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  1. I don’t think so. Everything I’ve read said they would take a sample of discharge from the vagina and look for bacteria under a microscope.
  2. There is such a thing as bacterial vaginosis and it has similar symptoms to a yeast infection I think. If you are taking antibiotics I highly suggest you take a probiotic at the same time. This will help keep the good bacteria in your system. I would mention the itching to the doc that prescribed the antibiotics because there might be a cream that can help. BV is different from yeast and there is different treatment.
  3. I get that way before vacation as well, even though the vacation usually calms me down since there’s no real responsibilities other than to have a good time. But air travel makes me nervous. We are going on a trip next week and the preparation part can also be nerve wracking since nobody in my family likes to pack more than 3hrs before we leave and I’m left to make sure all the meds, sunscreen, etc...gets packed. But I know we will have a good time and come back refreshed.
  4. Last time I was on an antibiotic I got an infection. When you kill off all the good bacteria along with the bad the yeast can take over. I used over the counter 3-day Monistat and it cleared it up.
  5. I have slight hand tremors as well. I chalk it up to anxiety. My son is 16 and he has them too. Nothing to be concerned about IMO.
  6. Yup. At my physical my doc asked me if I had this or that, things like shortness of breath and dizziness, as I’m turning 50 this year and they start looking for stuff like heart issues, etc... Until that point I did not have any of those things. All of a sudden a few days later, BAM, shortness of breath. I said to myself well damn if she didn’t put that into my head! And then it disappeared as quickly as it came a few days later.
  7. Weight in stones: 23.1-22.9= 0.2 stones which is equal to 2.8lb
  8. Sorry, I saw you typed 323lb I didn’t know you were converting. Either way it’s very little percentage wise so there is nothing to worry about!
  9. Did you mistype because I see 323-320=3lb lost. Even if it were 7lb, that is a little more than 2%. Nothing to be worried about at all!
  10. Google is flat out wrong. How can they say if you lose 10lbs in 6 mo be concerned. The starting weight HAS to be taken into consideration. 10lb for a 100lb person is different than for a 180lb person or a 250lb person. If you believed google and used the 5% rule, a 10lb weight loss would be concerning if you weighed 200lb. I would weigh yourself once a week at the same time of day on the same scale with the same amount of clothes. Track your weight for a month and see what happens. Keep in mind that anxiety can cause weight loss. When my mom had a stroke I lost 12lb in two months and I only weighed 120 to start with. It all came back over time after the anxiety of her illness waned.
  11. I’m not trying to be a jerk either, I hope you know that! Your posts always mention you don’t want to go to the doc because you will get bad news. That’s really not the norm for people to get bad news. And if you get a good doc you trust it can be a really positive experience. If it’s really bothering you sometimes they will drain them. My neighbor had one and they did that and then it went away. But you’d have to see a doc about that 😉
  12. You already think the doc would give bad news. So by avoiding the doc you feel like that will keep you safe from bad news. But you worry about a lot of health related things. It’s a vicious cycle you need to get out of. Because eventually by avoiding the doc and not getting healthy checkups when you do have a problem you will reinforce your belief that docs always give bad news. Think of how many people go to the doctor each day. My doc schedules an appt every 20min and works an 8hr day with a break. So she alone sees about 22 people a day. There are 5 docs in the practice. That’s 100 patients a day. Do you really think they give bad news to ALL those people? Are you working with your therapist to find a doctor you’re comfortable with? Because I think one positive visit will help you get over this fear of doctors.
  13. So in three months you lost another 2lb? A total of 4lb in 7 months is nothing to be concerned with. I lose weight in the summer because I am more active. I lose weight after the holidays because I’m not eating so much crap. How do you know you didn’t gain 4lbs from last July to January? Weight fluctuates, And the more you weigh the more it can fluctuate. Time of day, fluid intake, salt intake, stress, exercise, bowel habit, all can make weight different day to day.
  14. Personally I would call the doctor and have them give you the results. Don’t google either. Practice some patience and acceptance and wait to talk to the doc.
  15. It’s the three o’clock slump. Scientifically proven to exist and has to do with our circadian rhythms. That’s why in some other countries people nap around 2 and then go back to work. As one gets older energy also waxes and wanes more than when one is 20 something. Anxiety can contribute to exacerbated feelings of fatigue as well. You do not have cancer.