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  1. clearhead

    I need calming

    Classic panic attack. Try to relax. Perhaps a nice quiet warm bubble bath.
  2. clearhead

    Does your wrist have one bump or two?

    I have two bumps as well. Never noticed it. You’re fine.
  3. clearhead

    Well, I’m relapsing to “a”

    Amen to this!
  4. No. Citolopram (Celexa). Taking medicine in the morning is harder for me to remember . I just configured a reminder on my phone.
  5. clearhead

    Relapse of ALS fears

    He didn’t even examine you. I have never used one of those services. I prefer face to face. That’s just me.
  6. clearhead

    ALS fear

    You don’t have ALS. Yes muscle cramping, stiffness, soreness can all be attributed to anxiety.
  7. Yes as a matter of fact, I was.
  8. clearhead


    That’s because the twitching accompanied with ALS is very fine and weak. Most of the time unnoticeable. The neurologist uses a type of strobe light to see them.
  9. One more thing. I take my SSRI in the morning. I tried it before bed at first and wasn’t sleeping well.
  10. Cuban, Others have mentioned it, but I want to highlight it. Take the medicine exactly as prescribed. DO NOT stop taking it without first consulting the prescribing doctor. With SSRIs they wean you when starting and stopping the medicine.
  11. clearhead

    ALS fear

    EMG is not necessary. Good news.
  12. Contact your provider and ask. You can also call and ask the pharmacist if you cannot get to your provider. I know that SSRI’s can cause twitching.
  13. clearhead

    New User / ALS / MND Worries.

    Odds are BFS.
  14. clearhead

    Relapse of ALS fears

    Online doctor??? How did he examine you?
  15. clearhead

    Relapse of ALS fears

    You do not have anything that even comes close to resembling ALS. We are asymmetrical. Our strength and coordination are not the same between both sides. It’s clear that you are dealing with anxiety. Good job on dealing with it in a healthy manor.