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  1. Happy Birthday:)

  2. It just took over

    i just got back from the store and all of sudden I started sweating and feeling lightheaded ! Got me really worried I'm going to have a heart attack or stroke . I've had multiple blood tests and stress tests and been to the ER 5 times ! Everything came back normal and My personal doctor said I was fine . They also said my stress test was fine and my heart was good . Just a little scary . Can anybody help me calm down a little . I'm sure it's just anxiety or a panic attack . Just a little more than I'm used to today
  3. Does marijuana work for panic and anxiety attacks.

    @Gilly I don't necessarily want the head high or any of that nonsense . I just want the panic gone . I think I will try the CBD you were talking about . I know a guy in Berkeley that runs a lab for testing MJ . I will see what he suggests as for CBD and panic disorders . Thank you Gilly and everybody else for trying to help and your responses .
  4. Does anybody have any experience using marijuana to deal with panic attacks ? And if so what did you find was the best strain for you ? I ask because I use to smoke a lot of weed and didn't have panic attacks for 13 years and ever since I quit smoking my attacks have came back . I quit initially because I had an attack at the same time I was smoking but it only happened once and since then I haven't touched the stuff . My doctor says it might be worth giving it a shot again . Any ideas anybody any input helps a lot . Thank you
  5. Waking up shaking

    I have the same feeling at times especially if I had been sleeping really hard on my left arm and shoulder . I can usually feel it spasming as I lay on it . As I am not a medical professional and I have very bad health anxiety mostly I think I'm going to have a heart attack or stroke, I would say this is normal for people with anxiety . My left arm and shoulder twitch frequently and also my eye twitches . I have had every test under the sun ran and all the doctors say everything is fine . Prayers to you
  6. Having really bad anxiety

    Missy2626, thank you . Would that also account for the lightheadedness for the rest of the day even after the nap do you know ? Yeah it was really scary . Thank you for your help and input . It's definitely something I don't ever want to experience again .
  7. Having really bad anxiety

    I feel like I had a really bad anxiety attack earlier but I'm not sure what it was . I had just finished lunch and my vision started to get blurry in one eye and then went to both eyes where it was spotty and dark and sometime flashes of light I got really scared and my BP went up and after about 30-45 min the blurry vision went away . I started getting a headache so I laid down and now I'm feeling really disconnected and lightheaded and almost dizzy I guess you'd say . Anyway since I've been to the ER so many times and they've ran literally all the tests they can and they all say I'm fine I thought I would tough it out and see if it got better . I'm still lightheaded after eating and just feel not right . Can anybody help please ?
  8. In the middle of a panic attack

    Thank you BeeDot ! I appreciate your caring and I think you were exactly right . I just needed some food .
  9. So I was doing okay all day although I hadn't eaten and all of a sudden out of no where I started feeling light headed and disconnected from the world and on the left side under my ribs towards the bottom started to flutter . I suspected that I was having a panic attack and just tried to calm myself down but as I lay here my left side starts to hurt more and freak me out and now I'm totally losing control . Can anybody offer some comfort or an explanation . I don't understand . I was fine all day and then it just came on all of a sudden . I just snakcked a little but it's still there
  10. Need some help please

    I've posted on here a few times trying to deal with my anxiety . And I was doing good for a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden out of nowhere yesterday I started having a panic attack and my pulse jumped up to 120 and my BP shot up to 150/100, started feeling tingling in my left arm followed by pins and needles . It scared me so bad . I'm on BP m medication and my BP is normally 130/90 with a heart rate of 85ish . It totally freaked me out because I could feel my pulse really strongly in my neck and I could hear it in my head . Everyone says that it's anxiety from the doctors to friends and family but I can't seem to beat it ! It's the scariest thing ever
  11. I'm so tired of this

    I found the same thing . And now that I've been working more to try and block out everything it seems like my slight pains and aches go away and like everybody said turn out to be nothing . Thank you for your help
  12. Chest Pains

    I get the same things . Chest pain eleven aged heart rate . It's all the symptoms of anxiety . I know it feels like pure hell and it's scary but you will get through this . Congrats on the job btw . I've been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks forever and I know that they feel like your going to die but you won't . I went to the ER 4 times had ekg's and much higher BP and heart rate . And I'm still here . They're just classic signs of anxiety . Try taking deep breaths through the nose to get oxygen to the lower lungs . That seems to help me breath through my attacks . This is a great place to get feedback and comfort . Chin up and congrats again . Just keep telling yourself that you are okay . Prayers to you
  13. Anyone get a sudden sense of relief from posting?

    I agree with you and get the same sense of relief when posting . Like you said the replies help tremendously but something about writing it out helps
  14. Herpes outbreak, 40 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

    No shame ! I will be praying for you and your baby and healthy and speedy recovery! There is no shame for those in Christ Jesus
  15. I'm so tired of this

    So what should i do ? Should I give the meds a shot but take them at night this time ? Even though I'm so scared of every side effect and sure I'll get them all . I honestly think that maybe they could be beneficial if I can get through the first couple weeks . My doctor said that it will take a couple weeks for the full benefits to kick in and after that I'd be much happier and have better quality of life . If you have any info on effexor I'd gladly take it and weigh it out . Thank you again for talking with me