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  1. Hi everyone, Okay - I am done at the doctor. Basically she said I was incorrect about the value I was worried about. My RBC was actually one decimal place LOW but that that’s okay because they only worry if it’s like 10 points off or something. So what I was afraid of was not really a concern. The value that was off was also only one decimal place off and it was something involving iron saturation. That one is a mystery because I’m not on iron supplements and that’s what that indicates. So the rheumatologist is going to retest me in a month but my GP said there’s really not much to worry about regarding those blood results - but she wants me to talk about them with the doctor who ordered them so we understand why she did. She said in terms of the anxiety/depression though, both doctors are worried - I got a referral for a new psychologist who has a specialty in Health Anxiety. I feel a lot better. Thanks everyone for everything this week. ❤️
  2. Love that @lofwyr - that's basically exactly what I'm going through and it's great advice.
  3. Going to the doctor tomorrow but today has been a struggle. I've been crying on and off as if I've already been diagnosed with this thing. It's so weird, this feeling of being convinced. I've had this feeling before, likely because I have so many unresolved, long lasting symptoms. I know this is something so many people on this forum can relate to. I've been checked so many times and part of me doesn't understand how something like this would have been missed... so that's reassuring I suppose. But I'm scared to even give myself false hope in a sense.
  4. Thank you to all of you. This has been a terrible spiral - my breathing issues, itching, headache and fatigue and everything has been much worse today but I went to work and made dinner tonight. Small improvements. I'm really hoping my test was normal. @Holls for some reason I'm never panicked when I'm told my RBC is low but when it was high this time I absolutely panicked. I honestly love all of you. I'm so lucky to have found a community that gets me.
  5. I have an appointment with my GP to talk on Thursday. One more day. I'm hoping I can get through the next few days but I'm freaking the heck out. I literally have had sharp pains in my feet when sleeping and can hardly breathe lately. Symptoms of the disease I'm scared of. Part of me is like, this is all okay. And part of me is literally terrified.
  6. I literally have all the symptoms of this disease and I feel like if I have all the symptoms and my RBC is up which is how they diagnose it, how could I not have it? It's a rare disease and even rarer in young people so I'm confused about it but I'm nervous. I hate how my brain works, but @mollyfin - you're right. And still no one has called me back! My rheumatologist is very concerned about my mental health generally but I also know that she'd want me to get checked ASAP if there was something really wrong. She's an excellent doctor.
  7. I believe I have quite a few. I'm very anxious by nature and I think this sort of comes with the territory.
  8. Thanks so much. That's exactly how I feel. I have all these aches and pains that have existed for so long that it's hard not to jump to conclusions about it. I keep thinking it's a diagnosis but I need to remember that no ones concerned that I know of. Except me clearly.
  9. Thanks Leah. I'm hoping that is the case. I have literally been sleeping now for four days and hardly eating. My spouse is worried about me and believes I've just stopped my life to worry about all this. ? I keep googling and I'm angry st myself because I was doing so well for a little while.
  10. Neither of the doctors offices called me back.
  11. They still haven't called.... I feel like I'm going crazy. I worked from home today because I am literally so exhausted and anxious - I keep waking up with terrible headaches probably from clenching my teeth. I feel like I've reached a definite breaking point.
  12. Hi there, I was on Zoloft for many years - seemed to somewhat do the trick, but I'm on Elavil now for sleeping/anxiety and it works much better for me. However, my anxiety is still least I'm getting some sleep!
  13. I put a call in to my GP and Rheumatologist both whom have blood results from me in their systems. I'm hoping someone calls me back today. I'm extremely nervous and have essentially written myself off as dead.
  14. I can't sleep. I'm so anxious about this. I'm getting stabbing pains in my feet and worrying that it's part of PV. I'm so embarrassed to call my doctor back again tomorrow but I'm losing my mind.