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  1. Iugrad91

    Pan-can freakout

    I know you don’t want to hear this but stomach pains can be anxiety. The gut and the brain are connected and many people on this board experience stomach issues. If it is something that comes and goes over a period of time it’s probably anxiety. It is not PC.
  2. Iugrad91

    Pan-can freakout

    So if you get more tests and they come back negative for PanCan then what is the next asymptomatic disease will you worry about? Do you see where this reassurance won’t completely rid you of the anxiety? You will move on to something else. You must accept that there are some things you cannot know for sure. If you went to your doc with those symptoms there is no way he would suspect PC.
  3. From everything you know and what others on this board have told you, you know that if you had a tumor that was causing pain you would have so many other symptoms you would be rushing to the doc. Someone I know had PC and they lost weight SO quickly, couldn’t eat, yellow skin and eyes. It’s very obvious. The thing about reassurance (re-reading the articles) is that it doesn’t last long. You get into a vicious cycle and pretty soon that reassurance doesn’t help anymore, you need more. You must accept that you do not have PC and as Missy said let the thoughts come and go. Don’t give them any weight, don’t judge them, just say “there’s that thought again” and move on. Practicing acceptance instead of practicing being reassured is a good step toward conquering the fear.
  4. Iugrad91

    Just a headache...

    From what I know and personal experience if you have passed a neurological exam you do not have a brain tumor. My daughter had vertigo for about 6 weeks and I feared a BT. Went to ENT and finally the ER when they got bad and the ER doc gave her the neuro exam and said no BT. Sure enough the MRI showed nothing. It’s a common story on here as well. I would put the BT worry to rest.
  5. Iugrad91

    Should I ask for a Brain MRI?????

    All those can be anxiety and allergies combined. I would not ask for further testing if the doc is confident. More testing will not relieve your worries you will just transfer your worry to some other disease. There is such a thing as too many tests especially when it comes to CAT scans and others that use radiation.
  6. Iugrad91

    Pan-can freakout

    There are a lot of things health wise that we don’t know. Will we have a heart attack or get cancer or get hit by a car or lightning? Chances are low and for medical issues history and risk factors play a role. But the bottom line is you have to give up the idea that you can control everything because you can’t. You have to be able to accept that there will always be some unknown, uncertainty in life. There are no guarantees no matter how much you worry, how many tests you have, or how well you take care of yourself.
  7. Iugrad91

    Increase Anxiety In the Winter

    A happy light is to help with seasonal affective disorder or the winter blues. 20min every morning within a half hour of waking up and it helps regulate the wake sleep cycle. This is the one I have but there are many out there. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094HBU6I/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_-xC6Bb924D806
  8. Iugrad91

    Increase Anxiety In the Winter

    I always looked at it as my anxiety was better in the summer, not worse in the winter. I’m outside all the time in the warmer months, but even try to get out in winter now because I know it helps. I’ve been going for jogs when I feel like I’m starting to get overwhelmed with anxiety and it always does the trick. I’m usually good the rest of the day. I have used a happy light for those weeks where the sun never seems to shine. It certainly wakes me up if nothing else! I think for me in winter I have to make more of an effort to do those things that make me feel better because of the weather. But this year I am going to try to embrace the cold instead of being frustrated by it and see if that helps. At least until January when it’s REALLY cold here 😛
  9. I love my neti pot, especially in the winter when it is so dry. If you do have any inflammation or infection it would help take care of that. 2x a week is enough. They also have a squeeze bottle that does the same thing, check your local pharmacy. I don’t know where you are but allergies (mold) we’re still bad here in the Midwest up to last week when it got really cold. Some people have allergies year round.
  10. Could the inflammation be causing your problems? Have you ever used a neti pot? My doc also recommended Flonase when I was having sinus issues.
  11. I know that others on here have used online doctors for help before but personally I would not. Think about your case. I assume the doctor knew only of your current symptoms and your test results. Nothing more. Your primary doc or specialist knows your medical history and would be much more qualified to diagnose something based on that history. Sounds to me like the online doc was grasping at something so he could give you a possible diagnosis. I wouldn’t give this another thought.
  12. Iugrad91

    I have the flu!

    If you can I would go to a doc or walk in clinic and get tested for flu. They can give you Tamiflu if you test positive within the first 48hrs of symptoms. Not all docs will prescribe it since the flu will go away after rest and fluids but some may and it always helped my kids feel better faster.
  13. Iugrad91

    Trying to stay out of patient portal

    I’m surprised they would put results in there without a doctor note/review. Maybe it’s just my doc but she always gets the results first and then adds then to my patient portal with a note saying whatever the results are, something like “normal, retest in 2yrs” for blood work. Even when I had a US for adenomyosis the results came with the doctors interpretation and how to follow up. I agree I wouldn’t look at them until you talk to your doctor. Will you get to do that today?
  14. Iugrad91

    I've been somewhat sick for 3 weeks now

    I had a cough last 6 weeks one winter. The doc said the viruses were really bad that year and it would eventually clear up. She told me to use the neti pot and Flonase and eventually the cough went away.
  15. Iugrad91

    Ocular Migraine MRI?

    Missy, I’m blaming perimenopause for everything. I’m almost 49. It’s just easier to think it’s hormones and it will eventually go away 😃