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  1. Herpes outbreak, 40 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

    The spam on this is not cool
  2. Melanoma

    Thanks everyone! This has helped me feel much better. I feel like getting the pathology report but at the same time too scared to see it. Haha ugh. Going to see a dermatologist to get all mine checked. Hope I don't have to wait weeks.
  3. Melanoma

    So was diagnosed with melanoma yesterday. I haven't seen the pathology report so not sure the grade, etc. He goes back the 30th. So of course I'm FREAKING out over that and also start to inspect my moles bc what little they told him, on thing was "it's hereditary Kind". There is one on my abdomen that I'm obsessing over now and panicking. It's not perfectly round, seems to be two shades of brown kinda. Do any of you have moles like this? Atypical ones, etc? I'm so sick with fear for my dad and now this
  4. Mom's surgery went great

    This makes me sooooo happy!!!
  5. Someone PLEASE tell me I'm overreacting....

    Itd be EXTREMELY unlikely that any sperm would be able to migrate into your vagina. Very separate areas
  6. Hemoglobin A1C

    Technically it's "pre-diabetic". Just need to be proactive
  7. Howwww do you stop the thoughts?

    Right now I don't have a specific disease im obsessing over (It's a miracle) but more having problems with thoughts. Such as being easily upset by seeing posts on Facebook (for example) about someone being diagnosed with cancer, seeing cancer at work, etc. Cancer is my big fear right now. Like I'll be feeling fine lately then I happen to see a post about a young person with cancer or something and my day is ruined. So I think, well yea I don't have it right now most likely. But what if it comes soon? What if I wake up with the symptoms tomorrow? The thought of having cancer scares me so bad. Just can't stop thinking about the what ifs in the future. I need to figure out how to live in the moment. And as much as I know THIS, I just can't do it. Anyone else ever feel like this?
  8. Question for the ladies (re:discharge)

    It's normal. Assuming there was no condom and he ejaculated inside you it would likely be remnants of that!
  9. IBC scare!!!!!

    That doesn't sound like IBC. Sounds like a simple cyst! Maybe it is infected. Also remember that IBC is very rare in general but for your age it's nearly unheard of. Hugs! Keep us updated. See a doc to ease your mind?
  10. A week until my mom sees the doctor

    Let us know! Hugs to you both
  11. A Powerful Antidote to Health Anxiety

    I definitely see what you are saying but the narcisstic comment is FARRRRR from true
  12. Blood Test Results In!

    89 is excellent for fasting glucose. Your potassium is also perfectly fine. You really don't need supplements. That's a normal number.. just keep eating potassium rich foods.
  13. sub-second vertigo - anxiety?

    Omg! I've had this too. It's actually kinda nice to see someone describe exactly what I've felt
  14. Blood Clots

    Do you smoke cigarettes? That will up the risk very greatly. Otherwise it's pretty rare though it does increase your risk to a degree.