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  1. I think that agoraphobia can develop after having anxiety in a situation or place. Next time you visit that place or are in that situation, you panic again about the possibility of an anxiety attack. The spiral continues until you can no longer do the things that bring worries of a panic attack. The fact that you recognize this makes me think it won’t lead down that slippery slope and get out of hand.
  2. So, herniated discs in the back/neck do get worse overnight usually because of fluid buildup in the spinal column. My back problems are 100x worse first thing in the morning. I would ask the nurse if the Botox doesn’t work, what are the next steps and is an MRI on the table. I assume you had one for your neck, so you could also ask if it showed the head as well. Then you would have a definitive NO for brain tumor.
  3. Have you read somewhere that hemorrhoids can affect how much you go? I have never heard that and I’ve had them before. I do agree that perhaps for a few weeks or so you should flush before you even get up. Just don’t look! I agree that as long as you are going regularly (which is different for everyone, not necessarily every day) then you are ok.
  4. Panic attack can happen even when you’re not stressed or anxious. For many people they seem to come out of the blue. What you describe sounds like a classic panic attack. There may be no reason you had the panic attack, they just happen. Trying to pin it on something can be frustrating and cause you to start avoiding things unnecessarily trying to prevent one. The best thing you can do is find something that will snap you out of the feelings of panic when they arise. This is one thing you can google and find help with! There may be some help on the Panic forum as well.
  5. If they weren’t accurate, they would just send you for the MRI. This is a question you should pose to the doctor before you leave the office so they can tell you exactly what they are looking for and what their conclusion was. That way you’re not second guessing things once you leave the office. When they do the neuro test in office they are looking for subtle clues to show that there may be a problem worth checking out. Nothing is 100%, but your doctor said there was no reason to do any further testing so believe them.
  6. Why do you assume it has to be cancer? If it happens several months in a row, then get it checked out. Even then it’s most likely a hormone issue, fibroids (which are not cancer), endometriosis (not cancer). Stress can cause periods to be irregular as well.
  7. I normally have one a day. Sometimes I skip a day. This week I skipped two days. Your body isn’t on a schedule, a lot depends on what you eat, drink, do (exercise, sit around) and what your state of mind is, which is directly connected to your gut. Sometimes things move faster, sometimes slower. Holls is right, the more you focus on it the more messed up it can get.
  8. How did your appointment go with your therapist? Did they give you any tools to deal with your anxious thoughts? It takes practice and more practice to get out of the worry cycle. From reading your posts you are deep into it, second guessing every sensation you are having. You must find a way to stop that cycle or it will totally consume your entire life. As myself and others have mentioned, seeking reassurance, whether it’s from your mother or friend or this forum DOES NOT WORK. All it does it make you want to seek it again and again for every little thing. You have to accept that you have anxiety and work your way through those feelings so eventually you get to a place where you can rationalize with your thoughts and get yourself out of the worry cycle on your own. It takes time, but if you work at it you will get better. Next time you have a worry about something you feel tell your anxiety to take a hike and think about all the sensations you have throughout the day that are just part of being human. If you can make it one hour, then one day, then three days, etc...without seeking reassurance (no google or forum searches either!) eventually you will be able to get past thinking every single thing you feel is something to worry about. If your therapist isn’t giving you any tools to work thru the anxiety then ask for them. If they have, getting things in writing helps so you can review and use them without having to remember what they told you to do, which during a bout of anxiety, might be difficult to recall.
  9. I agree with Holls, find a doctor you can trust and feel comfortable with. My primary is amazing. She knows about my anxiety and doesn’t feed into it by doing unnecessary testing. She tells me straight up what she thinks. I maybe go once or twice a year other than my annual physical (this year was back problems and a pulled muscle) but I can email her with questions if I need to. Having a doc that knows you can be helpful when something does come up, knowing your history (more than answers on a questionnaire) is important. They do not just give out bad news if you go for a yearly physical. If you’re only going when something is bothering you it can feel that way, but building a relationship with a doctor can be helpful when things do pop up.
  10. 90 is not considered low, especially if you were sitting in the office for a while. If you were exerting yourself then 90 would be low, but I’ve had readings in the 90’s before and they have never said anything.
  11. I get that feeling mid cycle as well. It could be you’ve always had it but are now just noticing it because of your heightened anxiety. It can certainly also be gas, I’ve had that sensation before, too.
