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  1. So my mother told me this morning that he was actually still retired. But he still had a home. IDK No one should have to die like that. Thank you everyone. My uncle is a lawyer and is going to try to get us into the house. Or figure out how. My mother had a cousin call her this morning (who is her cousin who passed cousin on his fathers side) and say she had gotten an Easter card from him but that was all she heard from him. When the medical examiner asked her if she wanted to claim the body she said no. It's just as well since my mother has all the cemetery paper work anyways.
  2. I know this probably isn't the right place to talk about this but this is just eating me up. We just found out yesterday that my mother's cousin passed away. We haven't seen him in years, I mean I was a child I think the last time I saw him. She would try calling him sometimes but he never answered his phone. Anyway she sent a christmas card this year and it came back that said address vacant. So she called the police. Long story short, in July, a neighbor had called either the police or APS because the property is a mess. Police arrived and deemed that he required medical attention. What for I have no idea. He was in the hospital for 5 days. When he left APS brought him back to his house which had been boarded up and deemed condemned. He told APS that he was going to the bank and was going to stay in a hotel. That was the last time anyone saw him. They found his body in a park and said that he had been dead for months. My mother has to send a DNA sample to identify him. How does that happen. How does a person just go missing and no one realize it. I mean he was in the hospital for 5 days and they couldn't find any family? I mean I can go on and look someone up and find a phone number. How does APS just let someone who got out of the hospital for a medical condition, just go off on their own with no fucking house. Who does that? I know he had some mental issues but he had a job as far as I know. He had a job and a home and whatever happened in those 5 days he ended up homeless and now he's dead. I'm furious. How does this happen? The system failed him. How mother is heartbroken. He had a simple life and they took it from him. I almost feel like we should do something but I don't even know what.
  3. AnneBoleyn

    Lower right back pain

    For quite some time I have had lower right back pain. Everything says kidneys and now I'm afraid I have kidney cancer or something. What could this be?
  4. AnneBoleyn

    Feeling nauseous and don't know why

    Please ignore the quote I don't know what happened. I wante to add that I've been drinking this tea by Bigelow Benefits called calm stomach. I'm wondering if thats it
  5. It first happened the day before Thanksgiving. I woke up in the middle of the night with stomach pains and the next day was just off. I never actually got sick though. The other night again I woke up with pains and had to use the bathroom but wasn't actually sick. Now this morning I feel nauseous. Does anyone get nauseous for no reason? I'll admit I have not been taking care of myself. I'm not drinking enough water or eating properly. I didn't sleep well last night. My husband had a super early flight so I was woken up very early, but fell back asleep and I woke up late and was super groggy this morning. But this nausea is scaring me.
  6. I keep biting my tongue. Also when I stick my tongue out one side is higher than the other. I've also been very off balance and I feel like I'm not talking properly.
  7. AnneBoleyn

    My sons lips turned blue last night

    I felt his hands at the time and he was freezing
  8. AnneBoleyn

    My sons lips turned blue last night

    It was just so weird.....
  9. Last night right before bed my son, daughter and husband were running around the house playing and I mean running. When my son came into the tv room his lips looked blue. I felt his hands and they were freezing. I'm afraid there is something wrong with his heart. They pinked up right away. Is it possible he was just cold?
  10. AnneBoleyn

    Sometimes my 10yo has a lisp

    It's very odd. It almost sounds like he has too much saliva in his mouth or something and it only happens when he pronounces his S's. I finally asked him about it this morning and he said it happens when his mucus gets into his throat. He does have allergies. Does anyone have any insight on lisping? He's definatley not slurring. At least I tell myself that.
  11. Sometimes I feel like I'm not breathing properly, like I'm holding my breath. Does anyone else do this?
  12. AnneBoleyn

    I keep biting my tongue

    it's so strange. The back of my tongue feels swollen too
  13. AnneBoleyn

    I keep biting my tongue

    I'm really getting freaked out now. For like the last 2 weeks I keep biting the sides of my tongue. Not hard, more like a scrape. I'm terrified I have a brain tumor or something. And I just read about this guy who bit his tounge in his sleep and died of a siezure.
  14. AnneBoleyn

    For the ladies.....Spotting red with yeast infection

    Oh I'm not worried at all honestly. My PAP was normal. I'm more frustrated than anything. Especially since I can't get in until Wed afternoon.
  15. AnneBoleyn

    For the ladies.....Spotting red with yeast infection

    Ugh so I ca't get into the Dr until Wed. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to relieve this irritation? I would try my Family Dr but with the spotting I'm not comfortable with that. Although I had no spotting today.