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  1. Iugrad91

    Well, I’m relapsing to “a”

    As you’re discovering it doesn’t just end with a clean bill of health from your doctor. You have to fight back the anxiety that will try to creep in again and again. Your mind will keep asking what if questions, what if he missed something, what if I didn’t explain my symptoms clearly, what if it’s to early to diagnose, etc... Each time your anxiety tries to get you to go down that path again you must tell it NO! If you haven’t already, I suggest listening to the Anxiety Guy podcasts on YouTube. They have helped me tremendously. You have to keep digging yourself out of the hole, but the more you do the easier it will get each time. You made it thru the hardest part, the not knowing before your test if your symptoms were serious or not. Now you know you do not have ALS! So run with that and tell your anxiety to go to hell. Everyone backslides once in a while, don't let it drag you down again. Fight back!
  2. Iugrad91

    Well, I’m relapsing to “a”

    He came to that conclusion because he’s a neurologist and knows what he’s looking for! At some point you have to trust what the doctor says or you won’t have any relief from your anxiety. I do think that we notice things once something happens in our life which makes us more aware. Kind of like when we bought a car in a certain color that isn’t popular and now we notice that color car quite often. We just weren’t looking for it before but now that we have one we are more aware when we see one. So it’s not that the disease is not rare but now that it’s your primary worry it will seem like you see and hear about it more often when in reality nothing has changed but your sensitivity to the subject.
  3. Iugrad91

    Scary migraine aura

    I had one a couple of years ago but without the headache afterward. I called my eye doc and he said it’s normal and can happen. The aura usually lasts about 20min and you can have a headache after or not. I haven’t had one since.
  4. Iugrad91

    ALS fear

    Yes you are fine. Several people who have visited their doc for ALS fears said the doc told them they could see ALS a mile away. It’s not subtle. And it doesn’t start with twitching.
  5. Iugrad91

    ALS fear

    Just search twitching on this website and you’ll see how many people have twitching as a symptom of anxiety. I’d guess most of us have had it at one point or another even if we haven’t posted about it.
  6. Iugrad91

    Relapse of ALS fears

    That’s one problem with online medical advise. They are going off of what you are telling them. I’m not saying you are making things up but if you saw a doc in person and wiggled your toes on each foot they may say totally normal and same. You see something because you have in the back of your mind there is something there to see. I know many on these forums use the online docs for reassurance, but I always go to my regular doc (or email with questions) because she knows me and my history and I have good insurance so it won’t cost me an arm and a leg.
  7. Iugrad91

    Tingling left temple and cheekbone

    I get tingling on one side of my face when I’m extremely anxious. Happened once when I was about to get on a plane with my daughter. Some deep breathing helped.
  8. Iugrad91


    No offense, but if you’re not a doctor you don’t know what you’re looking for with atrophy. I’m not a doc either, but my guess is you are seeing normal differences in your problem limbs (we are NOT symmetrical beings) and atrophy would be so easy for a doc to spot there is no way they would overlook that. We've all been in a spiral before, feeling like people don’t understand or believe us. You say the feelings are real, yes they certainly are! I don’t think your family is trying to say you’re making it up or not feeling what you say you are. What they are saying is that your anxiety is making you feel the way you do. Think about all the posts you read on these forums, all the complaints of dizziness, headache, nausea, tremors, twitching, aches, pains, brain fog, tiredness, etc...and we all think they are caused by something (usually nothing good) but it is almost always anxiety. Or something treatable and benign. As someone on here has said their doc told them “You’re not special. You are not the 1 in a million that has XYZ.” At some point don’t you think that you should try to accept that you don’t have ALS? Is all the worrying going to help? Will it change the outcome? What if you accepted what everyone is saying? Would it be terrible not to be consumed by this every waking moment?
  9. I give myself at least three weeks when I have a new issue. Then I email my doc first before making an appt. She can usually talk me down from whatever it is I am worried about. I end up going in maybe once a year besides for my annual physical. I know that if I made a habit out of seeking reassurance with a doctors visit that would be a slippery slope for me and I don’t want to go that route. If I can distract myself from whatever is bothering me I know it’s just anxiety.
  10. Iugrad91

    I Googled Like an Idiot

    Agree with Mrs that if it moves around when you shift then it’s muscular. I have upper back tension when I am anxious. Could be the way you are carrying things, posture, or stress related.
  11. Iugrad91

    I Googled Like an Idiot

    You’ve had this pain for quite a while now haven’t you? I’m pretty sure that the ultrasound is meant to pick up whatever a normal mammo would miss with someone that has dense breasts. This was the first year I had the ultrasound after getting the dense breast tissue letter after my mammo for years. If you’ve had the pain for months now the ultrasound would have picked up on something if it was anything sinister. Have you been to an orthopedist? It sounds to me like a shoulder injury. Has the pain been constant or do you feel it when you move a certain way? Does it come and go?
  12. Iugrad91


    Agree with Doxie and Holls. You doctor is concerned about your anxiety. If he thought you had ALS he would not have just given you a prescription for meds and sent you off. He wants you to see an ortho for your hand if you want because he doesn’t know why you have the clicking and popping but he DOES know it’s not ALS or any other serious neurological issue. He is not ignoring your concerns but is addressing them by saying you can follow up with ortho. What else do you want him to do?
  13. Iugrad91


    From what I understand, and Holls can correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t feel weakness before failure because it’s not a problem with the muscle at all, it’s a problem with the nerve and all of a sudden it doesn’t get the message to the muscle to move. The muscle is perfectly able to respond but it’s not getting the signal to do anything. The atrophy happens because the nerve can’t tell the muscle to move anymore so it wastes quickly.
  14. Iugrad91

    When you are so accustomed to anxiety

    What number would you NOT be worried about? In my experience, when you’re in the midst of anxiety (which can be often for many of us) we could spin a story about anything we observe. Just the simple observation makes us start to wonder why is what we noticed the way it is. Always looking for some kind of explanation for everything. I find it can be hard to just live without trying to figure everything out.
  15. Iugrad91

    Bad Back Pain Fears

    My back pain is directly linked to my stress/anxiety level. My back tightens up when I’m stressed and then it hurts. When I’m feeling good it doesn’t do that. Back pain is the most common reason people are their doc, it is very common.