  12. If you search buzzing on this forum you get over 300 hits. It can definitely be caused by anxiety.
  13. You really, really need to stop asking for reassurance for every bodily sensation you have. It’s a never ending cycle if you don’t stop it on your own. Reassurance never lasts as you can tell. Please ask your therapist to give you some tools to help break this worry cycle. You are too young to live the rest of your life with these worries!
  14. Cheyne Stokes breathing would not be the first symptom of something terminal. Your breathing is regulated by your autonomic nervous system, if you try to override it by forcing faster or slower breathing and heart rate you will definitely feel some effects from that as your body tries to get control back. Your brain knows what your body needs and that’s why you don’t have to think about how to breathe. Exercising? Your breathing gets faster because you need oxygen getting to the heart and muscles. It just happens. The more you try to control it the worse you will feel and that will continue the anxiety spiral. Trust your body that it will give you what you need and accept that you do not have some undiagnosed terminal illness. You’ve been cleared by many doctors, so trust them and find a way to move on. Therapy might be helpful if you are willing. They will yeah you ways to change your thinking patterns and get out of that what if cycle.
  15. Iugrad91


    If you have seen both a doctor and a dentist and they said you are fine, believe them. Do not continue to look for reasons to worry, because you will find them
  16. It’s all connected structurally, so you may be compensating in some way because of the pain in your ankles and that is causing the hip and back pain. I’m having a similar issue and mine was getting better, but I was changing my gait because of the pain and I caused another issue. Physical therapy is helping so far. A PT can help you find weaknesses and such that can be causing the pain in your hip and back. It may be referred pain originating from somewhere else.
  17. Have you tried therapy? There are tools they can teach you to reframe your thinking and rationalize things you’re worried about. You have to get yourself out of this obsessive pattern of over analyzing everything going on day to day and hour to hour.
  18. Headache is not a symptom of stroke. Both of my parents have had strokes (one clot, one bleeder) and headache was not a symptom for either of them.
  19. Practicing acceptance is a lot like practicing any other skill. You have to keep at it. Over and over and over. Every time you start with the what if’s. The more you practice the easier it will get and the less often you will have to use the tools of CBT. There may be regressions here and there when you have to be vigilant again. But it will get better if you put the effort in. Don’t give up!
  20. Because you still have anxiety. You haven’t let go of this worry. Read the 100 symptoms of anxiety list pinned to the top of the forum page. Your anxiety is trying to get your attention, like a toddler that constantly pokes their mom when she’s busy. Your anxiety will continue to poke you for attention if it gets the response it wanted, which is your focus. You have to work on acknowledging and accepting so your mind can move on from the worry. I say to myself: Yes, I see you there but I am not going to give you the attention you seek. I am not going to give further worry to my sensations. If it gets bad I put up a STOP sign in my head and yell stop! at my anxiety. That can often work to snap me out of a worry cycle. This site has helped me during times of high anxiety. There are some good behavior techniques that can help one rationalize their feelings during an episode. https://maps.anxietycanada.com/courses/my-anxiety-plan-map-for-adults/
  21. Could be a sinus infection or just allergies and congestion. I get bloody snot when it’s dry out or my sinuses are infected. If you took lots of meds to dry out the mucus that can cause bleeding. Does not at all mean cancer.
  22. What it means is you are definitely over analyzing every sensation and function you are having. You have to change the questioning of everything you do and feel. Scream NO at your anxiety when it asks “what if this means something” or “why is this happening” or “why is this not happening”. When you’re satisfied with one answer you move onto something else. This is why reassurance does NOT work with health anxiety. You may feel good temporarily but then other anxieties pop up and you need more reassurance. It’s a cycle you need to break. Therapy can help you learn how if you’re willing.
  23. I enjoy acupuncture. Not really sure if it’s the needles or the laying down with meditative music on for 45min and relaxing. But either way I feel good when the session is over.
  24. Behind the eye and top teeth ache for me is always sinus issues. Usually I have green mucus along with it and a sinus infection, but that doesn’t necessarily always have to be the case. If you are stuffy as well perhaps a trip to the doc or walk in would help and a prescription for antibiotics. If you don’t have mucus or congestion it could just be irritated sinuses from allergies or airborne irritants. Try a neti pot to wash out the sinuses, it usually helps me.
  25. If it’s in the normal range then it’s normal. Numbers fluctuate because of what we’ve eaten, the time of day, stress level, hydration, and just normal bodily function. There are no trends to be found when numbers are normal.