosis is really worrying me. What if it’s not tendinitis? What if this doesn’t get better and I can’t work or even walk or for more than a few minutes, forever?? I’m also thinking, “what if this is all another anxiety thing?” Although I’ve never had actual swelling with anxiety.
  4. KG421

    Swollen ankles

    Thanks guys! Trying to remind myself that there are a whole lot of things between pain/swelling and heart failure or loosing the ability to walk, but we all know how that goes sometimes. 🙄 my right leg is about 1/2 inch shorter than my left and that’s the leg I’m having trouble with. So maybe something to do with that. Tendonitis maybe? Probably will call an orthopedist tomorrow. I should be measured for a custom orthotic anyway.
  5. KG421

    Swollen ankles

    Not sure, I guess. No pitting. It looks quite mild but is very painful. I’m so worried that I’m permanently not going to be able to walk.
  6. The past few weeks I’ve been experiencing really bad low back, hip, leg and foot pain. Last night when I got home from work my feet were killing me! I noticed that I had some swelling around my ankles. I googled in a panic and the first thing to come up was, ankle swelling can be a sign of right sided heart failure! I could barely sleep last night I had so much anxiety. The right side of my heart is slightly compressed due to a congenital chest deformity. I’m worried the two could be linked. I do work retail and am on my feet at least 8 hours a day but I’ve been doing this job for 16 years. I’m only 33 and can suddenly barely make it through a shift. My mind is racing back and forth between heart failure and randomly losing the ability to walk. Please help!
  7. I’m now very worried this could be MS. Pain, weakness, tingling ALL on one side. Especially hand and foot. I feel like I need to really concentrate in use my hand. Help!
  8. Anyone else experience physical symptoms/pain on just one side of their body? Right side only for me! I have several congenital skeletal defects on that side. I’m 33 and have never been diagnosed with any sort of syndrome or disease related to the defects but I worry that I must have some kind of undiagnosed rare condition that is worsening as I age. I’ve been going through a big anxiety relapse the past week and have had so much pain, tingling, weakness and off balance-ness ALL on my right side only.
  9. @mollyfin, thanks for googling! It’s nice when someone else is willing to look for you. I guess I’ll just add curved optic nerves to the long list of other unexplained congenital defects I have. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. At my most recent eye exam, the doctor mentioned that my optic nerves are curved. She didn’t seem concerned about it but of course I’m thinking there must be some underlying cause and it must be bad. Any thoughts?
  11. @utrocket09, thanks. Do you have severe PE? Does it cause you any symptoms? I have all of the things I listed as well as shortness of breath and reduced exercise tolerance. My biggest problem right now is that I CAN’T STOP researching PE and it’s lead me down a rabbit hole that I can’t seem to get myself out of. I focus on my heart 24 hours a day. First thing I think about when I wake up and last thing I think about before falling asleep. I need help.
  12. I’ve posted about this a few times already but I just can’t get myself out of this hole. I just keep going deeper and deeper. I’ll try to make it short. I am 33 years old and have Pectus Excavatum. A CT scan showed my heart being slightly compressed because of it. There is a surgery to correct it but it is a very long, painful recovery. Which I am not sure I am mentally strong enough to handle. I am reading that many people with PE have some sort of connective tissue disorder. I have a lot of skeletal abnormalities on just my right side including, PE, mild scoliosis, shorter leg, dropped shoulder. I also have unexplained hearing loss. My doctor has never mentioned anything about tissue disorders but I’m wondering if it’s something I should pursue? How do you even go about testing for one? My anxiety has been so bad lately I feel like death would be very comforting.
  13. KG421


    No. I get them once or twice a year.
  14. This literally JUST happened to me! I’ve been having a lot of general pain lately. Tight muscles, achy/cracking joints, fatigue, weakness. I was watching an Instagram story of a woman I follow and she posted about a friend of hers who went to the doctor a week ago for sore muscles and joint pain. DR said she was fine. A few days later she fell while stepping up onto a curb. Later that same day she sat down to change her child’s diaper and couldn’t get back up. Now she’s in the hospital, unable to walk at all and the doctors can’t figure out why. My pain immediately intensified and now I’m feeling like I can’t walk. I also feel guilty for feeling like this because there is someone out there who actually very suddenly lost her ability to walk. Sorry if that story is triggering but better for me to get it out here than on Google!
  15. KG421


    Unfortunately I don’t remember. It was several years ago and was prescription. Now I just let them fade on their own but I have a spot on my right leg from last fall that is not fading. I may go in and see if he can give me something for it. If I get anything I’ll come back and post.