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  1. Iugrad91

    Parasite fear continues.

    I’m sorry you were hurt and insulted by my opinion of online doctors. I apologize if I made you feel bad.
  2. Iugrad91

    Parasite fear continues.

    I’m sure they are but how can you diagnose someone when you have no medical history and are only going on what they tell you without doing an exam and seeing someone in person?
  3. Iugrad91

    Poop question

    Yep I get this depending on what I ate. Not all the time but once in a while. I don’t think it’s a concern on its own.
  4. Iugrad91

    Parasite fear continues.

    I listened to an Anxiety Guy podcast today where he talked about constantly seeking reassurance. You have to stop the cycle because all you are doing is training your brain to need reassurance, usually by seeing a doc and/or having tests done, in order to relieve the anxiety over whatever illness you think you might have. So next time you fear a different illness you'll seek out the same reassurances because that’s what “saved” you last time. You just need to stop thinking “but it might be xyz” and think “ok, I am healthy”. Dont waste your money asking online docs, I would not trust any diagnosis over the internet. Heres the podcast if you want to listen.
  5. Iugrad91

    Damaged hand nerve and hives

    In my experience hives can happen due to stress. My daughter gets them during very stressful times. For her they last a week or so and then go away. We thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to something but couldn’t find anything different she was using or eating. Hydrocortisone seemed to help a little with the itching.
  6. Iugrad91

    Heart pounding.

    All that you describe is panic and anxiety from heart pounding to shooting pain to shallow breathing and even sudden loose stools. The digestive system is known as the second brain so when stress and anxiety are present the digestive system can be distressed. Many of us have had stomach issues when anxious. The heart sensations are also anxiety, cortisol and adrenaline cause the racing heart, palps, shallow breathing, etc... Have you had any luck applying for insurance? I know you were going to start the process a few weeks ago?
  7. Iugrad91

    Woke up with vertigo

    Were you dizzy or did you have actual vertigo? Both are usually nothing to worry about, my daughter had vertigo on and off for a month during a very stressful time. Nothing was found at doc or ENT and it went away as quickly as it started when the stressful time ended.
  8. Iugrad91

    Crying Tonight...Lost..

    It will take some time for your BP to adjust to your new healthier normal. Mayo Clinic website says it can take 1-3mo to see consistently lower BP from exercise. Keep at it and you will see results!
  9. Iugrad91


    Nosebleeds can happen for many reasons which are not serious. Usually dry weather or changes in weather, allergies, sinusitis, things like that can cause a nosebleed. Nothing to worry about!
  10. Iugrad91

    Brain tumor fears!

    That’s 0.2% of the population which I think is pretty low actually. I’m sure that includes all brain tumors, benign ones as well. Go for your eye exam and I’m sure you will be given the all clear.
  11. Iugrad91

    Normal blood test in January

    I wouldn’t call the dampness under your arm night sweats. If you’re not soaking your sheets or waking up drenched you are just warm and sweating in normal places. Your blood test would have shown something in Jan, you don’t have to worry about leukemia at all.
  12. Iugrad91

    Brain tumor fears!

    The band around the head-headache is usually stress related in my experience. I have very mild allergies and all I get is a headache, no stuffiness or anything else. It’s that time of year here where everything is blooming at once and the weather is changing, always gives me headaches. As Binn mentioned a BT would cause other significant problems, not just headache. You are fine!
  13. Iugrad91

    Did I have a seizure?

    No that is not a seizure. Seizures aren’t a sudden jolt and last longer than a few seconds. I’ve woken suddenly like that after hearing a loud noise (probably in a dream as nobody else heard it) and felt like I just ran a marathon with heart pounding. It’s totally normal and nothing to worry about.
  14. Iugrad91

    Afraid of infection jugular vein

    The lymph node is probably just a shoddy node and may not go down, not due to any infection or illness, it just happens sometimes. If you had an infection you would know it, and it would not last 6mo without other symptoms. You are fine! Stop reading stories about illnesses, stay off google and live your life.
  15. Iugrad91


    Sudden sharp pains that happen once and are over are usually nothing to worry about. A bleeding aneurysm would have symptoms that last and get worse over time. Having an aneurysm that is contained can be symptom-less but they don’t happen suddenly with sharp pain, they occur where there may be a weakness in a vessel wall and they form over time. Usually those sudden pains are just a nerve misfiring or getting pinched. I try to think of how often they happen to others who don’t worrry about them at all. I also try to distract myself with something physical (a walk, knitting, gardening) and try to move on so as to not dwell on the feeling or anxiety it brings.