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  1. clearhead


    Three years twitching for me as well. Hot spots are the arches of both feet. Calves, thighs and buttocks. Also torso when I stretch. No weakness. My doctor told me that anxiety is triggering them. He told me to ignore them.
  2. clearhead

    ALS Concerns...Hear me out on this one.

    Probably a pinched nerve. Talk to your doctor. I was experiencing tingling and weakness in my right arm and hand. Doctor referred me to a physical therapist. The muscles in my traps and shoulder were so tight, it was causing my neurological symptoms. After six weeks of PT my symptoms went away.
  3. clearhead

    ALS Concerns...Hear me out on this one.

    Yes. Als is accompanied with clinical weakness, not perceived weakness.
  4. clearhead

    ALS Concerns...Hear me out on this one.

    Sorry, but I’m going to believe the experts (doctors) over stories you read on the Internet.
  5. clearhead

    I am having a mental breakdown (ALS Fear)

    He won’t let it go. He knows how the disease progresses, yet chooses to believe the contrary. The EMG done for the symptoms he was presenting was way overboard. The only reason it was done was for his own peace of mind. Cuban, I’m sorry to see that your mind is still playing games. Please focus on the fix.
  6. clearhead

    Could it be ALS

    Very interesting that someone else has thought of this. I have often wondered about the possibility myself.
  7. clearhead

    BFS Health Anxiety

    For me stiffness is an accompanying symptom. The stiffness gives me the impression that my leg is weak. It comes and goes. Once again it’s not about feeling. It’s about failure.
  8. clearhead

    Pinched/damaged nerve - relief?

    Hi Bin, I had something very similar to what you described. I stopped sleeping on my side and also went to a physical therapist. The PT showed me some exercises for my shoulder. It took a couple of months but healed just fine.
  9. clearhead

    BFS Health Anxiety

    Definitely not ALS. Most likely BFS. ALS twitching occurs AFTER or with clinical weakness. Clinical weakness is not feeling. It’s true failure. You cannot move the part of your body that is effected. Also ALS starts in one part of the body, usually foot or hand and progresses for there. Read this for more information.
  10. clearhead

    New here and freaking out

    This is excellent!!!
  11. clearhead

    New here and freaking out

    Sounds like BFS. Read this:
  12. clearhead

    High testing pulse

    It’s called white coat syndrome. Basically our stress increases before and during our doctor appointment, especially for us with HA. With that comes increased pulse rate and blood pressure. Doctors and nurse practitioners are well aware of it.
  13. clearhead

    dr visits week..and blood pressure concern

    It’s called white coat syndrome. My BP climbs up before and during a doctor visit. No big deal. I have high blood pressure. Jennie048 is right on. My doctor had me monitor my BP for a week before he determined that I should take medication for it. You should rest at least five minutes or more before you take it. For example, don’t take it right after you were walking, climbing stairs.... etc....
  14. clearhead

    Still peeing and worried.

    I hear you. I’ve been dealing with it for 40 years now. Comes and goes. It’s a challenge to ignore. Definitely harder than ignoring a twitch.
  15. clearhead

    Triggered by ALS POSts

    Als? No. With als you don’t feel weakness. You have clinical weakness. A weakness where you can’t move the muscle that is affected. Reading posts triggers you? Absolutely! Our subconscious minds are our worst enemy with HA. We suppress our thoughts, only to come back in our conscience mind at a later time with a vengeance.