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  1. AnneBoleyn

    For the ladies.....Spotting red with yeast infection

    Oh I'm not worried at all honestly. My PAP was normal. I'm more frustrated than anything. Especially since I can't get in until Wed afternoon.
  2. AnneBoleyn

    For the ladies.....Spotting red with yeast infection

    Ugh so I ca't get into the Dr until Wed. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to relieve this irritation? I would try my Family Dr but with the spotting I'm not comfortable with that. Although I had no spotting today.
  3. First of all, I'm not that worried. But I need to rack your brains. About 2 weeks ago I went for my annual PAP. Everything came back normal but I had a yeast infection. I took 3 days of an oral anti fungal which did nothing. I was then given a vaginal cream for 7 days the kind you insert. During this time I had gotten my period. Now it's been over a week and I still have red spotting. My stomach also hurts. I'm not really worried about anything serious as my PAP was normal but the spotting is bothering me especially because it's red. Any ideas why? could I still have an infection? Could it be a side effect from the Medicine? I will call the office tomorrow when they open but just looking for ideas.
  4. AnneBoleyn

    Waiting for my PAP results

    I had my PAP on Monday. Yesterday I had some discomfort down there and today I have lower abdominal and what I think was discharge or spotting. The Dr said everything looks and feels normal but I hate the waiting......It just makes me so nervous.
  5. AnneBoleyn

    daughter said her head hurts

    now my heart is racing
  6. AnneBoleyn

    daughter said her head hurts

    Because she'll have this temps of like 99 something then 5 minutes later it's gone. I'm afraid she has leukemia. Actually scratch that. My mother having cancer has just screwed me up big time and now I think she has cancer.
  7. AnneBoleyn

    daughter said her head hurts

    So this morning I took her temp and same thing. First it was 99.3 then a few minutes later it was 98.5. I then took it under her arm and it was 97.8. Anyway right before she went to school she said her throat and ear hurt. So unless they call me, I'm going to wait until we get home and take her to the Dr to make sure she doesn't have an ear infection. I'm also going to ask about fevers.
  8. AnneBoleyn

    daughter said her head hurts

    she said it hurts in the front. shes also been complaining about being tired all the time. What do you all think
  9. AnneBoleyn

    I'm having a bad day. Child and fevers

    I'm really freaking out. I took my meds but I'm still super anxious. I dropped her at school and I came home and cleaned my house. But now that I have to go get her my anxiety is coming back.
  10. AnneBoleyn

    I'm having a bad day. Child and fevers

    Where did you hear that? I use a temporal thermometer.
  11. So this morning when I woke up my daughter she was cool as a cucumber. Then right before we were to leave for school I took her temp and it was 98.9. I then took it again and it was 99.4. I took it again and it was 98.6. WTF is going on? Why would her temperature fluctuate like that? I mean does that mean she has a fever? She is perfectly fine in every other way. I'm terrified she is sick in some way and I don't know. I don't want to bring her to the Dr if it's nothing. But how can I be sure it's nothing? Is it normal for temperature to fluctuate like that? I mean if it doesn't stay then it can't be a fever right?
  12. AnneBoleyn

    Son has a headache.

    He has had a cold for over a week and I know it's most likely his sinuses but but then my anxiety kicks in and tells me its a brain tumor. Please tell me it's not a brain tumor.
  13. AnneBoleyn

    Chest pain

    On Tues while I was at work I had horrible chest pain. I felt it in my chest and back and it was intense. Has anyone had chest pain that bad before? What was it? I had not other symptoms and I've been fine since. I did eat a greasy breakfast sandwich that morning.
  14. AnneBoleyn

    Negative UTI culture

    I don’t know. They called at like late to tell me about my culture and just said that she would let the dr know that I want a scan. I’m assuming they will call me to schedule it
  15. AnneBoleyn

    Negative UTI culture

    No this was blood in the toilet and on the paper. Bright red. Thanks!