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    Who wants to join me in losing weight?

    Thanks for sharing that list.
  2. MariaHilliard

    Lower back Pain

    My mom too suffered from the lower back pain. When none of the antidose worked, her doctor suggested to get a hydro jetted walk in tub installed from the walk in bathtub Tucson professionals, so that she could get the hydro massage in home itself. We were informed that hydro massage helps in curing the lower back pain. After the use of the tub, she really felt the positive change in her pain and has recovered herself in just a month. You can also go with this option and can be the tub installed for your back pain too.
  3. MariaHilliard

    High cholesterol

    Hi, have you ever tried the candle nut? It helps in controlling the cholesterol level.
  4. MariaHilliard

    Rheumatoid Arthritis Fears

    Hi there, My mom is also an RA patient. Last year she was not able to walk from one room to another because of her knee pain. My family doctor then gave advice of the physical therapy for her knee pain. So we thought of installing a Walk in bathtub, which gives hydrotherapy future rather than daily going to the therapy centres in her pain. Now she doesn't feel pain like others. She does all her stuff with ease. This is because she daily take the hot water massage for her knee joint during her bath, which is scientifically proven and washes off all her pain. Anyone can try the option if it seems beneficial for you or go on with Walk in tub Tucson more details about the features and benefits of the tub.
  5. MariaHilliard

    Does anyone else also have a fear of flying?

    I also fear from flying.
  6. MariaHilliard

    Having a very rough time

    Feeling sorry for your husbands death Gilly. Don't loose hope dear, just try to move on with the time. You are brave Gilly, everything will be fine in your coming days, have faith in God.