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  1. AnneBoleyn

    Feel puffy

    Anyone ever feel like they feel puffy? I’m not noticeably swollen but I feel like I’m retaking water
  2. AnneBoleyn


    Just had another palpitation and now I feel loopy
  3. AnneBoleyn

    This just happened

    How are you feeling
  4. AnneBoleyn

    I'm kind of freaking out

    Next week I have my mammo to follow up on some calcification's and dense breast tissue I have in my left breast. Everything was considered benign and this is just a routine follow up. Now that my mother has cancer everything is just in a new perspective. I know that I shouldn't compare myself to her but I can't help that something is going to be different. Also the day I go for my mammo she is going for her labs. She also doesn't know that I have any of this going on.
  5. AnneBoleyn


    They are bad today. I'm afraid my heart is going to give out.
  6. AnneBoleyn

    Night sweats

    Last night I woke up in the middle of the night soaked. My husband said when he came to bed that the room was warm. But was soaked. Has this happened to anyone?
  7. AnneBoleyn

    Migraine aura

    Are these dangerous? I’ve had them before and do get migraines but is the aura dangerous? Mine is a zig zag line and blurry vision in one eye that slowly gets larger and larger.
  8. AnneBoleyn

    Scared I’m pregnant or have a heart problem

    I’ve also been taking naps. I never take naps. I get so tired.
  9. I’ve taken 5 tests all negative. I’m having palps and constantly queasy. I can’t help but think I’m pg or have a heart problem
  10. AnneBoleyn


    So today after the beach when we got back home I felt a little “wet”. I went to the bathroom and saw 2 light brown spots in my bathing suit. Now my period for whatever reason has been weird lasting 10 days. I had it checked out and everything was fine. This month I was 3 days late then it stopped for 2 days and came back. I got it on the 17th so I’m mid cycle. Has anyone had spotting mid cycle? I’m going to make an appt as I’m due for my annual anywAy. I’ve also been quesy on and off.
  11. AnneBoleyn

    Blood on toilet paper

    Well the fact that it is bright red is good meaning it came from the surface and not your intestines. Did you have a pain or burning while going?
  12. AnneBoleyn

    Leg pain...concerned!

    I mean maybe the stress of carrying a big baby put a strain on your knees?
  13. AnneBoleyn

    Ringing Ear

    Ears ring. Mine ring all the time. Do you have allergies? That can cause ringing in ears.
  14. AnneBoleyn

    Leg pain...concerned!

    Did you have a csection by chance?
  15. AnneBoleyn

    Blood on toilet paper

    Do you have any other symptoms? Itchiness or anything like that?