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  1. Woke up with vertigo

    Were you dizzy or did you have actual vertigo? Both are usually nothing to worry about, my daughter had vertigo on and off for a month during a very stressful time. Nothing was found at doc or ENT and it went away as quickly as it started when the stressful time ended.
  2. Crying Tonight...Lost..

    It will take some time for your BP to adjust to your new healthier normal. Mayo Clinic website says it can take 1-3mo to see consistently lower BP from exercise. Keep at it and you will see results!
  3. Nosebleed

    Nosebleeds can happen for many reasons which are not serious. Usually dry weather or changes in weather, allergies, sinusitis, things like that can cause a nosebleed. Nothing to worry about!
  4. Brain tumor fears!

    That’s 0.2% of the population which I think is pretty low actually. I’m sure that includes all brain tumors, benign ones as well. Go for your eye exam and I’m sure you will be given the all clear.
  5. Normal blood test in January

    I wouldn’t call the dampness under your arm night sweats. If you’re not soaking your sheets or waking up drenched you are just warm and sweating in normal places. Your blood test would have shown something in Jan, you don’t have to worry about leukemia at all.
  6. Brain tumor fears!

    The band around the head-headache is usually stress related in my experience. I have very mild allergies and all I get is a headache, no stuffiness or anything else. It’s that time of year here where everything is blooming at once and the weather is changing, always gives me headaches. As Binn mentioned a BT would cause other significant problems, not just headache. You are fine!
  7. Did I have a seizure?

    No that is not a seizure. Seizures aren’t a sudden jolt and last longer than a few seconds. I’ve woken suddenly like that after hearing a loud noise (probably in a dream as nobody else heard it) and felt like I just ran a marathon with heart pounding. It’s totally normal and nothing to worry about.
  8. Afraid of infection jugular vein

    The lymph node is probably just a shoddy node and may not go down, not due to any infection or illness, it just happens sometimes. If you had an infection you would know it, and it would not last 6mo without other symptoms. You are fine! Stop reading stories about illnesses, stay off google and live your life.
  9. Pains

    Sudden sharp pains that happen once and are over are usually nothing to worry about. A bleeding aneurysm would have symptoms that last and get worse over time. Having an aneurysm that is contained can be symptom-less but they don’t happen suddenly with sharp pain, they occur where there may be a weakness in a vessel wall and they form over time. Usually those sudden pains are just a nerve misfiring or getting pinched. I try to think of how often they happen to others who don’t worrry about them at all. I also try to distract myself with something physical (a walk, knitting, gardening) and try to move on so as to not dwell on the feeling or anxiety it brings.
  10. I took a big step against anxiety today...

    Ironically, today’s newest episode of Anxiety Guy is a 10 min video called How Your Childhood Led To an Anxiety Disorder. I like his videos and always learn something about my anxiety when I watch them. Check it out on YouTube.
  11. Crying Tonight...Lost..

    As a health anxiety sufferer I find the hardest things to deal with are those I don’t have control over. I would try to see this as an opportunity to take control of something that will not only help your physical health but mental health as well! Exercise really helps calm me down and lessens my anxiety and it will help improve your bp and weight. Pick something you like doing and you’ll have a better chance of sticking with it. Start with walking if you can’t think of anything, it’s a great way to clear the mind. Eating a healthier diet is key if you want to lose weight and keep it off. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but start replacing one unhealthy thing with a more healthy option and it won’t be so hard. If you want to try diet and exercise instead of the medication talk to your doctor first. He may want you to take it and then see how it’s going before stopping it after a few months when you have been exercising regularly. You can do this!
  12. Why do both my kids feel hot but have no fever

    Not many people actually run normal temperatures, some are warmer and others cooler than 98.6. If your temp is lower and his is higher then he will feel warm to you all the time. It’s nothing to worry about at all, just a different normal than you. My guess is that if you took each family members temp it would be different.
  13. Salty lips/mouth

    It is probably the new medication. If it doesn’t go away after a couple of weeks mention it to the doc only for the purpose of reporting it as a side effect.
  14. Why do we do this to our selves

    Watching the Anxiety Guy on YouTube has really helped me realize that, like you said, we are doing this to ourselves. Nobody is doing this to us, nor is it happening for no reason. We have somehow learned the skills of anxiety and worry and practice them over and over again. Think about the cycle we get ourselves into each time we think there is something wrong? We have a feeling, pain, symptom that we worry about. We probably google at some point which makes it worse. We come on here and ask for help, usually we get some relief. Most often we end up at the doctor or urgent care and have tests. Given the all clear we relax a little and our body has now learned what it needs to do to keep us alive. It needs to worry, obsess, get relief by asking on the forum, going to the doc or having tests. So it wants to do that again because it worked the last time. A vicious cycle that we created and practice all the time. Now what the AG said in a podcast I listened to this morning was very interesting. You can’t just expect that habit/cycle to stop. To every action there is a reaction. So if we want the cycle to stop, we have to replace the irrational thinking/behavior with something else. Like asking “what else could this be?” when we have a sensation we start to worry about. This is where journaling, meditation, yoga, exercise can help. We can replace those destructive thought with something constructive. He also says you need to find a role model, someone you want to model your life after, and when you find yourself in a struggle, ask how that person would handle it and do the same. IMO, you really have to change your whole way of living if you want to escape the strangle hold anxiety has on you.
  15. Concerned about MS

    So many on these boards have helped me realize my thoughts are not real, meaning just because I think something about a feeling doesn’t make it true. It’s a lesson we have to learn over and over again. Hopefully at some point the frequency lessens and we can live without questioning every sensation and physical feeling that we have. Until then we have each other and this forum to get us thru the rough times. 😊