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  1. Brain tumor fears!

    I don't think he thinks it's something sinister. My doctor referred me for a brain MRI when my headache pattern changed. It's pretty common medical protocol!
  2. Shooting pain in lymph nodes and all over body

    I've been messing with mine a lot - pressing on them, touching them, etc. so I think I've irritated them and at times I do get sharp/shooting pains. I'm sorry you're going through this but itll pass. <3
  3. Shooting pain in lymph nodes and all over body

    Oh nooo. Not another lymph node worrier! I've been on this train for about 3 weeks. Try and relax. From what I understand, this is common. Let's do this together!
  4. Ultrasound Results

    Next Sunday! Today I tried to decrease the anxiety by talking a walk, buying some fresh flowers, and getting a haircut. It was nice putting some time and energy into some sunshiny things. Still obsessing over my swollen nodes of course. But somehow have to make it through the week.
  5. Ultrasound Results

    Thank you Holls. I am so run down. Today I have a fever and headache. Managed to eat an apple sauce and then threw up. I can't help but worry this is something sinister because of my lymph nodes. But it also just feels like an awful flu.
  6. Ultrasound Results

    I woke up very sweaty at around 5am this morning terribly worried about cancer again and night sweats.
  7. Weird Pains/ Sensations

    This is exactly what I experience. My pains and sensations jump around and I latch onto them. Youll be okay. Remember that it's temporary.
  8. Ultrasound Results

    I'm so excited for therapy (what a funny thing to say!). It's CBT which is exactly what I need. I know I got the all clear. I wish I could believe it.
  9. Ultrasound Results

    Rough day and night. I slept horribly and didn't manage to knock off the anxiety. The node is still enlarged, going on week 3. I'm frustrated and worried.
  10. Forgetting things.

    I was at work today and I was soooo out of it. Forgot what I was doing at many points, lost my words/trains of thought....and you know what? It's because I've been so high level anxious lately and not sleeping well. This will get better for you. Try to relax a little and your right mind will find ya.
  11. Please Help

    I have vomited from severe panic attacks before. I'm sorry you're struggling. Sometimes I have to remind myself that staying calmer actually impacts my physical wellbeing as well.
  12. Ultrasound Results

    Backsliding a bit here. My node looked huge and round when I looked in the mirror last night. I was instantly terrified and was up all night worrying. Argh. Disappointed in myself but also worried.
  13. Ultrasound Results

    I've been really dizzy after eating the last couple days. Vertigo. It's scaring me a bit but I'm trying to consider rational options before I jump to conclusions. It does usually happen after dinner.
  14. Ultrasound Results

    I got my results from my neck ultrasound over the phone. The nurse said the doctor told her that the lymph nodes look benign but that there are "a few small ones". I have no idea what this means but I also know you can't diagnose Lymphoma with an ultrasound. Working on trusting doctors is hard. I have an ENT appointment next week to follow up about my GERD. I'll ask a few more questions then. The swollen glands have been there about 2 weeks now. I can hardly even look in the mirror because I get so anxious. I have a therapy session on Sunday though! Really looking forward to that. I feel like I've hit rock bottom but I am trying to create some positive from it.
  15. I took a big step against anxiety today...

    So happy to hear it went well! What a huge step and accomplishment. You are a great example and I'm glad to see so many of us go on this journey.