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  1. Iugrad91

    Scared about heart! Help!

    Anything between 60-100bpm at rest is normal. 75-80 is not considered fast in my opinion. It is amazing how much your heart rate can change (slower/faster) depending on activity level, stress level, before and after eating, pretty much anything can affect HR. I no longer wear a Fitbit because I did not want to obsess or over analyze over my heart rate. I can often feel my heartbeat when I’m resting. I am fairly thin and I think it is more noticeable at certain times, not that it’s beating any harder than usual, it just feels like it.
  2. Iugrad91


    I have had hemorrhoids as well and my doc gave me suppositories and a cream. I don’t think you need to see the doc each time unless the bleeding doesn’t stop with treatment or you have other bowel symptoms.
  3. Iugrad91

    Panicking - Rodent Illnesses

    Always take your bp three times and take the average. Usually your bp will go down over several readings especially if you are anxious about taking it.
  4. Iugrad91

    How Do We Help Them Understand?

    I think it would also be helpful to those with HA to try to understand how others think about aches, pains, and other sensations we often are overly sensitive to. I remember the Anxiety Guy saying we should have someone to emulate, someone who thinks the way we want to think. Someone that doesn’t over analyze but is sensible about their health. How do those that don’t have HA think? They don’t assume worst case scenario at the first odd feeling. They aren’t scared of going to the doctor if they think something might be wrong. They also don’t go to the doctor too much for every sensation. They trust the doctor when they are told they are fine. So when friends and family say go to the doctor it’s because it is probably what they would do without fear. They are not trying to be unfeeling or unsympathetic, they are just being honest and sensible when we want sensitivity, understanding, and reassurance and not to feel like they are dismissing our worries.
  5. Iugrad91

    ALS Concerns...Hear me out on this one.

    First rule is to stay off Google. Make an appt with your primary doc, don’t let Google replace a doctors advice. It’s often wrong or misleading.
  6. Iugrad91


    So it sounds like you have your answer already. They are brought on by reflux/gas which stimulates the vagus nerve. If the doctor wasn’t concerned then you will be fine. When you go tomorrow ask whether those kinds of palpitations are dangerous and if you should have a follow up with a cardiologist. If she says no they are benign, which I’m sure she will, then you can put this fear to rest.
  7. Iugrad91

    Panic Attack or Cancer Spreading?

    People THOUGHT it was pancreatic cancer but none of them HAD pancreatic cancer. That would be very rare in someone your age.
  8. Iugrad91

    Back Pain Persists

    I had upper back pain and mine was caused by reflux. Again stress is also carried in the upper back and shoulders so the more anxiety you have the tighter this area will be.
  9. Iugrad91

    Shakiness - Anyone else get this?

    My hands get shaky when I am anxious. It can also be a side effect of meds. I don’t worry about it as it comes and goes and never is so bad it impacts my ability to do things like hold a pen or cup.
  10. I’ve noticed this in pictures for years. We are not totally symmetrical.
  11. Iugrad91

    Back Pain Persists

    Back pain is the #1 reason people see their doc. Obviously only a very very very small percentage of those people have anything seriously wrong. It is so so common. You may be tight between the shoulders from standing at work. People carry stress in their upper body and don’t even realize it.
  12. Iugrad91

    Info on Medically Unexplained Symptoms

    But the point is they AREN’T an actual illness. They cannot he explained by medicine therefore they are not due to a physical ailment.
  13. I thought this might help some in the forum. I came across this on another site and wanted to share. Often times we say “yes anxiety can cause XYZ” but I think often anxiety is not at play but simply we have a medically unexplained symptom. This is hard for us to accept because there should be a reason for every feeling we have, right? Apparently not. Sometimes we just have to accept we have a symptom or sensation for no reason. It just happens. Acceptance is often so hard but what can really set us free from much of the anxiety we feel. I am going to reread this often. This is also a good reason not to Google symptoms. Sometimes there is no reason for what we feel but Google sure wants to find one for us to worry about ☹️ https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/medically-unexplained-symptoms/
  14. Iugrad91

    headache/ brain tumor?!?!?

    It sounds to me like a sinus issue as your friend said. Perhaps a sinus infection if you were sick recently. When I have a sinus infection I get one sided pain behind the eye, top teeth, head, ear as you described.
  15. Iugrad91

    Made it through surgery!

    Glad it went well!