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  1. Stop the poking and prodding! You’re only going to make the area tender and painful. Everyone gets constipated periodically. As the others have posted, I too recommend taking something to loosen things up a bit. Relax, you’re fine.
  2. @Lolo95 twitching with ALS always comes after clinical weakness and atrophy. Also, ALS twitching is so fine, most patients don’t even notice it.
  3. I have know a few people suffering from chronic dizziness. They all were cured with the eply maneuver. Give it a try. It’s just a few head adjustments that clear out particles in the inner ear.
  4. You can easily have a condition where the nerves are compressed on both sides. There are three nerve branches feeding the sciatica. They come through L4, L5 and S1, if I recall correctly. Anyway, any anomaly with the discs between those vertebrae can effect either one or both sides.
  5. Classic BFS. Read this:
  6. Excellent point. Sudden and severe clinical weakness is key. Thanks for sharing Marc!
  7. BS. Mine has been much higher than yours on one visit. They didn’t want me to leave the office until it was sub 140. Doc said white coat + panic attack.
  8. A friend of mine had appendicitis. She had nausea with lower abdominal pain. It wasn’t constant for her. No one here can diagnose you. I’m just saying it’s more likely benign and you should ask your doctor.
  9. Very much doubt it’s cancer, but it very well could be your appendix. You should talk to your doctor about it.
  10. Three years twitching for me as well. Hot spots are the arches of both feet. Calves, thighs and buttocks. Also torso when I stretch. No weakness. My doctor told me that anxiety is triggering them. He told me to ignore them.
  11. Probably a pinched nerve. Talk to your doctor. I was experiencing tingling and weakness in my right arm and hand. Doctor referred me to a physical therapist. The muscles in my traps and shoulder were so tight, it was causing my neurological symptoms. After six weeks of PT my symptoms went away.
  12. Yes. Als is accompanied with clinical weakness, not perceived weakness.
  13. Sorry, but I’m going to believe the experts (doctors) over stories you read on the Internet.
  14. He won’t let it go. He knows how the disease progresses, yet chooses to believe the contrary. The EMG done for the symptoms he was presenting was way overboard. The only reason it was done was for his own peace of mind. Cuban, I’m sorry to see that your mind is still playing games. Please focus on the fix.
  15. Very interesting that someone else has thought of this. I have often wondered about the possibility myself.