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  1. Hey people, recently I have been having a weird aching feeling behind my right testicle and that general area also including the pelvis area. I have been worried sick with the fact that its either epididymis or something else that I don't need. I haven't been sexually active at all. I am in good shape and healthy and the pain and aches seem to go away when I can seem to get my mind off it, but it always seems to be in the back of my head. I've only had these symptoms for 3 or 4 days now and they've seem to be a little different everyday. Also I will note that other anxiety symptoms Ive had in the near past are tingling on one side of my head, feeling like there is no circulation in the bottom of my foot from not breathing properly, and seemly googling every weird feeling I get in my body. Some reassure or guidance would be greatly appreciated as well as medical advice. Also let me note that there are no physical symptoms of anything so far such as urinating and feeling around for anything unusual.