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  1. I was getting a manicure today and the nail lady cut the side of my finger with a metal tool and it is still bleeding. I don't know what the cleaning procedures for the equipment there are. I read online that there is a known case of someone getting hiv from sharing nail equipment in 2014. What are my chances of getting hiv from this? I also got these lines lower on my finger that look like cuts, but I think they are just from my skin cracking because of the cold.
  2. Red spots on nipple. Worried

    Ok thank you so much. That calms me down a lot
  3. Red spots on nipple. Worried

    Ive been having pain on my right breast and under that armpit, but I don't feel any lumps. I don't know if its real pain or if I'm imagining it :/ If it is real pain it could probably be from my book bag straps too, but I don't know
  4. Red spots on nipple. Worried

    On just the nipple? Mine are just on the nipples, not the part around it
  5. Red spots on nipple. Worried

    The past 2 days my breasts have been really sore(and they don't get sore that often unless I am near my period, which I am not) So I'm cornered about that and today I noticed that on both of my nipples I have tiny little red dots. It looks kinda dry and looks like it could be blood spots, but it won't come off when I rub it with a tissue and there is no discharge that I am aware of . I don't know if I have always had this, I usually check for lumps but I don't normally pay attention to my nipples. I made an appointment with my womens health doctor for tuesday to see about a mole on the side of my breast, so I am going to mention that too. But now I can calm down in the waiting. Does this sound like breast cancer?
  6. Could this be breast cancer?

    Not that I remember. But my book bag is usually really heavy so it could be from that. And i hit my shoulder really hard against a door frame the other day. Its not bad today, I didnt even feel any pain until I started thinking about it so now I don't know if it really still hurts or if Im imagining it
  7. Could this be breast cancer?

    My period was a couple weeks ago
  8. Could this be breast cancer?

    All the sudden today I have this sore spot on my right breast and on that one all day I've had this burning/cramping sensation on and off through the day. I don't think I've dealt with before, could it be cancer?
  9. Afraid of having melanoma, please help

    I don't think its gotten bigger, at least from what I have noticed
  10. Afraid of having melanoma, please help

    Im not sure if anything is changed, it may have gotten bigger over time, but Im not sure. I was never really concerned with it. What worries me is that it is raised and kinda big, which makes it look weird
  11. In my health we are learning about melanoma and now I'm scared. I've had this big mole on the side of my breast for a really long time and was never really worried about it because it has always been there. But now that Im looking at it I'm getting anxious. Its big, but not bigger than an eraser on a pencil. It looks symmetric, but along the border it looks a bit darker. It never hurts and I never notice is ooze or anything. Its mostly dark all over, but a little darker on the edges. I have a couple big moles on my back that have always been there, but again I can't look at my own back so I don't know if they look like this one. Im scared because if it is melanoma its been there for years and that means I would probably die from it, right? Please help, Im too scared to go to the doctor.
  12. In my mammalogy class, we set out a water bowl for animals to drink from and i saw on camera is got visited by foxes, raccoons, bunnies, and deer! While this is really exciting, I walked by the water bowl and my hand(which has some open cuts) on it got close to the bowl and Im not sure/afraid that it touched it. If it did, what are my chances of getting rabies from it since animals have been drinking from that bowl? Should I be concerned?
  13. Can I get rabies from a box trap?

    That a rabid animal could have been in? We didn't catch anything in the box traps, but an animal could have got in and out without triggering the door. I just now found a cut on my finger that I didnt notice at the time or maybe the trap cut me because its kinda sharp. And i was messing with the peanut butter bait that an animal could have been chewing on with a possible cut on my hand. So if the box trap cut me or if the cut was already there and I was touching the bait and stuff that a rabid animal could have came in contact with and it touched my cut, could I get rabies from this?
  14. How can I get over my rabies fear to enjoy my class?

    You see she won't be with us all the time. There are times we have to go with a group to let out the animals.
  15. I am taking a mammalogy class and I am really excited, but worried. We are going to be bating and capturing mammals that are in a field site in a small town located near my university. Which means we are going to be handling them. My professor said there is a protocol involved for students since we will be handling wild animals, but very little. She said the best way is to put a net over the trap to let the small animal go into, then to measure it then let it go. I'm afraid I will end up getting rabies somehow like from handling the net(since when it gets colder my hands crack) or from getting bit and not noticing. Or accidentally touching the bate. The only animals involved in these small traps are smaller mammals. The bigger animals we will just be watching live footage. How can I get over my fear so I can enjoy this class? And do you think i will end up getting rabies from this? Really worried because I usually have cuts on my hands and she didnt say anything about wearing gloves. And this is her first time doing this class with bating. But gloves won't keep an animal from biting you. I think this class will help me get over my fear, but how do I deal with this fear now and during the first time so i can get over it?